Who is Anjali? New entry in Mehek Spoiler


Who is Anjali? New entry in Mehek Spoiler

Indian small screen actress, Aanchal Khurana makes an appearance on Mehek for the month of October. We had seen her once in a negative role in Young Dreams. This time, she will be seen as Karuna’s long lost daughter, Anjali. As always, Aanchal is coming with her old tricks with more spice.

Who is Anjali Khurana daughter on mehek

Anjali? Khurana daughter

When Mehek brings Anjali home, Karuna is forced to revealing her old, dirty past. The truth is; Karuna had an extra marital affair back then. She got pregnant and abandoned the child in an orphanage. This child is Anjali who returns &  grown up now. Shaurya and the family welcomes Anjali with open hands but she would not accept the Khanna family so easily.

Anjali and Suraj union on Mehek October Teasers 2019 Zee World

Anjali and Suraj union

Suraj is Anjali love partner, meanwhile Anjali has come with a mission to seek revenge and destroy their happiness  !

This is one drama you’re not gonna want to miss, Stay tuned to Mehek.
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