14th April Sunday Update on Twist is Fate Zee World

King tells Pragya that Mehra family is really tensed for her, someone is crying, someone can’t eat and someone is standing to pray in temple. He feels like a stranger among them, but they are great support. He wouldn’t have been able to handle this all alone. Disha even donated blood for her. Pragya asks about Kiara. King says he didn’t inform her not to worry her. King turns to leave as doctor has forbidden her to speak much but if Abhi comes in she must speak to him well, he was quite tensed for her.
In the hospital, Disha questions Purab that Abhi could have met Pragya before King. She is sure Pragya must have been happy as well. They know well Abhi would never fight for his life and his love, can’t they do something for him? She didn’t tell Abhi that Kiara is his daughter upon Purab’s demand.

Purab argues they aren’t sure. Disha says she is sure Kiara is Abhi’s daughter, its her heart’s verdict. Purab warns Disha that if Kiara doesn’t turn out to be Abhi’s daughter he would shatter. Abhi won’t even be able to bear that Pragya has a daughter with King. Disha breaks into cry. Purab takes her promise that she shouldn’t disclose anything about Kiara until they are sure.
In the police station, Kiara tells the police about murderer’s get up and drawing of a sketch. The inspector orders his subordinate to distribute it in every station around upon the charge of murder.
Abhi tries to speak to Disha but she still looked annoyed. King comes out and allows Abhi to meet Pragya. He goes to call home. Abhi walks into the room.
King calls the driver who informs him about being in the police station with Kiara. King forbids the driver to leave the kids alone, he will soon be there. He informs Purab he has an important task and leaves.
Abhi sits near Pragya and bends to push her hair off her face. The memories from past flash his mind. Pragya opens her eyes. Abhi complains Pragya didn’t listen to his call, she got injured and he… his family is really tensed. Dasi, Purab, Disha everyone was restless, Mitali and Raaj were worried even King was terrified and visited the nurse. Pragya asks what Abhi did. Abhi wish he could tell Pragya he was praying for return into her world, if not his. Pragya silently place her hand over Abhi’s and inquires again what he was doing? Abhi smiles that it’s been long since Pragya held his hand and that too without a fight. Pragya says she never fights intentionally.


Tannu reach the hospital thinking she must act in front of family at least. She wish to get the news of Pragya’s get when she reach there. She finds Mehra family happy and comes asking about Pragya. Everyone tells her that Pragya’s operation was successful and she is fine. Tannu asks about King, but Mitali says King left while Abhi is inside with Pragya. Tannu goes inside against everyone’s consent. Mitali regrets telling Tannu as she was sure Tannu came wanted to keep a close eye on Abhi. Pragya withdraws her hand from over Abhi’s as Tannu enters the room. Tannu explains to Pragya that she was in the temple and prayed for her. Abhi tells her to go outside, she may come after him. Tannu insists she needs to speak to Pragya, she promises not to let Pragya speak. She apologizes Pragya for inviting her to the party, she holds herself culprit of Pragya. She had been leading a happy life with her husband. Pragya gets a cough, Tannu hurries to bring water for her before Abhi. She asks Abhi about the discharge. Abhi walks out of the room. When alone, Tannu takes a seat and smiles Thanks God Pragya, how can someone survive such a huge accident otherwise?