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Wednesday Update on King of hearts 17th July

Mona cries remembering Sam. Yash comes there and asks her the reason. She says nothing. He insists and says he is like her family member. Baweja as [...]

King of hearts Thursday Update 11th July 2019

Roshni reaches DD’s house and calls her name. Naani asks what happened. She goes into kitchen, calls DD with her name and asks why she is hell bent to [...]

This is Fate Sunday Update 21 April 2019

Prithvi walks away when a person comes and he stops him asking him to go somewhere else, Manisha makes a plan to punish Karan in Jail and land him in [...]

14th April Sunday Update on Twist is Fate Zee World

King tells Pragya that Mehra family is really tensed for her, someone is crying, someone can’t eat and someone is standing to pray in temple. He feels [...]

8th April Monday Update on Twist is Fate Zee World

Tanu comes there. Abhi says I am busy and asks her to go. Just then he sees Pragya not there, as she is his imagination. He tells that he is wearing t [...]

Friday 15 Update on This is Fate

The girls return from party. Dadi tells them and Sarla that she made Janki write these three words. She says it seems Preeta or Prithvi know about the [...]
Not Without My Family April Teasers 2019 on Starlife

Not Without My Family April Teasers 2019 on Starlife

Kartik is devastated to learn about the reason behind Saumya's death. Read Not Without My Family April Teasers 2019 on Starlife.  February Teasers [...]

Monday Update on Twist Of Fate 14th Jan 2019

Aaliya asks her to bring proof if she wants to prove herself. Tanu accepts the challenge. Disha packs bag for Purab. He asks why she’s doing all th [...]

Monday Update on Iron Lady 17th December 2018

The two argues as to who will win the face off. Zara smirks and Indira swears to stop Zara and the wedding. She goes to Ammu and tries to convince her [...]
1 2 3 10 / 22 POSTS