Lady Luck Full story Zee World Plot Summary, casts, teasers


Lady Luck Full story Zee World Plot Summary, casts, teasers

Based in the contemporary times, the show narrates the plot of two families from Madhya Pradesh, Lady Luck starting 14th November 2019 Replaces Fire and Ice on Zee World.

Full story/Plot on Lady Luck Zee World

Lady Luck is the story of Bhoomi, a young woman who has to pick between her professional and married life. Bhoomi marries Anshuman Prajapati from a wealthy traditional home. The Prajapatis are influential citizens in the town with a well to do business.
Vasundhara Prajapati is the head, and takes every important decision regarding the family and business. On the other hand are The Shukla family. The Shuklas are middle class people with their dealings in stones and gems. Bhoomi is one of the Shuklas’ daughter who is well educated & trained. As events turn out, Bhoomi’s marriage is fixed with Ayushman.

The families are against this union, but Bhoomi manages to win them over. Finally, Bhoomi reaches the Prajapati home as a bride, along with good luck and prosperity. Unfortunately, Bhoomi looses her life not long after. Her lookalike, Divya usurps her duties in the household. Ayushman makes Divya act like Bhoomi in front of the family. Just when Ayushman starts falling in love with Divya, her ex husband, Yuvraj shows up. He threatens to get Divya back at all costs. However, the real Bhoomi is shown to be in a coma.


Zee World ladyluck

She is carrying Ayushman’s pregnancy and gives birth to Muskaan (a daughter). Ayush & Divya continue to keep their secret until Yuvraj returns for revenge. Divya is expecting a child while Yuvraj murders all the Prajapati members except Badi Mua. He reveals Divya’s identity to Badi Mua. Divya gives birth to a girl before dying. The series ends with Badi Mua killing Yuvraj and taking her grand daughters to raise them.

Brief Information and Details on Lady luck Zee World

  • Genre: Family Drama
  • First Episode: 14 November 2019
  • Total number of episodes: 266
  • Total numbers of Season: 2
  •  Channel: Zee World Africa
  • Network: Zee Tv
  • Original name: Bhagyalaxmi
  • Tele Country: Indian

Lady Luck Main Cast, Realname and Picture

  • Varun Sharma as Anshuman “Maan” Prajapati

    Anshuman Real name Varun Sharma cast on lady luck Zee World

    Anshuman as Varun Sharma

  • Simran Pareenja as Bhoomi, Anshuman’s first wife

    Bhoomi Real name Simran Pareenja cast on lady luck Zee World

    Bhoomi as Simran Pareenja

  • Anupriya Kapoor as Divya, Anshuman’s second wife

    Divya Real Name Anupriya Kapoor cast on lady luck Zee World

    Divya as Anupriya Kapoor

  • Aruna Irani as Vasundhara Prajapati “Badi Maa”, matriarch of the Prajapati family

    Vasundhara Real name Aruna Irani cast on lady luck Zee World

    Vasundhara as Aruna Irani

  • Sara Khan as Pavitra Shukla, Anshuman’s sister

    Pavitra Realname Sara Khan cast on lady luck Zee World

    Pavitra as Sara Khan

  • Chetan Hansraj / Manish Goel as Yuvraj Malhotra, Divya’s first husband.
    Yuvraj Real name Manish Goel cast on lady luck Zee World

    Yuvraj as Manish Goel

    Yuvraj Realname Chetan Hansraj cast on lady luck Zee World

    Yuvraj as Chetan Hansraj

Lady Luck Spoiler Ahead

Upcoming Twist Anshuman  and Bhoomi  are madly in love with each other. And surprisingly, their parents unknown about their relationship have also been planning their alliance.

Now in a turn of events, the two will call off the marriage not knowing that they could have got together with their parents’ approval.

Main Cast on lady luck Zee world

Main Cast on lady luck Zee world

Shares a source, “Since Anshuman is called Ansh by his family, Bhoomi will not realise that it is the same boy. Ansh who would be not in a mood to get married would also not care to find out who the girl is.”

Bhoomi who would be upset with her marriage being fixed would talk to Ansh who would ask her to refuse for the wedding. Finding courage with her love’s support Bhoomi would go on to call off the marriage shocking her family.

Will the two find out about this major co-incidental confusion? How will the two ever unite?

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Recurring Cast

  • Barkha Singh as Surbhi, Anshuman’s sister, Varun’s first wife
  • Abhishek Malik as Varun Shukla, Bhoomi’s cousin
  • Ashita Dhawan as Suman Inder Prajapati
  • Ali Raza Namdar as Agrim Prajapati, Anshuman’s father
  • Shweta Gautam as Lata Agrim Prajapati, Anshuman’s mother
  • Anil Dhawan as Murlimohan Shukla, Varun’s father
  • Rita Bhaduri as Shanti Shukla, Bhoomi’s grandmother
  • Chetanya Adib as Bhoomi’s father
  • Sanjeev Jotangia as Bhoomi’s uncle
  • Shalini Arora as Bhoomi’s aunt
  • Akanksha Chamola as Avni
  • Sumit Verma as Vikram, Avni’s husband
  • Gulfam Khan as Kaveri

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