Deception February Teasers 2020

Deception February Teasers 2020

Naren’s father want his son to get married to Surbhi against his will, so that Surbhi’s father will continue to invest in their company, What will Pooja do now? Read Deception February Teasers 2020.

Zee World Deception February Teasers 2020

Saturday 1 February 2020 

Episode 27

Sushma follows Pooja after giving her the keys and on seeing Pooja and Naren enter the house, Sushma doubts Pooja’s character. Further, the Guruji assures Rahul that no one can get the poof of God’s presence and asks him to relax. Guru Ji is certain that Naren will return to him empty handed.

Sunday 2  February 2020 

Episode 28

Harish’s business is given to Rahul, who claims that he will place a photograph of Naren before him while doing his work in the business. Meanwhile, Pooja informs her family that Naren will be staying in her room and she will shift to her cousin’s room. Later, Guruji gets Mayank to fall into his trap by using Pooja’s name.

Monday  3  February 2020 

Episode 29

Kusum scolds Pooja, to which Pooja replies that she will clean the place. Rachel sees this and feels bad for Pooja, she tells Naren that he is in search of god, maybe he will find him if he tries to clean the place. Naren finds her advice useful and asks Pooja to step aside as he will clean the place himself.

Tuesday 4  February 2020 

Episode 30

Guruji visits Naren at Satish’s house where Naren had been staying. Naren gets suspicious on Guruji’s visit while Naren’s mother and her elder sister discuss the dutiful rights on Naren. Guruji warns Satish not to provide shelter to Naren and asks him to send Naren immediately to Rishikesh. Satish refuses to send Naren away, which leaves Guruji agitated.

Wednesday 5  February 2020

Episode 31

Pooja explains to Naren that God’s presence can be found in every element of the ritual that is giving birth to a new relation. Pooja goes on to refer to the ‘sindoor’ as the greatest proof of God but Naren does not agree. He later, is about to put the ‘sindoor’ on Pooja, but Pooja stops him and slaps him.

Thursday  6  February 2020 

Episode 32

Pooja is upset that she had hit Naren. Just then, she gets a call from Naren’s mother, asking her if Naren is fine. Pooja goes to meet Naren and is shocked to see him laying on a bed of nails. Meanwhile, Guru Ji makes a call and passes the information that he has succeeded in ruining Naren’s entire family.

Friday 7  February 2020 

Episode 33

Naren helps Pooja wear the bangles and get ready as Kusum had asked Pooja to get ready to make an appearance before the groom’s family. Later, Naren asks Pooja if she would be meeting him even after her marriage. Further, the groom’s family arrives and when they question the family about Naren, Kusum refers to him as the servant.

Saturday 8 February 2020 

Episode 34

Naren orders the groom to leave and this angers Pooja’s family. Satish questions Naren as to what he is doing and Naren asks Satish if he will let Pooja marry in a family where the woman is only kept as a piece of decoration.

Sunday 9 February 2020 

Episode 35

Naren manages to resolve the dispute between his family and thereafter Guru ji leaves the family after settling the things with Harish. The full family sit and talk about the misunderstandings and Naren plans a family get-together to bring in some sweetness in between the prevailing bitterness.

Monday 10 February 2020 

Episode 36

Harish Vyas gets a call from his friend from New York, who tells him that they will be reaching his place soon. Meanwhile, Pooja is preparing for the family get-together which has been scheduled for that day. Pooja is pondering over the times spent with Naren while Naren makes Pooja aware of the tragedies of love.

Tuesday 11 February 2020 

Episode 37

Pooja asks Supriya about Surbhi’s nature but her question is left unanswered. Pooja tries to find out what Supriya is hiding about Surbhi and is anxious to witness Naren’s growing relationship with Surbhi. Supriya meets Surbhi and speaks of how eager she was to meet Naren and how Naren used to send her gifts on her birthday.

Wednesday 12  February 2020

Episode 38

Naren, Surbhi and Pooja are out for lunch. Naren’s mother gets shocked when she comes to know that Naren’s father has been sending all those love letters to Surbhi. Surbhi is planning to get engaged with Naren irrespective of the fact that Naren knows nothing about the love letters.

Thursday 13 February 2020 

Episode 39

Pooja gets shocked to know that it was Naren’s father, who wrote letters to Surbhi on Naren’s behalf. Naren’s father tells Pooja that she has to convince Naren to marry Surbhi so that Surbhi’s father will continue to invest in their company. Pooja tells Naren’s father that it’ll be unethical to marry Naren against his will. What will Pooja do now,

Friday 14 February 2020

Episode 40

Pooja feels envious on seeing Surbhi’s growing relationship with Naren. Naren’s father is anxious and thinks of informing Naren about his plan of getting him married to Surbhi before Naren gets to know about the same from someone else. Surbhi’s father gifts a car to Naren on his birthday but Naren refuses to accept the gift.

Saturday 15 February 2020 

Episode 41

Surbhi is stunned to see Naren refusing to marry her. Surbhi asks Naren that why did he write all those love letters and continued sending those photographs if he did not love her. Surbhi’s father blames Naren’s father for playing with their emotions. Surbhi’s father asks Naren’s mother as to how Surbhi will manage to live without Naren’s memories. What will Surbhi do now?

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