Destined by Fate December 2023 Teasers


Destined by Fate December 2023 Teasers

Krishna cuts the power and disables the camera so that he can speak to Sayuri. She gathers the courage to enter the locked room and find out the truth after seeing Kuku’s fear. Coming up on Starlife Destined By Fate December 2023 Teasers.

Starlife Destined By Fate December 2023 Teasers

Friday 1 December 2023

Episode 243

According to Sayuri’s plan, she pretends to marry Vikrant to find out about her daughter. Elsewhere, Rashmi is shocked to see Krishna with Vikrant.

Saturday 2 December 2023

Episode 244

Rashmi has a nervous breakdown when she discovers Sayuri in Vikrant’s house. Elsewhere, Krishna decides to attend Vikrant and Sayuri’s wedding to get some evidence.

Sunday 3 December 2023

Episode 245

Kusum decides to leave the house as she cannot tolerate Yash’s humiliation. Later, Vikrant and Sayuri visit the temple in order to fix the wedding.

Monday 4 December 2023

Episode 246

Sayuri decides to pull out all the stops to keep her baby safe from Vikrant. Later, Krishna feels devastated when Vikrant reveals his plan to marry Sayuri.

Tuesday 5 December 2023

Episode 247

Krishna grows anxious seeing Nakul and Rashmi at the temple. Later, Rashmi has a nervous breakdown when Sayuri confronts her.

Wednesday 6 December 2023

Episode 248

Rashmi gets scared after confronting Sayuri and decides to find the truth. Later, Sayuri breaks down in tears learning about Krishna’s consent to get married.

Thursday 7 December 2023

Episode 249

Yash tells Krishna that Sayuri never married Vikrant and that she is lying about her memory loss. Soon, Krishna decides to fix everything and confronts Sayuri.

Friday 8 December 2023

Episode 250

Nakul gets enraged with Yash for interfering between him and Krishna. Meanwhile, Sayuri gets nervous, pondering about the hidden room.

Saturday 9 December 2023

Episode 251

Krishna seeks a tailors help and puts a veil on to enter Vikrant’s house. Sayuri gets surprised to see Krishna and tries to restrict Vikrant.

Sunday 10 December 2023

Episode 252

As Sayuri hints to Krishna about the CCTV cameras, the latter feels suspicious. After noticing the shoes, Vikrant runs back home and begins to interrogate the tailor.

Monday 11 December 2023

Episode 253

Rashmi asks Vidya to win the hearts of the Choudharys and Krishna. After video calling her baby and singing a lullaby to calm her, Sayuri gets a clue about the location.

Tuesday 12 December 2023

Episode 254

Krishna cuts the power and disables the camera so that he can speak to Sayuri. She gathers the courage to enter the locked room and find out the truth after seeing Kuku’s fear.

Wednesday 13 December 2023

Episode 255

Sayuri gets anxious thinking about Vikrant’s evil motives. Elsewhere, Krishna and Yash visit the house where Vikrant hid Sayuri and Krishna’s daughter.

Thursday 14 December 2023

Episode 256

Krishna introduces himself as a doctor to get entry into Faiba’s house to meet the baby. Rashmi visits Vikrant’s house and tries to find out Sayuri’s truth.

Friday 15 December 2023

Episode 257

Rashmi gets frightened as she imagines Sayuri’s return. Vikrant rages in fumes as he understands Krishna, and Yash’s intent to meet Sayuri’s baby.

Saturday 16 December 2023

Episode 258

An infuriated Vikrant tortures Sayuri and blames her for the intentional power cut. Seeing Krishna and Nakul’s happiness, Rashmi grows jealous.

Sunday 17 December 2023

Episode 259

Sayuri plans to surprise Vikrant to divert his attention and pretends to love him. Krishna gets anxious to learn about the baby after he gets a nightmare.

Monday 18 December 2023

Episode 260

Sayuri has a nervous breakdown after learning the shocking truth about the real Saachi Desai. Later, she gets critical evidence against Vikrant.

Tuesday 19 December 2023

Episode 261

Sayuri grows anxious when Vikrant informs her about his intentions to harm Krishna. Thus, she devises a plan to protect Krishna.

Wednesday 20 December 2023

Episode 262

Sayuri dons a disguise and tries to stop Vikrant from stabbing Krishna. Later, Vikrant gets suspicious as Sayuri tries to warn Krishna.

Thursday 21 December 2023

Episode 263

Sayuri tries to find a way to reach her daughter and rescue her from Vikrant’s clutches. Elsewhere, Krishna suspects that the baby is his child.

Friday 22 December 2023

Episode 264

As Krishna and Nakul get into an argument, Mausi Dadi accuses Rashmi of sowing a misunderstanding between them. Vikrant tells Faibaa to bring the baby to the wedding.

Saturday 23 December 2023

Episode 265

Krishna and Sayuri confront each other and devise a plan to rescue their daughter from Vikrant’s clutches. Elsewhere, Rashmi enters Vikrant’s house with an evil motive.

Sunday 24 December 2023

Episode 266

Rashmi enters Vikrant’s house and cuts the LPG hose pipe to kill Sayuri. Vikrant learns about Rashmi’s villainous move and threatens her to stay away from his house.

Monday 25 December 2023

Episode 267

Rashmi furiously creates a scene when Nakul questions her about the lie. Elsewhere, Krishna is overjoyed to learn about Faiba’s exact location from Yash.

Tuesday 26 December 2023

Episode 268

Krishna is shocked when he visits the temple to execute the plan. On the other hand, Sayuri grows anxious to learn about Vikrant’s plan to change the wedding venue.

Wednesday 27 December 2023

Episode 269

Faiba threatens Sayuri when she tries to find a way to inform Krishna about her location. Later, Sayuri uses Kuku to call Krishna from Vikrant’s mobile.

Thursday 28 December 2023

Episode 270

Krishna rushes to stop Sayuri and Vikrant’s wedding. Sayuri waits anxiously for Krishna while Rashmi tries to flee with the latter’s daughter.

Friday 29 December 2023

Episode 271

Krishna finds Mitthu and then explains the situation to Indrani and Nakul. As Vikrant keeps Sayuri imprisoned in his house, Krishna rushes to save her.

Saturday 30 December 2023

Episode 272

Sayuri gathers all her strength to escape from Vikrant’s clutches. Krishna gets shocked when the police bring Faiba and Kuku to the Choudhary house.

Sunday 31 December 2023

Episode 273

Rashmi fumes in anger and tries to manipulate Saroj against Mitthu and Kuku. Later, Rashmi has a nervous breakdown when Nakul takes a firm stand to find Sayuri.

Police Bring Faiba And Kuku to Chaudhry House

Yash asks Kanha why did he stop. Kanha says his mind doesn’t him to go. Yash says Sayuri is not here, they should find her before Vikrant takes her far away. Kanha leaves. Saroj refuses to hold Mithu and leaves for temple. Dhanraj apologizes Indu for Saroj’s behavior and says Saroj is confused and doesn’t know what to do. Sayuri continues to murmur Kanha. Vikrant gets angry and tries to inject her a sedative. She snatches injection and injects it into Vikrant’s neck. Vikrant falls down holding his neck. Sayuri with great strength frees herself and gets out of dark room. Vikrant thinks he will not let Sayuri escape. Sayuri ties to call from landline, but finds wire disconnected. She thinks she will reach Kanha at any cost.

Kanha with Yash continues to search for Sayuri and collapses due to weakness. Nakul holds him on time and says he will not let anything happen to him. Sayuri reaches main gate somehow and finds it locked. She loses her voice due to neck injury. She then finds a cycler repairing his cycle in front of gate and throws her bangles towards him to gain his attention. Cycler looks around and finds no one. Vikrant pulls her down and recalls how he saved himself with an antidote and says he loves her immensely and will not let her escape from him.

Rashmi thinks if Sayuri returns home, she will be ignored and hence she doesn’t want Sayuri to return. Saroj gets worried for Kanha and prays god to send him home. Nakul brings Kanha home. Saroj recalls Kanha bringing Chiru’s dead body similarly years ago and asks what happened to Kanha. Nakul says is worried for Sayuri and collapsed. He reveals that Yash is searching for Sayuri with police. Kanha murmurs Sayuri. Vikrant ties Sayuri back to a chair. Sayuri pleads him to let her go as she doesn’t love him. Vikrant gets angry and warns her to stop her drama, he will not let her go. He shuts her mouth.

Kanha wakes up and insists to go in search of Sayuri. Saroj tries to stop him. Dhanraj says let him go as he will not stop until he brings Sayuri back home. Nakul says his Laxman will also go with him. Mithu cries. Kanha holds her. Police brings Faiba and Kuku there and informs Kanha that they caught her while she was trying to escape, they surely will try to find Vikrant’s location via her. Kanha requests Faiba to reveal Vikrant’s location as he has gone mad and will harm Sayuri. Faiba recalls Vikrant’s misbehavior and agrees to reveal whatever she knows, Vikrant doesn’t reveal anything, but she will take them to 1-2 places where Vikrant can be. Kanha notices Kuku in police van and brings him out. Dhanraj asks who is this girl. Kanha says she is his friend, Vikrant’s daughter, Sayuri took care of her since a year and considers her as her daughter, he and Sayuri will adopt her if everything goes well. She introduces his Kuku to his family as her new family. Vikrant drives Sayuri to a different location. Sayuri prays god to send Kanha soon.

Destined By Fate Upcoming Episodes

Sayuri panics when she fails to arrange money for Kanha’s treatment and requests each person present at the hospital to give her money for Kanha’s treatment. Everyone deny and verbally abuse her. Chaman dances holding a lamp on Der Na Hojaye Kabhi Der Na Hojaye… song. Saroj stops Sayuri and says though Kanha is Sayuri’s husband, he is her son and she is more worried for her son and knows he will be fine soon.

Sayuri continues to panic. Rashmi tries to calm her down. Sayuri gets Chaman’s message to come and take money. She runs out of hospital bare footed injuring her feet and falls down on road. She imagines Kanha who encourages her not to lose hope. Dhanraj requests his friend to lend him money and breaks down recalling Chiru’s death. Saroj tries to comfort him. Dhanraj says he doesn’t want to lose his another son. Nurse tells them that if the money is not arranged, they should get their son discharged and shift him to some other hospital. Sayuri reaches home. Chaman shows her money bundles and asks her take them all. Sayuri thanks her for her help. Chaman says she has a condition and demands her to give her mangalsutra/Kanha in exchange of money. Sayuri is shocked and asks her to punish her or do whatever she wants to with her, but never take her husband’s name with her dirty mouth. Chaman demands Kanha and says she will get Kanha at any cost. Sayuri refuses and says she is Kanha’s Radha and will never let anyone enter his life. Chaman says without money, she can’t save Kanha and will become a widow.

Sayuri prays god to save Kanha’s life while doctors perform Kanha’s operation. Nakul informs Sayuri that Kanha’s operation was successful, but he is still unconscious. Sayuri feels happy hearing that. Choudhry’s rejoice and congratulate each other. Rashmi informs Indu over phone that Kanha’s operation was successful. Sayuri thanks god and hopes Kanha gets well soon and hugs her. Chaman walks in and warns her not to call Kanha as hers and threatens her to sign divorce papers or else she will not give money for Kanha’s further operation. She continues to threaten Sayuri. Nurse ask them to stop gathering around the ICU and disturb patient.

Choudhrys feel indebted to Chaman for saving Kanha’s life. Dhanraj says Sayuri must have pleaded him a lot to convince her. Saroj says it was necessary to save Kanha’s life. Sayuri walks to them with Chaman. Saroj emotionally hugs and thanks Chaman for saving Kanha’s life. Chaman thinks that Sayuri must have not informed family about their deal. Sayuri signals her not say anything. Chaman thinks she will be their relative soon and tells Saroj that soon she will ask something from them in return.
Rashmi listens to Sayuri’s conversation and asks what did Chaman deal with her. Sayuri recalls event and says i8ts nothing. Chaman returns. Rashmi gets afraid recalling Chaman trying to kill her. Sayuri asks her to go from there, and she runs away bumping over Tingu.


Nakul serves tea and searches for Sayuri. He notices Ammu’s multiple missed calls and messages that he will call her soon. Ammu after spending time with her client reads Nakul’s message and thinks why did he come into her life, her life is not same after his entry. Chaman warns Sayuri not to call Kanha as hers and tell he belongs to Chaman, and if she doesn’t agree, she can even punish her. She asks why didn’t she inform family about their deal. Sayuri says there is no need for that. Chaman says till when she will hide it from the family. She insists Sayuri to sign divorce papers. Kanha dreams about searching for Sayuri and Sayuri playing hide and seek with him and then going fara away from him. He opens his eyes and murmurs Sayuri. Nurse informs Choudhrys that patient gain his senses and wants to meet Sayuri. Nakul goes to call Sayuri. Sayuri stands holding divorce papers. Rashmi watches that and smirks.

Chaman forces Sayuri to sign the divorce papers. Sayuri reads the papers and gets shocked. She says that they never mentioned it in the deal she refuses to sign the papers. Judy then, Nakul comes there saying that Kanha has gained consciousness. Sayuri rushes to the room dropping the divorce papers. Sayuri comes to Kanha shd gets emotional. Ste scolds him for not taking a proper care of himself and cries seeing his confidence.

Kanha asks her not to cry and says he would be fine. Chaman fumes as Sayuri didn’t sign the papers. She wants to punish the Chaudharys but Tingu eminds her that it’s illegal and Police would arrest them. Chaman says she not only mentioned divorce but also mentioned that she should go far away from Kanha. She says it’s the reason she didn’t sign the divorce papers. Tingu says that she needs to sign the divorce papers for it . Sayuri is still crying and asks him to not repeat it. Kanha says that his health worsens when she leaves far from him. Kanha asks how did she arrange the money. Just then Nurse comes there and asks her to leave as he needs rest. Kanha falls back into sleep.


Sayuri happily says Saroj that Kanha has gained consciousness and is out of danger now. Saroj gets happy and Doctor says that he just had his surgery but he still had to get more treatments in order to recover. Chaman intervenes and says to him that they would take good care of Kanha. She indirectly reminds Sayuri that only surgery is done and more money is needed for his treatment. Tingu sneaks away when everyone is busy and Rashmi notices it. She follows him. Tingu says that until he’s alive everyone has to suffer and says that he would relieve his pain forever. He comes towards Kanha to kill him but Kanha wakes up. Tingu hides and escapes while Rashmi wonders why he went to the ICU.

Amu’s Boss is abusing Amu for not keeping Nakul in her control . She says she she doesn’t know as sltheybdidnt speak with each other. He finds missed calls from Nakul and Amu lies that she didn’t attend it as she was busy with other client. Her Boss mocks her. Everyone bless Chaman while Chaman tries to take Sayuri aside for a talk. Nakul also offers to come but Sayuri refuses.

Chaman forces Sayuri to pack her bags and leave Chaudhry house. She taunts Sayuri that always daughter is sent off, but for the first time a DIL is being sent out of the house. She warns Sayuri to get out soon as she wants to meet Kanha soon. Doctor checks Kanha and tells Saroj and Dhanraj that they can meet the patient only for 2 minutes. Kanha asks Saroj how is she. Saroj says she is fine and asks him to rest. Kanha asks about Sayuri and asks her to inform Sayuri to come and meet him. Saroj says Sayuri is tired and must be resting somewhere. Chaman drags Sayuri out of the house and tries to shut the door on her face. Sayuri stops her.

Nakul picks his phone to call Ammu when a nurse asks him to get some medicines. His phone drops on a chair. Rashmi notices his phone ringing and messages Ammu to stop calling him repeatedly. Ammu thinks why is he saying this, she has to talk to him at any cost and alert him against her boss Ravindra. Rashmi notices Nakul returning and runs away throwing it on floor. Nakul finds his phone broken on floor and thinks how will he call Ammu now as he doesn’t have her phone number. Rashmi thinks at least for some time he cannot call Ammu.


Sayuri pleads Chaman to let her stay back until Kanha gets well. Chaman says she will stop Kanha’s treatment and warns her to get out and not bother about Kanha. Sayuri prays god to protect Kanha. Bhanu takes food for Saroj and family at the hospital. Saroj thanks her. Bhanu says dear ones help each other during tough times. Dhanraj ask if children are troubling her. Bhanu says not at all. Dhanraj asks about Sayuri. Chaman enters and says Sayuri will never come again. Family looks at her confused. Chaman says she means she must be somewhere resting and insists to meet Kanha. Nakul stops her. Chaman says she will take care of Kanha from hereon. Family looks at her again. Chaman insists to meet Kanha. Saroj permits her. Chaman enters Kanha’s room and murmurs in her ears that they belong to each other now. Kanha murmurs Sayuri subconsciously. Chaman gets jealous and determines to kill Sayuri. Tingu hearing their conversation thinks he will kill Kanha instead.

Bhanu with Rashmi returns home and notices Sayuri sitting outside her house. She questions what is she doing here. Doctor informs family that Kanha can be discharged tomorrow. Tingu disguises himself as a wardboy and enters Kanha’s room to kill him. Sayuri reaches hospital and hopes Kanha is fine. Tingu switches off Kanha’s oxygen machine. Kanha gasps for air. Sayuri reaches hospital and silently walks towards Kanha’s room. Tingu stops her and asks why did she come here after singing divorce papers. Sayuri says she just wants to see Kanha. She hears machine beeping inside Kanha’s room. Tingu says its Chaman’s orders not to let her in. Sayuri says let Chaman’s orders go to hell and forcefully walks in. She notices Kanha’s gasping for air and calls for help. Chaudhry’s hear Saroj’s voice and rush towards Kanha’s room. Doctor enters with nurse and asks Sayuri to go out and let him check Kanha. Sayuri says she will not and will sit holding Kanha’s hand until he normalizes. Doctor notices machine off and asks who did it. Sayuri asks how can they be so careless and let the patient alone. Doctor questions nurse who says she went out when a wardboy informed that doctor is calling her. Doctor scolds her and assures Sayuri that such mistake will not happen again. C Sayuri refuses to leave Kanha’s room.


Tingu calls Chaman and informs her that Sayuri is sitting with Kanha holding his hand and sends pic. Chaman fumes seeing that and heads towards the hospital. Doctor asks Sayuri to go out of Kanha’s ICU room as his condition is stable now. Saroj takes Sayuri out. Daadi mausi comments that if Sayuri had stayed with Kanha and had not gone out to rest, this wouldn’t have happened. Dhanraj says Sayuri is running around since 2 days tirelessly and maybe went to rest for sometime. Sayuri says he is right. Chaman enters and signals her to come side. Sayuri says even now she is feeling weak and will go and rest. She walks to Chaman who tries to pull her mangalsutra and warns her to dare not go near Kanha again. Sayuri reveals how Kanha’s life was in danger if she had not reached him on time. Chaman spares her and pins down Tingu for not letting Sayuri save Kanha and threatens to kill him if something happens to Kanha. Ammu gets worried for Nakul and asks her friend to find out his address via her constbale friend. Friend asks if she fell in Nakul’s love. Ammu says love is not in her fate, she is just worried for his life after boss’ threat. Sayuri walks towards home thinking how to stay away from Kanha. Nakul walks to her and asks if something is bothering her. Sayuri says she feels tired and wants to go home and rest. Nakul drops her home. Next day, Kanha is discharged and brought to a different home by Tingu. Family says they want to go their house. Kanha questions about Sayuri. Rashmi taunts Sayuri what will she do now without Kanha. Sayuri gives her a befitting reply.