I Do October Teasers 2022


I Do October Teasers 2022

Afreen uses her evil tricks to create problems in Mahira’s life. Coming up on Zeeworld I Do October 2022 Teasers:

ZeeWorld I Do October 2022 Teasers

Saturday 1 October  2022

Episode 312

Khan Begum gets furious with Razia for not keeping the promise. Mahira turns into a statue, and Azaad realises his love for Mahira and promises to get her back to life. Thereafter, Khan Begum informs Razia that she failed to save Mahira.

Sunday 2  October  2022

Episode 313

Akram abducts Kainaat, but Sameer saves her. Amaad gets a drunken girl to sleep beside Azaad. Further, Mahira remembers that Azaad saved her life.

Monday 3  October  2022

Episode 314

Mahira leaves for Shimla, but Khan Begum gets her kidnapped on the way. Khan Begum and Razia ask a beautician to give a makeover to Mahira. Later, Amaad asks Mahira to marry him.

Tuesday 4  October  2022

Episode 315

Khan Begum threatens Mahira that she will kill her siblings if she refuses to marry Amaad. Mahira realises that her brother is held captive in Azaad’s house. Later, she spots him tied up in a room, but he suddenly disappears.

Wednesday 5  October  2022

Episode 316

A masked man wants to acquire the dolls of Saira and Bano. Later, Razia tells Khan Begum that she will get her powers back if she sacrifices Mahira and Azaad’s child.

Thursday 6  October  2022

Episode 317

Khan Begum drugs Amaad, and then he tries to force Mahira to get intimate with him. Khan Begum ties up Nasir. Later, Azaad worries about Mahira and decides to marry her.

Friday 7  October  2022

Episode 318

Nasir informs Amaad that his bride is not Mahira. Nasir wonders how Mahira can be at two places at the same time. Razia prevents Mahira from hearing the groom’s name during her wedding ceremony to get her married to Azaad.

Saturday 8 October  2022

Episode 319

Mahira scolds Azaad for marrying her without her knowledge. Mahira believes Afreen’s lie that she is Azaad’s first wife. Later, Afreen turns Razia into a doll for trying to use black magic on her.

Sunday 9  October  2022

Episode 320

Afreen tries to get intimate with Azaad.  Afreen’s spell on Azaad disables him from moving or speaking. Later, Khan Begum tries to dispose of Nasir’s body.

Monday 10 October  2022

Episode 321

Khan Begum figures out that Afreen is taking Mahira’s appearance. In order to impress Azad, Afreen takes Mahira’s appearance to welcome Sameer’s parents. However, her real appearance starts to get revealed when a priest blesses her.

Tuesday 11  October  2022

Episode 322

Afreen gets jealous to see Mahira and Azaad getting intimate. Khan Begum gets a text from Nasir. Later, Afreen tries to attack Mahira but fails.

Wednesday 12  October  2022

Episode 323

Mahira removes Afreen’s ring that enables her to shape shift. Afreen gets her ring back. Thereafter, she shape shifts into Azaad and deceives Mahira. Khan Begum goes to the masked figure’s home and learns that the seven-fingered man is alive.

Thursday 13  October  2022

Episode 324

Mahira cuts Afreen’s ponytail off and throws her out of the house. Elsewhere, Khan Begum gets a glimpse of the seven-fingered man named Armaan, who is her son.

Friday 14  October  2022

Episode 325

Mahira hallucinates Afreen. Afreen uses her evil tricks to create problems in Mahira’s life. She casts a spell on Azaad. Armaan goes to visit the purse owner’s house and meets Mahira.

Saturday 15 October  2022

Episode 326

Afreen tries to kill Khan Begum but accidentally stabs Azaad. Afreen recognises Armaan as Khan Begum’s first child and hits him with her car. Later, Khan Begum finds herself in a dilemma.

Sunday 16  October  2022

Episode 327

Mahira becomes eager to learn about Azaad’s heart recipient. Later, Armaan comes as the new owner of Mahira’s house. Mahira recognises him as the recipient and refuses to leave.

Monday 17 October  2022

Episode 328

Later, she tries to prevent the bulldozer from bringing down the house. Afreen hypnotises Badi Ammi to save herself from being exposed in front of Armaan.

Tuesday 18  October  2022

Episode 329

Afreen tries to establish a bond with Armaan. Later, to his own surprise, Armaan worries about Mahira.

Wednesday 19  October  2022

Episode 330

Armaan Gets Worried When The Doctor Informs Him About Mahira’s Deteriorating Health. Armaan decides to get holy water for Mahira’s recovery. Later, Afreen uses her powers to find the key and gives it to Armaan.

Thursday 20  October  2022

Episode 331

Ahsaan provides shelter to Khan Begum, who feigns memory loss. Armaan is consoled by Afreen, who is pregnant with Azaad’s child. Khan Begun tries to manipulate Ahsaan to let her stay at his home. Later, Armaan saves Mahira from a fire.

Friday 21  October  2022

Episode 332

Khan Begum keeps trying to win over Ahsaan with false integrity. Ahsaan is happy with Khan Begum bonding with Imtiaaz. Later, Sameer and Kainaat get engaged.

Saturday 22 October  2022

Episode 333

Armaan and Mahira’s bond strengthens, while Ahsaan and Khan Begum get engaged. Later, Armaan cleverly makes Mahira wear the ‘Cinderella dress’ to his fairytale-themed party.

Sunday 23  October  2022

Episode 334

Armaan proposes to marry Mahira, but she turns him down. Later, Armaan breaks down before Mahira and confesses that Khan Begum is his mother.

Monday 24 October  2022

Episode 335

Mahira tells Armaan that she is in love with the pain that Azaad’s absence has caused her. Later, when Mahira falls off a cliff, Armaan tries to save her.

Tuesday 25 October  2022

Episode 336

Mahira talks to Azaad’s grave to seek guidance. Later, when the smell of garlic nauseates Khan Begum, Badi Ammi’s suspicion is confirmed.

Wednesday 26  October  2022

Episode 337

Badi Ammi visits a saint, who gives her a dupatta that can expose Khan Begum. Sanam And Ahsaan’s Nikah Takes Place. Mahira Refuses To Get Married To Armaan And Confronts Him About His Treachery.

Thursday 27  October  2022

Episode 338

Badi Ammi tries to reveal Sanam’s truth to Ahsaan but fails. Later, Mahira prepares for Kainaat’s wedding.

Friday 28  October  2022

Episode 339

Badi Ammi gets a holy amulet to expose Sanam’s true identity. Mahira readies up to marry Armaan. Will Mahira marry Armaan?

Saturday 29 October  2022

Episode 340

Khan Begum locks Ehsaan up in his car and lets him suffocate. Mahira and Armaan engage in a brief conversation which ends up an argument.

Sunday 30 October  2022

Episode 341

Sameer starts behaving rudely with Kainaat and insults her and her handicapped state.

Monday 31 October  2022

Episode 342

Armaan takes a girl to his house. Armaan gets furious and throws Mahira out of the house. Later, Sanam rescues Imtiaaz from falling and ruins Badi Ammi’s plans.

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