Friday Update on The Promise Zee World August 17

Moksh also arrives in the party, Tanu sees him and is happy. He calls Tanu who is worried to see that he is afraid. Tanu takes him upstairs and as they are passing through the corridor, when they come face to face with Aparajit. He is surprised to see them but he extends his hand in welcome to Moksh who is having a hard time trying to hide the briefcase behind his back. Aparajit tries to understand the situation but someone calls him and he looks towards the person, acknowledging him with a smile. At that very moment, Tanu and Moksh escapes from that place and Aparajit turns around to see the space empty. He is still more astonished.

Tanu takes Moksh inside her room and once inside, she tells him why is he not giving up the biker gang and leaving everything? Moksh tells her that he has no choice and if the briefcase is lost, they will kill him. He seeks Tanu’s help to hide the briefcase saying that the place he stays in is so crowded that there is no place to hide anything. And also that he will not be able to meet Jai Bhaiyya’s eyes or answer his questions if the bag is found. Tanu understands his situation and asks him what is inside the bag? Moksh tells her that it’s the obvious and that  he is ashamed to ask her help in this matter. Tanu takes the briefcase from him and hides it inside her cupboard. Moksh thanks her and says that she is the only person to whom he had turned during emergency.

Back in the hall, Jai is standing all alone and remembering his life when Bani was in it . The sad strain of Suna Suna plays in background where it is implied that he’s willing to do anything for Bani and that even after all these, when his heart has broken into a thousand pieces, its Bani who is reflected in each and every piece.

Bani is coming down the steps with the sisters on her sides. (She is looking good in a red sari) As soon as she starts coming down her eyes meet those of Jai’s. They have an eye lock and all their previous moments are flashed on screen. They come out of an eye lock and Aparajit see’s both of their eyes move away. He looks a little disillusioned and then thinks to himself that the way Jai just reacted he could not have taken the CD.

There is music playing while Jai is looking at her and thinking. Maula Mere is playing in the background and he approaches Bani. It is only him and Bani on the floor. He remembers all their moments together and as his hand is going up to her face they comes out of this trance.

Gayu notices Moksh come out of Tanu’s room and wonders what he was doing there. As she approaches the room someone calls out for her and she has to go. Moksh had come to give Tanu the bag which contanined money and the CD. He told her to keep it carefully else he would fall into trouble. Tanu opens the bag and is shocked. While closing it she notices the CD’s and files and just as she is about to have a look she too has to go.

There is a performance by some dancers on Bole Chudiyaan. Aparajit takes notice of another eye lock between Jai and Bani. After the performance Aparajit Deb moves towards Bani and asks her for a dance. She sees Jai in him and goes to dance. Flashbacks ends again. Just as she comes out of her thoughts she sees Jai and realizes she is dancing with Aparajit. She pushes him back. Everyone is stunned as Bani runs of to her room.

Some kids ask Atharva what is he doing here to which he replies that it is his mothers wedding. They tell him with his father to which he replies no to his uncle. The kids tell him that his parents don’t love him then and that they will leave him and he will be left all alone. Jai comes in at that moment and tells him that his parents will never leave him and always love him. He tells Atharva never to think that way.

Aparajit and Jai cross paths and Aparajit asks Jai if he is enjoying the party. Jai asks him that he should be happy so why does he have an artificial smile on his face. Aparajit tells him that his smile is going to change into a lifetime of happiness while Jai is going to have a lifetime of pain and longing. Jai agrees and tells Aparajit that they are so similar but the only difference is that Jai is doing all this for Bani’s happiness while he is doing this just to make Bani his. As Jai is going outside, Aparajit stops him saying the party is the other way. Jai taunts him and tells him to respect his guest and that the sad expression doesn’t suit his face. He also tells him that once Bani knows the truth their relationship will end. Aparajit tells him that he is yet the Aparajit and Anokha Aparajit Deb who will not let anyone or anything come between him and Bani.

Aparajit is in a room thinking hard. He is confused and thinking when Pia enters. She tells him that she didn’t expect him to loose so easily to which Aparajit says that if Bani doesn’t want to get married he will not force her. Pia tells him that he wasn’t like this and till they have the CD nothing can go wrong. Aparajit tells her that they don’t have the CD and Pia becomes hysterical. She tells him that how could hr do that and her dreams are shattered and that now Bani will get the CD and Jai and Bani will become one again. She then tells him that they have to make sure Bani doesn’t get the CD for at least 24 hours because after that she won’t be able to do anything as he and Bani will be already married.

Jai is outside thinking hard as to what he can do to stop this marriage. He tells himself that he shouldn’t be keeping quite now, he has done enough of that. He shouldn’t get scared of a thread by Aparajit but instead go and tell Bani everything. Aditya comes there and asks Jai what is wrong. Aditya tells Jai that he should go talk to Bani if his heart tells him to.

Bani is outside and is crying. She is telling to herself that even though she got everything she is not happy. She says she never wanted Jai’s money, company or house and got those. She says that she wanted her children which are yet with Jai. She has won but still is the loser while Jai even after loosing is the winner. She says she is going to marry a man she doesn’t love but that she does not regret that. She tells herself that she made a promise that she will keep and it is her duty and obligation to do so. She asks herself why she is crying when she should be happy.

Just then Jai comes to her and asks her what’s wrong. He tells her that his heart tells him that she isn’t happy and if that is the case he will make sure this marriage doesn’t happen. He will do all he can to break it. Bani responds by saying that she will never do that since she doesn’t betray or break relationships like Jai does. She says Aparajit Deb is the man who gave her a new life and who has been with her through thick and thin. She says she has made a promise that she will keep and she is not like Jai who will betray. She tells Jai that how could he even come and that how can she trust him when he was the one who proved her to be mad. She tells him that the day she got into a relationship with him since that very day she is scared of all relationships. Saying this she walks away. Jai is standing thinking to himself that Bani has said her side of the truth but he will never be able to do so.



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