Lady Luck Sunday Update 9 February 2020


Lady Luck Sunday Update 9 February 2020

Ansh angrily shouts at Divya for hiding Bhoomi’s truth and keeping him away from Bhoomi and Muskan. Yuvraj continues brainwashing Ansh. Divya pleads Ansh to trust her, but he continues shouting, snatches her bridal veil and leaves with Muskan.

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Prajapati family is shocked to see Varun’s dead body. Surbhi cries vigorously. Pavitra apologizes her and says she should not have separated her and Varun. Badi maa falls unconscious.

Yuvraj taunts Divya with his usual schizophrenic style and asks her to come with him now. She says he is mad and starts beating temple bell.

Doc treats Pavitra. Latha asks Pavitra who is badi maa. Pavitra says doc asked to give her BP tablets. Latha asks who must have killed Varun. Pavitra asks inspector if he got any info. Inspector says they found CCTV footage from nearby ATM and saw 3 people and especially a limping man shooting Varun from behind. Pavitra sees footage and says she knows him and says her bhaiya and bhabhi have gone to temple and this man may harm them. She runs with inspector to save them.

Pavitra travels in her car behind inspector’s jeep and tries to call Ansh repeatedly. Ansh does not listen to mobile ring and continues driving. She sees his car crossing road, follows him, and stops after overtaking. He comes out of car. She sees Muskan and asks where is Divya. He shouts she is dead for him, she hid Bhoomi and Muskan from him. Pavitra says she did it to save Bhoomi and Muskan and her life is in danger now, Yuvraj will kill her. He shouts he does not care. She says Yuvraj is a big criminal and pleads to save Divya for Bhoomi’s sake. Ansh shouts he does not care and tries to get into car. She stops him again and says because of Divya their family is united and she did it for Bhoomi, she herself heard Bhoomi speaking to Divya. Ansh shouts if she also knew about Bhoomi. Pavitra says she made mistakes, but he should first save Divya. He says he hates them all and will not help. Pavitra says Yuvraj killed Varun. Ansh is shocked to hear that. Pavitra says Varun went to save Muskan from Yuvraj and Yuvraj killed him. She saw Yuraj torturing Divya and it was Bhoomi’s wish to unite Divya and Ansh. If he cannot do anthing, she will save Divya and leaves in car.

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Divya kicks Yuvraj’s injured leg and tries to escape. He shouts begum. She stops seeing Yuvraj’s men coming. Yuvraj catches her and says she is her servant and will have to be with him always.

Pavitra reaches there and drives car on goons and then Yuvraj. Goons fall unconscious. Yuvraj wakes up. Pavitra gets out of car and beats him. He says she cannot harm her and just like he killed Varun, Bhoomi, and Divya’s father, she will kill even her. Pavitra tries to hit, but he strangulates her.

Ansh reaches there and shouts how dare he is to kill Bhoomi. Yuvraj says he will kill even him and whole Prajapati family. Ansh beats him like a dog. Pavittra asks Ansh to leave Yuvraj, else he will die, but Ansh continues beating Yuvraj. Police reaches and tries to hold Ansh, but he punshes even them and continues beating Yuvraj. Divya shouts to think of Muskan and asks if he wants Muskan to grow up seeing her father in jail. Ansh leaves. Inspector arrests Yuvraj. Yuvraj shouts he did a mistake by sparing him, now he will kill everyone. Inspector arrests and takes Yuvraj in van.

Ansh then gets into car, picks Muskan and apologizes her for going out of control. Pavitra asks him to forgive Divya now. Ansh says she snatched Bhoomi from him, so he will not forgive her. He got her rid of Yuvraj and cleared her debt, now their routes are different and he does not need her in his life again. Pavitra says he announced his decision, but did he think about Badi maa and family, what will they think as they already have lost Varun and in a shock.

Inder informs Shukla family about Varun’s demise. Suman asks what did they say. He says they will come once daadi gets well. Badi maa comes down with wobbly gait. Latha asks why did she come down. She says she cannot see her family shattering, so she came down. Surbhi starts crying vigorously looking at Varun’s dead body and Suman consoles her. Divya comes back with Ansh and Pavitra. Badi maa hugs and cries.

Ansh brings Muskan home and cries holding her. Pavitra enters his room and who will take care of Divya who is taking care of whole family. Ansh shouts he does not care as she is a betrayer. Pavitra says Divya did it on Bhoomi’s order, when he can forgive her, why can’t Divya. Ansh says she attacked them openly and Divya backstabbed them. When family will know about her truth, they will kick her out.

Ansh takes Muskan to Badi maa’s room. Whole family gathers. Badi maa asks who is this baby. Ansh says she is his daughter and says when he was in temple with Bhoomi, he got a call that his friend and his wife died leaving their daughter, so he brought this baby and will bring her up like his daughter. Badi maa says he did right and asks what is he name. Divya says Muskan. Badi maa smiles and says she will bring muskaan/smile in their lives. Divya takes baby and goes to her room. Ansh comes and after a bit yelling and asking her to stay away from Muskan asks her to go from his room.

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