15th April Monday Update on Twist is Fate Zee World

Abhi asks Pragya why there is no pic of her in the room, Pragya tells Abhi that this is KIng’s room, he will do as he wants. Abhi says if you need anything then tell me, she says King will take care of things. Abhi says i will leave now. Abhi leaves abruptly from the house, King’s chachi wonders what is wrong with him,

Purab and Disha follow him. Purab asks her what happened, Abhi recollects Pragya’s words and says why does she take KIng’s name when it affects me, Pragya says i had to do this to Abhi as Kiara would come anytime and he would find out her truth.

Chachi comes to check with Pragya as why Abhi left so soon, she tells her that i am elder to you, i think you and King should stay in same room, she says i am sorry if i crossed limits, Pragya says it’s fine.

Aaliya asks Tanu, why you didn’t come to talk to me, Tanu taunts saying i like to stay with intelligent people, Tanu says your plan to kill Pragya has flopped, Alaiya says everyone taunted me why i didn’t meet Pragya at hospital, Tanu says i had to so so much drama to keep myself out of it.
Aaliya asks her what happened at the Police station, Tanu says i don’t know, she tells Tanu that Abhi, Disha and Purab went to King’s house to drop Pragya, Tanu says why was King at police station, Aaliya says if it is some other matter, then its fine, but what if we both are in danger. Tanu says no one will know about our plan, Aaliya says we can’t take things lightly, we should be alert, Tanu says you are thinking to much, she leaves.

Chachi helps Pragya settle in the room, Chachi says no one informed me and Tarun about your accident, she feels bad, she says i consider you, King and Kiara as my family, Chachi hugs her and says lets bygones be bygones. She says i should not complain to you as you were injured, but i will shout at King, Kiara comes, Pragya says, won’t you hug me, King says sorry to Chachi that he didn’t inform her, Kiara is upset with her mom that she had left her mother alone at the party and she got injured, King tells Kiara that Pragya got injured after falling off stairs. Pragya thinks of her mother Sarla as how she used to take care of her if she was injured in the past. She gets emotional and says Kiara that i remembered your Nani. Kiara says something, King says Kiara can make everyone smile, Pragya says she is like her father, she wonders what will Abhi do when he finds out the truth. Kiara goes to kitchen King also makes a excuse and the room, Pragya wonders why.

King says should i call Abhi and asks him to meet him urgently. Abhi agrees.

Kiara brings soup for Pragya, makes her drink, it turns out to a kadha. Pragya says you have become good at acting like me, you are being my mother now. Kiara gives a tight hug to Pragya, she asks what happened, Kiara says i am sorry i didn’t come to meet you at hospital, she reveals that i was in police station. She says that she witness the murder of a guy, who was apparently in the same party as you were and dadda (King) said that the jhumar that feel in the party was not accident but on purpose, pragya is shocked. Pragya wonders if King investigates this matter at Abhi’s house, Abhi might soon find out that Kaira is his daughter and what if he takes her away from me. She is tensed.

Abhi was changing the dress and miss Pragya always choosing his clothes. He wonders why he couldn’t still forget her with time. He holds Fuggy in his hands and cries.
There, Pragya cries while Kiara slept in her lap. Soon her phone bell rings, it was Abhi. Both keep silence. Pragya finally utters Bye, and leaves
King sat in a bar and finds a man drinking a lot. He blamed his love but the staff forbid him from drinking anymore. He comes across Abhi who had just come into the bar. The man had punched a young man who was about to confront him. Abhi takes the drunken man outside, he notices there was love in Abhi’s eyes then why no one notice this? Abhi asks about the name of his love, he says Laila.


Laila stood at Pragya’s house. Shivangi comes to Laila and apologizes for bringing

her to Pragya’s house. Shivangi introduces her to Laila, her friend. Pragya wonders why she was staring outside the window so silently. Shivangi says she is crazy in love. Pragya warns Love is strange, it never let us unite. Pragya comes to Laila asking about his name, Laila says Qais. Some call him crazy and some as Majnoo. Laila invites everyone to come and watch their love story in theatres on 7th Sep.
The drunken man leaves. Abhi wonders why everyone call him crazy. King says love is crazy. They walk together. Abhi says when in love, everything seems beautiful. King says half of the people in the world live for hate and revenge, there is surely someone in his house who wants to hurt Pragya. They sit together. Abhi thinks about Aaliya and Tannu when King asks Abhi for some clue. King asks Abhi if it ever happened earlier that the chandelier in his house fall down. Abhi recalls an accident from the past as well. King says Abhi might be angry at his next question, but they met in jewelry shop a few days ago. If Abhi has an idea if Tannu loved the man who was Pragya’s husband. Abhi thinks he must not share the details with King. King tells Abhi that he and police fear that the person who attacked Pragya was present in his party that night. Abhi gets straight. King says a waiter John in his party knew who the culprit was, he tried to tell his brother Robin but he was killed. Abhi was shocked to hear John had been murdered. King tells Abhi he knew this details in the police station. King says it’s obvious, the one who tried to kill Pragya also killed John in a cold blooded murder. Abhi asks how King knows the details. King says his…. Abhi gets a call from Dasi who panicked about police at home. Abhi hurries home.
At home, Tannu wonders why Robin didn’t come out of his room. She comes to his room and questions if she must come to his room to ask for green tea. Robin apologizes to serve as his brother John has died, he is leaving for his village. He will surely arrange something for the house chores. He wants to pray for peace of his brother, and pray that his brother’s murderer dies a worse death. Tannu says maybe it was an accident. John says someone has seen the murder himself.Tannu stops Robin and asks him about the witness? She says the witness must have spotted the face of the murderer and may help them in police investigation. She tries to inquire about their whereabouts. Tannu says the matter is related to their family, someone might claim witness for money or fame as well. She convinces Robin to share the details of that witness. Robbin says Kiara! Tannu was shocked. Tannu recalls all the times Kiara showed a rude attitude towards Pragya. She decides to do something.
The elders were crying at home. Everyone wonder why police is even coming home. Aaliya comes there asking if Pragya again got hospitalized. Disha replies she is fine, and will remain well. Dasi scolds to Aaliya for ruining the atmosphere. Mitali says police is coming here. Abhi also reach home along with the police.The inspector was strict with his job and clarifies he came for investigation of an attempt to murder case. It’s about Pragya. He asks what she was doing here. Abhi says she was invited, Tannu invited her. The inspector wanted cross-question. He asks Abhi why King and Pragya were invited when King is Abhi’s rival. Abhi says there was a professional rivalry only taking an album. The inspector points towards Aaliya for bribing and getting Abhi’s solo photo over that album. Aaliya was offensive. Abhi tells the inspector to do his job and give them punishment as well, claim that Dasi or Purab tried to kill Pragya. The inspector asks why such soft corner for his friend’s wife, is there some feelings he hold for her? Tannu come to the hall then. READ NEXT/ TUES 16 APRIL ON TWIST OF FATE