Anupama December Teasers 2023


Anupama December Teasers 2023

Anupama decides to leave all the obstacles behind to focus on her goal. Elsewhere, a heated argument happens between Pakhi and Dimple at the Shahs’ house. Coming up on Anupama December 2023 Teasers:

Starlife Anupama December 2023 Teasers

Friday 1 December 2023

Episode 946

Anupama welcomes Malti Devi and introduces her to the family. Later, Malti Devi praises Anupama and bestows her the responsibility of America’s Gurukul.

Saturday 2 December 2023

Episode 947

Anupama feels perplexed about Malti Devi’s reaction after seeing Anuj. Later, Kumar Sanu attends Samar and Dimple’s wedding and sings melodious songs.

Sunday 3 December 2023

Episode 948

Anupama gets impressed after meeting Titlie, who managed the event decorations. Later, Dimple gets emotional during her Vidaai, and Anuj gives her some advice.

Monday 4 December 2023

Episode 949

Anupama and the Shahs perform Dimple’s Griha Pravesh rituals. Later, Leela gets shocked when Vanraj supports Kavya and reveals her pregnancy news.

Tuesday 5 December 2023

Episode 950

When Maaya lashes out at Anuj, the latter gives her an apt reply. Anupama grows anxious as she has to choose between Anuj’s love and Malti Devi’s faith.

Wednesday 6 December 2023

Episode 951

Anupama overcomes her dilemma and chooses responsibility over love. Dimple fumes in rage as Leela asks Samar and the former to stay apart on their first night.

Thursday 7 December 2023

Episode 952

Kinjal gets furious at Paritosh for wanting another child and says that she is only with him because of Pari. Later, Malti Devi praises Anupama in front of the media.

Friday 8 December 2023

Episode 953

Anupama gets emotional as she reaches that supreme moment to start a new phase of her life. Elsewhere, Barkha provokes Maaya about Anuj.

Saturday 9 December 2023

Episode 954

Maaya creates a scene by seeing Anuj and Anupama together at the latter’s function. Later, Malti Devi furiously warns Anupama to focus on her decision.

Sunday 10 December 2023

Episode 955

Anupama decides to leave all the obstacles behind to focus on her goal. Elsewhere, a heated argument happens between Pakhi and Dimple at the Shahs’ house.

Monday 11 December 2023

Episode 956

The Shah family and Dimple get into a disagreement due to their divergent viewpoints. On the other hand, Anuj is deeply ashamed of his poor choices.

Tuesday 12 December 2023

Episode 957

Maaya worries about losing Anuj as she imagines him and Anupama together. During a heated altercation in the Shah mansion, Leela chooses to leave the house.

Wednesday 13 December 2023

Episode 958

Maaya tries to find a way to calm Anuj’s anger. Elsewhere, Anupama advises Samar and Dimple to get separated from the Shah house to maintain the peace.

Thursday 14 December 2023

Episode 959

When Barkha refuses to shelter Dimple, she apologises to Leela. Elsewhere, Anuj fumes in rage as Maaya insanely tries to impress him to express her apology.

Friday 15 December 2023

Episode 960

With a wicked plot in mind, Nakul suggests to Malti Devi that he and Anupama compete in dancing. Elsewhere, Barkha incites Maaya against Anupama.

Saturday 16 December 2023

Episode 961

Vanraj asks Kavya to return home as he wants to stay with her and the baby. Meanwhile, Malti Devi gets worried when Anupama falls during her dance.

Sunday 17 December 2023

Episode 962

Nakul apologises to Anupama for doing her wrong and expresses his feelings of insecurity. Meanwhile, Pakhi plans to organise a farewell party for Anupama.

Monday 18 December 2023

Episode 963

Anuj finds Anupama injured on the streets, and carries her in his arms to her home. Later, they get emotional over staying away from each other.

Tuesday 19 December 2023

Episode 964

When Maaya notices a bindi on Anuj’s shirt, she grows furious. Meanwhile, Anupama waits anxiously for her farewell party and counts the days before leaving India.

Wednesday 20 December 2023

Episode 965

The Shahs request Kavya to stay with the family. Later, Anupama excitedly arrives at the Shahs’ house and is surprised by their grand arrangements.

Thursday 21 December 2023

Episode 966

Maaya has a nervous breakdown seeing Anuj’s arrangements for Anupama. The latter gets emotional as the Shahs enact a play of the journey of her life.

Friday 22 December 2023

Episode 967

Anupama is delighted to see Vanraj presenting her with a surprise and singing for her. Later, Anupama tells Kavya that her child deserves the Shah’s love and care.

Saturday 23 December 2023

Episode 968

Maaya grows anxious when she overhears Ankush and Anu’s conversation about Anupama. The Shahs shed tears and bid a heartfelt goodbye to Anupama.

Sunday 24 December 2023

Episode 969

Pakhi breaks down into tears to see Adhik’s abominable behaviour towards her. Later, Maaya insanely creates a scene when Anupama visits the Kapadia house.

Monday 25 December 2023

Episode 970

Kanta gets angry and slaps Maaya and blames Anuj for the humiliation that Anupama faces. Later, Anuj bursts out in rage when Maaya brazenly exceeds all the limits.

Tuesday 26 December 2023

Episode 971

An infuriated Maaya thinks of knocking down Anupama with her car. Further, Anupama decides to speak with Maaya and soothe her anxiety.

Wednesday 27 December 2023

Episode 972

Anupama consoles Maaya, and she realises her mistakes. Later, Maaya has a nervous breakdown when Anu furiously lashes out at her for ruining her life.

Thursday 28 December 2023

Episode 973

Anuj and Anupama spend time together. Maaya rushes to meet Anupama and seeks forgiveness for her misdeeds. However, an untoward incident leaves them shocked.

Friday 29 December 2023

Episode 974

Anuj is heartbroken by the accident, while Anupama holds herself responsible for Maaya’s passing. Barkha becomes dubious when Dimple causes mischief at the Shah residence.

Saturday 30 December 2023

Episode 975

Anupama becomes perplexed when Malti Devi advises her to prepare for America but Anu implores her to stay. She then accuses herself of causing Maaya’s demise.

Sunday 31 December 2023

Episode 976

Anuj informs the Kapadias that Maaya tried to save Anupama by stepping in front of the truck. Later, upon hearing their chat, Anu had a panic attack.

Malti Devi’s Challenge To Anupama

Vanraj reads a news where Dimpy confirms that Anupama broke MD’s contract. Leela says she warned them that Dimpy will destroy their house. Dimpy says she didn’t say anything wrong. Vanraj says Anupama doesn’t know a storm coming in her life. Gurumaa makes Anupama dance on Sheela Ki Jawani.. song.

At Shah house, Vanraj recalls Malti Devi/MD’s anger and tells family that Anupama shouldn’t have come as MD will not spare her. Hasmukh says guru’s curse will not go in vain. Kinjal says guru is not a guru if she curses her student. Leela says whatever it is, guru’s curse will hit Anupama for sure. Kavya says Kinjal is right, anyways she didn’t inform Samar about the incident. Leela says she did right. Toshu says Kinjal is right, MD shouldn’t have cursed Anupama. Dimpy says MD incurred losses. Toshu says Anuj will repay her losses. Dimpy says any artist wouldn’t tolerate her/his reputation being tarnished. Vanraj says when Anupama knew she is wrong, why did she return. Kavya says what else she should have done. Toshu says when Anuj can go to Mumbai behind Maaya, why can’t he go to USA. Hasmukh asks them to stop their argument, Anupama listened to her heart and it’s not wrong. Vanraj fears MD’s wrath and says whatever MD will do will affect even them. Leela asks why would suffer for Anupama’s mistake. Dimpy says Vanraj is right. Toshu says when MD will start her ire, she will not see who is coming in between. Leela hopes MD forgives Anupama. Dimpy asks what if she doesn’t.

Ankush brings coffee for Anuj and asks how is Anupama. Anuj says she is burdened by a storm of sorrows, a guilt of Maaya’s death on one side and gurumaa’s anger on the other side. Ankush says even then Anupama is worried about CA. He says he doesn’t know what MD will do now. Anuj says he will repay MD’s losses and will challenge her if she takes legal action, but will not let her harm Anupama. Ankush hopes MD forgives Anupama. Anuj says MD will attack for sure and he wants to know what is her move. Anupama hears their conversation. MD recalls Anupama’s betrayal. Nakul asks her not to get tensed as he convinced sponsors to adjust losses in future events and will make sure she incurs very less losses. MD says its not about losses, it’s about Anupama’s betrayal. Nakul says Anupama is not completely wrong. MD says even he can leave if he supports Anupama. Nakul asks where will he go leaving her as she is his guru, mother, everything. MD says Anupama is proud to be a mother, she will attack on Anupama’s motherhood now. She hyms a song and relaxes.

Next morning, Anupama performs tulsi pooja and sings a bhajan. She prays Kanhaji that he opened only 2 paths towards her, one towards her dreams and another towards her family, she chose a family path as her mind is always behind her family, she is proud of her decision and wants strength to walk on it for long and fulfill the promise made to Maaya. She prays for Maaya’s peace of soul, Anuj and CA’s happiness, Shah family’s happiness, and Gurumaa’s peace of mind. She then talks to Maaya’s photo and says her daughter is in deep sorrow with her death and she promises to get her out of her sorrow soon, says she planned something special for her daughter today.

Anupama Upcoming Episodes 

Romil gets worried seeing Adhik back at home with everyone, and thinks how did Police leave him so soon, if it is warning sign for me. Adhik thinks why he get tensed seeing me. Barkha thanks Anupama for trusting Adhik. Anupama says I stopped doubting him for once, didn’t start trusting him. Anuj says everyone is tired and says they shall rest, then shall search Pakhi. Anupama tells that I will not rest until my daughter is found. Anuj asks if you will find her, by standing here. Ankush says Anuj is right. Romil thinks what Adhik might have told Police, thinks how to go to my friend now. Anupama tells Ankush that she can’t rest. Adhik says even I can’t sleep. Ankush says we shall go to PS. Anuj says it is not needed, as they are coming here to check Pakhi’s room and check all our phones. Anupama says right. She notices Romil’s hand shaking up. Romil goes to his room to hide his fear and thinks what to do.


Anupama surprises Anuj with a rose and birthday wish for him. She wishes him happy birthday with a poetry. Anuj gets emotional and thanks her for remembering his birthday even in the saddest moment. Anupama says if we get even one moment of happiness in sad times, then we shall not miss it. She says if I love my daughter, then I love my husband very much too. She says sorry, I could do this only. Anuj says it is enough for me, and thanks her for remembering his birthday. He says I met you in Shah house, and GK told that it was my birthday and you wished me happy birthday for the first time, and I felt that my life is wishing me birthday, and even today I am feeling the same. He thanks her. Anupama says I love you, God shall give you all the happiness and give you my life too. Anuj asks him to throw party after Pakhi returns. Anupama says I will give after Sweety returns.

She ties peacock feather on his head and says my Kanhaiyya, just mine. Anuj says yes. Anupama says I am sure that we will get some good news surely. Anuj says as you said, surely it will come. She doubts Romil.

In the night, Vanraj does aarti and prays to Kanha ji, asking him not to punish his kids for his bad deeds, specially not his daughter. Anupama does the aarti in her house and asks Kanha ji to make her meet her daughter and make the festival as real festival. Anuj asks God to send Pakhi home. Romil gets a message. Adhik looks at him. Anupama, Anuj and Choti Anu do the aarti. Romil goes away from there. Vanraj gives aarti to everyone and prays to God. Anupama finds Romil missing and asks where did he go?

Vanraj prays infront of God. Anuj says yes, where did he go? Anupama says I will give him aarti and come. Kavya also prays. Romil tells his friend that he will come there, and asks him not to call him or message, and says he will only call him after reaching there. He finds Adhik standing on his door. Adhik gives prasad to Romil and says Mummy sent it, she was about to come herself, but she got the important call and that’s why I have come. He says everyone will know that it is your involvement in Pakhi’s kidnapping, then I will do something to you, that you can’t think of. Romil asks him to get lost and his hand shakes up. He thinks to leave and find some solution. He is leaving secretly and sees Anupama standing in the hall. Anupama sees his reflection in the window mirror, and sees him leaving. She recalls Romil’s lie that Pakhi went with Adhik, and recalls seeing his hands shaking. Romil leaves from the house while giving signs that he is the kidnapper, as he sneaks out secretly. She gets shocked. Vanraj and the family are still praying.
Anupama follows Romil in auto and says thinks he is a kid and she is not doubting him, but has to find out where he is going, as he was worried seeing Police. Romil is in another auto. She sees Romil getting down the auto and she also gets down. Romil calls his friend. Anupama prays to God and says my doubt shall be wrong. Romil comes to the friend’s house while anupama thinks a big riddle will be solved. Romil knocks on the door waiting for his friend to open the door. Anupama looks at him. Romil then takes out spare keys from under the pot and gets inside. He sees something and gets shocked. Anupama peeps inside the house and sees Pakhi’s hand bag kept there. She shouts Sweety and asks Romil where is my Sweety? Romil gets shocked seeing her there. Anupama checks for Pakhi’s phone in her purse, but it is not there. Romil pats on his cheeks in regret. Vanraj is leaving. Baa asks where is he going? Vanraj says I am going to search Pakhi and can’t wait anymore. Baa says we can just wait? Vanraj says he can’t leave the search on Police. Babu ji asks where you will search him? Baa says you didn’t have food since 2 days. Vanraj says this father will not die before searching her. Samar asks Vanraj
to stay at home and says we will go to search Pakhi. Toshu says her brother are alive, and we will search her.


Anupama looks at the house and says the place seems to be fine, but where is Pakhi? She turns to Romil and asks where is my daughter? Samar and Toshu sit in the car. Toshu says some people can help us to search Pakhi, but they are not good people, but if she is kidnapped then they will get information and can help us. Samar asks if it is right to take their help. Toshu says we need to search Pakhi. Samar says we will search Pakhi, and will knock anyone’s door. They leave.

Anupama tells Romil that you saw us crying, but didn’t say anything. She says we had filed Police complaint and the Police arrested Adhik, and you stayed silent. She says where is Pakhi and why you have brought her here, I need answer. She says you will not say, but I will open your mouth and will know the truth today. Romil cries worriedly. Anupama holds his collar and takes him from there.

Baa prays to God and says Anupama’s fear is right that something wrong can happen with her. babu ji asks her not to say this. Baa tells that the world is bad, everyone has this fear. Dimpy says Pakhi is very strong and will shout to shaken up the ground, if someone touches her. She says her fighting power will help her. Kavya says she has Vanraj’s anger and Anupama’s strength, and will fight back.

A girl wearing clothes like Pakhi falls on Samar and Toshu’s car. They get happy thinking she is Pakhi. They get down the car calling her Sweety, but she is someone else. The guy comes behind her holding the mobile and says shot was good. The girl tells that they were recording video for social media. Toshu scolds her for shooting reels on the road, which can turn out to be risky and dangerous, says many people dies while doing this. Samar says if he had not put brakes then her family would have searched her. The girl says sorry and goes. Samar asks if we shall tell Mummy? Toshu says she is already in stress.
Romil falls on Anupama’s feet and says listen to me once. Anupama says I had given you a chance to say, but you didn’t listen. Romil says sorry and says he didn’t want to do this. Anupama says I don’t want your sorry, but wants my daughter. She says you are seeing me yearning and dying for my daughter, and we all are restless since 2 days, but you stayed quiet and didn’t say anything. Romil asks her to listen. Anupama says you regarded you as child and kept you at our home and you have snatched our happiness. She says I used to protect you, going against Adhik and Barkha, and was forgiving your mistakes, but you didn’t feel pity on us, and stayed silent when Police was arresting Adhik. She asks why did you stay silent when Police was arresting Adhik? Romil says he did this for revenge, from Adhik and Pakhi. Anupama asks revenge for what? She asks where is Pakhi? Romil tells that since I came here, Adhik and Pakhi have been troubling me since I came in the hotel, when Adhik accused me of theft, Pakhi also blamed me. When I tried to make her understand that Adhik is manipulating her, she scolded me instead and says I wanted to teach them a lesson, and that’s why I did this prank. Anupama is shocked.

The goon tells Toshu that nobody/ his goons have kidnapped their sister, but there is a possibility of human trafficking. He says I don’t want to scare you, but seeing you have no enmity with anyone. He says I will see what to do, and goes. Samar breaks down and cries, saying nothing shall happen with any girl. Toshu says the goon had told about the possibility and is not sure, and asks him to handle himself.

Anupama asks Romil about Pakhi. Romil says he heard Pakhi warning her and then he came to know that Adhik is going to the restaurant to meet his friend and Pakhi is going to shah house. He says he got an idea then, and he made Pakhi call through his friend. His friend calls Pakhi and says he is Adhik’s friend Sunil and needs her help to plan surprise for him. He asks if you can come? Romil tells Anupama that Pakhi was refusing at first, but my friend convinced her. He says my friend asked her not to tell anything to Adhik, as it is a surprise for him. Pakhi leaves the house. Romil says I knew that she will come anywhere, as she is mad in Adhik’s love, and the same thing happened. He sees her leaving from the Anuj’s house. A fb is shown, Romil says now see my game. Fb ends. Romil says my plan was going well, and he asked his friend to lock Pakhi just as she comes, and leave her in the morning. He says we are not kidnapping her, but it is a prank. He tells Anupama that he did tit for tat, and they deserve it. He says he didn’t know where Pakhi went. Anupama gets angry on him. Anuj tells that Anupama didn’t tell anyone before going. Adhik asks where did Romil go? Anuj says I don’t care where did he go? Adhik says you shall care, you don’t trust me, but shall doubt him once. Barkha says Romil’s behavior was weird and asks him to understand that. Anupama scolds Romil and says you deserve thousand’s slaps and says one can fight with the family, but can’t take revenge. She says why today’s children thinking is small and wants to take revenge for small things. Romil says I had tried to joke. Anupama asks if this is joke and says my daughter is missing and both families are dying every moment due to your revenge. Toshu asks Samar not to worry and says Pakhi will handle any tough situation, and asks him to handle himself. Samar says she must be trying and we shall try too. He says I just hope that we find her soon.


Anupama asks Romil to tell where is her daughter? She cries and asks him to say, what did he do with her. Romil says I don’t know, I had asked my friend to lock her in the house, and I didn’t know where did she go? Anupama says you have done this prank and asks why you people don’t have the understanding of right and wrong and says there is a limit for prank, but you people don’t understand, many people have lost their lives and some goes to jail due to the prank. She asks him to say where is her daughter? She says we don’t know where is she, and asks him to think what she might be going through, and says she must be very scared, and says she doesn’t know that you people will leave her next day. She asks if you had done the same thing if she was your real sister. Anupama says a girl gets scared thinking who will come and what he will do, and that’s why she must have ran just as she got the chance. She says if anything happens to my daughter then you are responsible for it, and you can’t forgive yourself all life and will be in guilt. She prays to Kanha ji.

Anuj calls Anupama and says why her phone is not connecting. Adhik says why Romil havent come till now. Anuj asks why you are taking Romil’s name again and again. Adhik says I am sure and can give in written that Romil is involved in Pakhi’s kidnapping. Ankush tells Adhik that he can’t accuse Romil without any proofs. Barkha says we shall concentrate on the main thing. Adhik says if Romil is involved then I will not leave her.

Anupama asks Romil to call his friend and says I had gone to room, but Pakhi is not there. Anupama takes the call and says I will come there and will break your bones, and asks him to say where is Pakhi? The boy tells that after hearing about Police, I had run away from there, and asks him to check in the house and says she must have reached home. Anupama asks him to tell the truth else she will get him arrested, says this is the last chance for him. He says Pakhi was shouting a lot, so I gave her 2-3 sleeping pills mixed in water. Anupama and Romil are shocked.