Friday Update on The Promise Zee World August 17

Friday Update on The Promise Zee World

August 17 Episode

The episode starts with Mr. Walia reaching the restaurant with the kids and Bani sitting there. Bani is remembering all that Rano told her about Jai and Bani still loving each other. Jai is walking towards her when he receives a call from Aparajit not to move forward since his one step will mean Bani getting ruined. Jai turns behind just to see Aparajit sitting in the car. Aparajit then shows him the Sahil murder CD which proves Bani is guilty and warns Jai from going towards Bani because he will then go to the police with it. Jai tells Aparajit that he will do no such thing to which Aparajit says he will and Jai shouldn’t challenge him.

Atharva sees Bani and screams out ‘Mama’. She spots them and is calling out to them. Jai cuts the call and takes the kids out of there. Bani is running after them when Aparajit appears in front of her, stopping her and asking her what she was doing there. She tells him that she came here for a while because she was thirsty. Aparajit then takes her home. During all this Moksh comes with his biking gang and takes Aparajit’s suitcase that has the CD with him and escapes with his biking gang since the police appear there too.

Aparajit takes Bani to the Deb Masion. He tells her that the sisters wanted to dress her up and hence they are here. She asks him doesn’t he feel this is happening all to fast. He laughs and tells her that is the difference between them because he thinks time has stopped and this is all taking forever while she thinks this is all happening too fast. Gayu comes at that moment and pulls them inside the house.

Some money falls down from Moksh’s pocket. Nachiket picks them up and questions him and asks him where he has got such a large sum from since his salary from the garage isn’t so much. He tells Nachiket that though the salary isn’t much, the tips he gets are big and all this money is from those tips. Nachiket probes further and tells Moksh that in such circumstances people can loose direction but he has faith on Moksh and hopes Moksh wouldn’t do anything that would make the Walia family bow down their head in embarrassment. Nachiket leaves and Moksh tells himself that he needs to move all the money out of the house, before someone catches him.

The Deb residence is all happy and gay and the surroundings are all decorated. It looks like a ‘shaadi ka ghar’. Everyone is sitting in a circle where a man is showing them jewellery and sari’s. The sister’s select a sari for Bani and Gayu picks out some kangans. They show it to Aparajit who is asked to comment. He says they are all very good and would suit Bani a lot. Bani on the other hand is thinking of her moments with Jai, like their marriage, then the mandir marriage, then his betrayal and his varan mala exchange with Pia.  Aparajit is then about to excuse himself, Kanu shows him the payal  she had selected for Bani. He comments on that too and gets up. While he is walking away, she stops him and asks him how Bani is looking in the red dupatta which is a part of the shaadi ka joda.

He looks at her and thinks of her sitting on the bed, as the suhag raat position and the room is decorated with flowers. He tells her that he has been waiting for this day since long and now it is finally here when she is his. Kanu then says her brother’s name, removing him from this trance and asks him where did he get lost. He gets a tad irritated and tells them that he is here and goes away.

Bani is sitting in a room and imagines Jai coming up to her and asking her whether she hates him so much that she is ready to marry a man she doesn’t love. Is there nothing remaining between them? He tells her that he needs to know the answer to this question since he will not be able to live easy without it. She tells him that he has the answer himself and that after what all he has done to her there is no chance of a relationship left between them. He tells her the relationship of true love will always remain since true love never ends. She comes out of this dream of his and says to herself that she is about to get married and shouldn’t think about the past.

Aparajit Deb reaches the Chawl and goes inside. He tells the Walia’s that he has come to invite them for his and Durga’s marriage himself even though he could have sent it by courier. He then tells them to look at where they’ve reached now and that they don’t even have proper clothes wear.  Jigyasa asks Aparajit that he wouldn’t want anything right since they are small people to which he replies how can he decline being served by them. He calls for Jai and when Jai comes out he throws the card at him and tells him that he wants to see Jai present there. Jai tells him that none of them will come to which Aparajit says that he wouldn’t want to make Aparajit angry since when he is angry he can do things which are not necessarily nice and normal. Jai doesn’t reply to which Aparajit says that he knew that would be the answer and tells him that he should also bring the kids since their mother is dying to see them and leaves.

Aditya questions Jai as to why did Aparajit say such a thing to which he replies that someone gave him the Sahil CD which proves Bani as a murderer. Aditya questions as to who gave it and Pia enters and Jai mocks her saying who else can it be. They all ask Pia why did she do so to which she says that even though they might feel it was a wrong thing to do in the long run they will all realize that what she has done is for the good of the family. Jai gets mad and tells her to leave and he doesn’t want to see her face right now. She tells him that she is leaving and has got better accommodation but whenever he needs or wants her she will be there and come back to him

Bani thinking about her past life with Jai and feeling bad about it. Next Aparajit goes to the chawl and invites the Walias, the Balis and the extras for his sangeet and marriage occasions with Durga. Jai refuses to attend but Aparajit warns Jai of the implications that if he doesn’t come, Durga will land in trouble. Jai doesn’t say anything and once Aparajit leaves, Jigyasa asks Jai what the secret is and what was he implying by saying that he can do anything bad if he gets angry? Jai tells them that Aparajit  has the CD where Bani is implicated for Saahil’s murder and that’s why he is behaving so obnoxiously. Aditya asks who gave him the VCD to which Jai points towards Pia. Aditya admonishes Pia for doing something so terrible, Pia says that even though everyone is scolding her today, one day it will turn out that what she has done is for the best. Jai sks her to get lost from his sight to which Pia answers back that she knows that Jai hates her and that she has already found a place for her and is going away. But she tells Jai that she will always be there for him when he needs her.

The Deb Mansion is decorated with lights and flowers for the Sangeet. Aparajit is standing near the entrance welcoming guests in while Motil MIL, Rano, Nivi and others are sitting at a side in the hall, talking with people. Nivi goes to Aparajit and tells him that she needs some money to give to the caterers. Aparajit tells her to get the briefcase from the car in which he had kept some money and give it to the caterer. Nivi goes away.

In the chawl, Ranvir is getting ready and is about to leave when Rashi comes along. Ranveer is angry to see Rashi ready to go to the sangeet and starts behaving boorishly with her, scolding her and saying that he will go to the party alone. Rashi tries to intervene but Ranveer continues screaming at her and saying that he doesn’t want Rashi to be present there when he meets Rano. At that moment Moksh walks in and asks them why they had not gone to the party as yet. Ranveer says that he is ready to go when Moksh asks him whether Rashi is going or not. Ranveer covers up and says that they are both leaving at once.

Once Ranveer and Rashi leaves, Moksh pulls the briefcase from under the wooden almirah and checks whether the money and other stuff are intact or not. Finding everything ok, he also leaves.

Back at the Deb House, Aditya, Nachiket and Jigyasa enters, dressed simply and Aparajit feigns happiness to see them there. He says that Durga will be happy too and although relationships have changed, yet they are her family more or less. Aparajit asks where Jai is to which Aditya replies that he is coming too. He wishes that Durga’s parents would have been happier too if they were alive but it is not to be. So in that case the presence of the Walias and extras are welcome.

At that moment, Nivi walks up to Aparajit and says that there is no briefcase in the car and that she has checked it thoroughly. She goes away and Aparajit  is very worried because apart from the money, the VCDs are also there. He thinks that the bag may have been stolen and after a few moments, thinks that Walia may have stolen it. If that is the case, then everything will be over for him and Durga will reunite with Walia. He cannot let this happen and decides to find out about the whereabouts of the bag soon.

Jai walks in looking devastated. Aparajit goes up to him and says that he is happy that Walia came, after all it is such an important event. Jai answers back that he had no choice since he has the CDs. This surprises Aparajit  a lot and he thinks that as per Walia’s words, it means that he doesn’t know anything about the CDs. He then again thinks that this may all be a ploy of Walia to wait for the moment when Durga comes and then create a ruckus. But he says nothing and goes away. READ NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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