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Game Of Love Spoiler Shivaay’s lookalike brother revealed with motives

Ever since Game of Love hit our Star life screens, there has been a high voltage drama keeping viewers tuned and addicted to the serial. Now, another interesting mystery is about to happen as we shall witness new entries heating up the show. WHO ARE THESE NEW CHARACTERS? Mahi, an exact lookalike of Shivaay and […]

Tanu to plant a lookalike of Pragya in Abhi’s life on Twist Of Fate

Zee World’s most loved and fans favorite, Twist of fate will be seen going through a whole lot of twists as Tanu gets a new accomplice to throw Pragya out of Abhi’s life for good. After the encounter of Abhi getting his memory back, Pragya finally find some happiness in her marriage but the 3 […]

My Golden Home ending highlight, Season Finale

These few days, My Golden Home fans have been put on the edge of anxiety as mysterious events occur in Swarn Bhavan. Anyway, this incidents will draw the storyline to a close as Zee World is putting an end to the serial this month. Hence, we bring you the season finale highlights. Keep scrolling. Going […]

Top Zee World Actresses who are divorced in Real Life

Like a saying “destiny can never be changed in human lives”. Most of the divorcees today do not wish to be stigmatized with the status, (divorce) but it’s the prevailing of destiny in their lives. Before divorce, marriage happens first. The victims of divorce might have realized the issues of differences or incompatibility in their […]

Spoiler TOF-Abhi and Pragya to get married once again

Abhi and Pragya to get married once again on Twist Of Fate After Nikhil abducts them, Abhi and Pragya manage to escape from him but they are stuck in the jungle. They wander aimlessly and this way, Abhi seems to be having fun with the kidnapping as he receives warmth love and care from Pragya. […]

Dear Pragya, aren’t you tired of getting kidnapped in Twist of Fate

The protagonist of Twist of  Fate has been kidnapped for at least five times in the show. A LETTER TO PRAGYA ARORA- Twist of fate as we all know is here to stay and recycling it’s old formula just to remain in the rating charts. The show looks like its either, particularly in love with […]

Indira’s father lookalike “Taoji” to make his entry on iron lady

Indira’s father lookalike “Taoji” to make his entry on iron lady One of Zee World’s most funny series, Iron lady has been hitting rough patches these past days with the sudden appearance of new mysteries in form of lookalikes. First, it was Indira that we saw to have a look-alike named Zara and now, her […]

Zara returns as a ghost on Iron Lady Zee World

Zara returns as a ghost on Iron Lady Indira’s lookalike, Zara Malik Khan captured viewers heart when she made her appearance but when becomes excessively obsessed with Rishi, her character gets totally dejected by the fans. Zara was last seen sent to the mental hospital when she displayed psychotic attitudes after trying to kill Indira. […]

Abhi to regain his lost memory on Twist of fate 2

Abhi to regain his lost memory on Twist of fate 2 Here comes the long-awaited news for Abhi-Pragya fans as the rockstar recollects his past and all about his union with Pragya. After Tanu and her mother’s manipulation, Abhi will be seen performing the wedding rituals with Tanu. He is about to finish up the […]

Twist of Fate 2 Spoiler Abhi’s daughter Kiara Revealed

Twist of Fate Season 2 Spoiler Abhi’s daughter Kiara Revealed After Daadi’s”Abhi’s grandmother” death, the story takes a 7 years leap. We are shown Abhi and Pragya living their lives apart and different. Pragya and her daughter, Kiara lives with a man called King Singh while Abhi’s hatred for Pragya makes him accept Tanu as his […]