Lady Luck February Teasers 2020

Lady Luck February Teasers 2020

Police arrives at Vasundhara’s house and announce that they are here to arrest Pavitra as she has been accused of a murder. Will Pavitra manage to escape the situation? Read Lady Luck February Teasers 2020.

Zee World Lady Luck February Teasers 2020

Saturday 1 February 2020 

Episode 80

Divya returns home and though Maan is notvery keen on marrying her, He attends to her injury and makes her aware that he knows about the issues she is having with Yuvi. Meanwhile, Pavitra finds out that Yuvi had injured Varun and shewarns him against harming her husband. Later, Divya and Maan are about to leave for the temple Bhoomi calls up Divya. Will Bhoomi and Maanvonce again come face to face?

Sunday 2  February 2020 

Episode 81

Bhoomi watches Maan as he says his prayers along with Divya but gets extremely emotional and imagines Maan recognizing her. Later, as Divya and Maan are on their way back home, Divya asks Maan to once again handle all the responsibilities of the family business. A while later, Maan and Divya reach home but Divya is astonished, when Varun introduces her to the finance partner of his new project. Who is this new finance partner?

Monday  3  February 2020 

Episode 82

Bhoomi’s husband is introduced by Maan to his family as his finance partner. Bhoomi is shocked to find her husband in Maan’s house. Bhoomi’s husband warns her saying that he has made his way to this house and would soon make his way into her life. He adds on that he would also reveal before Maan’s family that she is his legal wife. What will Bhoomi do now?

Tuesday 4  February 2020 

Episode 83

Divya lies to the family when she tells them that she wanted to surprise them with a family photograph. Meanwhile, Yuvraj and Pavitra enjoy seeing scared Divya. Maan then tells the family that he will handle the responsibilities of the business and Divya is pleased as Maan has taken her advice. As Maan leaves with Varun, Divya gets a call and finds out that Yuvraj is with Maan in the car. Will Yuvraj reveal Divya’s real identity?

Wednesday 5  February 2020

Episode 84 

Fearing for Maan’s life, Divya rushes towards the construction site where she believes that Yuvraj will kill Maan. Moments later, she sees Yuvraj striking with his axe and she immediately assumes that Yuvraj has killed Maan. Just then, Maan approaches Divya and seeing him alive, she hugs him. Later, Divya goes to meet Bhoomi and tries to convince her to finish this drama, but Bhoomi insists on Divya continuing her act.

Thursday  6  February 2020 

Episode 85

Divya returns home and sees the family preparing for ‘karva chauth’. Vasundhara asks Surbhi to maintain fast for day, but Pavitra interferes as she feels that Surbhi is single. Surbhi feels upset as she wants to fast for Varun.  Later, Vasundhara gets a saree for Divya but Yuvraj burns the saree with acid and challenges Divya to prove her love for Maan’s family. Will Surbhi fast for Varun? Will Divya be forced to wear the saree given by Yuvraj?

Friday 7  February 2020 

Episode 86

Lata and Suman are decorating their hands with ‘mehandi’ and though Surbhi does not seem to be in the mood, Seeing this, Pavitra feels bad and she goes to Varun demanding him to arrange for her ‘sargi’. When Varun refuses, Pavitra tries to make a call to his parents and ask for the ‘sargi’ Pavitra later manages to buy a ‘sargi’ for herself and orders Varun to pay for her.

Saturday 8 February 2020 

Episode 87

All the women collect together for the ‘karva chauth katha’ but they wait for Divya, who they believe is Bhoomi, to arrive. Later, Divya arrives for the ‘katha’ wearing Bhoomi’s saree and when Vasundhara asks her why she had not worn the saree she gave her she is left speechless. Moments later, Maan intervenes and helps Divya out of the situation. How will Yuvraj react seeing Divya not wearing the saree given by him?

Sunday 9 February 2020 

Episode 88

Divya is upset as she has developed feelings for Maan, Divya is reminded of her past where Yuvraj used to torture her with a whip. Meanwhile, Varun finds out that there is a curfew in the city and tells Suman not to let Surbhi out of the house. Meanwhile, Maan attends to Divya as she is suffering from a fever. Will Divya finally reveal the truth to Maan?

Monday 10 February 2020 

Episode 89

Yuvraj finds Divya suffering from fever and seeing her in pain shows his concern. He tries to take her to his room but Divya pushes him away. Later, Yuvraj is sent out of the room and he starts to panic and feels helpless thinking of Divya and her condition. Will Maan agree to get intimate with Divya for her benefit?


Tuesday 11 February 2020 

Episode 90

Maan informs Divya that he was forced to get intimate with her as he had to transfer his body heat on her due to her rising body temperature. While, Divya is utterly surprised to hear Maan, Pavitra overhears this conversation and gets excited. She immediately transfers this new piece of information to Yuvraj and this gets him furious. Just then, Yuvraj approaches her and begins to threaten her. Will Divya manage to get rid of Yuvraj and his terror?

Wednesday 12  February 2020

Episode 91

Divya gets a call from Bhoomi’s doctor that Bhoomi is refusing to have her medicines. Pavitra overhears her conversation and starts to wonder as to whom Divya is speaking to. Later, After a lot of convincing, Bhoomi agrees to take care of herself and when Divya leaves the house, she misses to notice that Pavitra is lingering outside the place. Pavitra is shocked to learn that Bhoomi is alive. How will Pavitra make use of this new information against Divya?

Thursday 13 February 2020 

Episode 92

Pavitra informs Yuvraj that the real Bhoomi is infact alive and reveals to him that Divya is only pretending to be Bhoomi due to her concern for Bhoomi. Yuvraj reaches where Bhoomi is secretly being attended to. Yuvraj tortures Bhoomi and her doctor and goes on to call Divya. He then orders Divya to reveal her truth to Maan and his family and threatens to kill Bhoomi and the doctor if she disobeys him. Will Divya be forced to reveal her truth to Maan?

Friday 14 February 2020

Episode 93

Bhoomi and Mai escape from Yuvraj and end up in a godown. Yuvraj reaches the godown. He accuses Bhoomi of separating Divya from him and decides to keep her for himself until Divya returns into his life. As Yuvraj drags Divya, she strikes him on his head with a rod. This only infuriates Yuvraj more and he strikes back several times and escapes when he hears the noise of people approaching. Will this be the end of Bhoomi?

Saturday 15 February 2020 

Episode 94

Pavitra returns back Yuvraj’s slap with a harder one and a warning. Meanwhile, Maan sees Divya crying and tries his best to console her. Next day, while the entire family is busy preparing for Divya’s marriage with Maan, Divya ends up confronting Yuvraj. Divya gets furious with Yuvraj for murdering Bhoomi but Yuvraj shows no remorse of any kind for his crime. Will Divya spare Yuvraj for the murder of her only friend?

Sunday 16 February 2020 

Episode 95

Maan finds Divya with a knife and sees Yuvraj bleeding. He immediately suspects that Yuvraj has been misbehaving with his wife and he catches him by his collar. Divya later meets Vasundhara, who tells her about the preparations that are going on for her marriage with Maan. Yuvraj sees this and gets extremely furious. Varun gets furious with Surbhi and even ends up scolding her, out of jealousy. Will Varun and Surbhi reunite once again?

Monday 17 February 2020 

Episode 96

Pavitra mixes acid into the ‘mehandi’ that is being prepared for Divya during the ‘mehandi’ function. Divya gets a message from Yuvraj which seems like a threat. Meanwhile, Varun and Surbhi come face to face and seeing them together, Pavitra gets jealous. The ‘mehandi’ function begins and Pavitra waits for the ‘mehandi’ to burn Divya’s hands. Will Yuvraj make an attempt to kill Maan?

Tuesday 18 February 2020 

Episode 97

As Divya is applied ‘mehandi’ done she continues to worry about the pen that Maan is holding as she believes that Yuvraj has planted an explosive into the pen. Maan notices the rashes on her hands. Vasundhara immediately suspects that the ‘mehandi’ had been mixed with something but the culprit responsible for doing so is not caught. Later, Divya insists on getting the ‘mehandi’ done once again. Will Divya’s ‘mehandi’ turn out to be the best?

Wednesday 19  February 2020

Episode 98

Pavitra is excited when she gets a call informing her about a movie producer who seems interested in doing a movie with her as the lead. Later, Divya leaves home unaware that she is being followed by Yuvraj. However, as she arrives at the destination Yuvraj loses track of her. Meanwhile, Pavitra meets the producer from America and ends up blindly signing a contract to be a part of his movie. Has Pavitra fallen into a trap?

Thursday 20 February 2020 

Episode 99

Suman consoles her daughter when she finds her emotional when she could not show Varun how much she loved him. Later, Later, Yuvraj expresses his desire to organize the ‘sangeeth’ function and Varun agrees. That night, Divya aka Bhoomi is made to believe that Maan’s life is in danger but she soon realizes that Yuvraj has once again fooled her in order to emotionally torture her. Will Divya succeed in her endeavour to get rid of Yuvraj?

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