Wednesday Update on The Promise August 29

Wednesday Update on The Promise

August 29 Episode 

Outside Jai and Bani are playing catch and cook with the blind fold, Aditya is gardening and Dadi just sitting. Aditya comments as to how the house changes when kids enter, everything is so happy and there is always something happening. Dadi asks him where Jigyasa is, since she is the actual child. He tells her that she must have gone shopping since she is 16 by behavior, when she is sad she eats a chocolate and when happy goes shopping. Dadi comments about how high maintenance Jigyasa is and how they feel sorry for Jai.


Nachiket passes the garden where all of them are and is looking very happy, Aditya teases him about meeting a girl. Jigyasa enters looking very happy. Bani has the blindfold and by mistake catches Jigyasa. Jigyasa comments about how she thought only Jai was blind in love. She continues with the reason for her being so happy which is a marriage proposal for Nachiket that she accepted. When Bani says they should ask Nachiket first and Jai agrees to it, Jigyasa says she already did so when she met him outside. She says atleast she is getting to choose one sister-in-law herself.


Inside the preparations are going on for the roka and shagun that is in the evening and Raashi is standing on a stool putting up something. Jigyasa tells Raashi not to do such things in such a state and says Rano will do it. Jigyasa then tells Rano that she shouldn’t try getting close to her second son and that spoiling one’s life was enough. She threatens Rano. The episode starts with Bani turning to go in her room when she hears a crash.She says what kind of voice is this?It is coming from the out house.She rushes to the out house to see pia half out her bed. Pia was trying to reach for the glass which was on her bedside table and could not reach it and fell.The glass was broken on the floor.Bani rushes to Pia and helps her back on the bed.Pia tells Bani water and that she is thirsty.


Dadi and Masi are fooling around about dressing up for Nachiket’s party.A guest sitting there tells Dadi she is old now.But Dadi says that’s rubbish jigyasa has been spreading these rumours because she is jealous of Dadi.Dadi tells Masi to wear some make up to the wedding so she can look like Dadi’s big sister but Masi says she is fine this way.


Jai comes with a bag saying it is 5 lakhs.This 5 lakhs is for Nachiket’s wedding he arranged for it in some way.He says Arushi is her father’s only daughter and he is spending a lot of money in this wedding and it would not look good if only they pay for the wedding and the wedding has to be a blast.Jigyasa enters saying Jai is right as Arushi is their only daughter and they will spend a lot of money.Jai tells jigyasa she is in charge of the wedding and Jigyasa is very happy to hear that and readily agrees to plan the wedding.


Rano is putting Varun to sleep and Rashi is sitting on the bed next to her.Rano tells Rashi arushi is a good girl na?Rashi says yes.She will keep nattu happy.Rashi says she is going to get her medicines and will be back when ranveer enters and tells Rashi that her medicines got over so he went and got her more.When rashi does not take them he tells her that it does not have any poison and she can check the chemist bill.She sees it.Ranveer goes and gets her a bag and gives it to her saying he saw this dress at a shop and bought it for rashi and he hopes she will wear it to Nachiket’s wedding.


Ranveer goes away and Rano thinks that a child is such a chain in a marriage that it brings the wife and husband closer.Rano says ranveer has now become a changed man and she hopes what she is seeing is true.


Ranveer goes out where Jigyasa is waiting for him and tells him good job.He says he did what she said.Jigyasa says now Rano will get jealous and we will scare Rashi so much that we will easily prove her mad and even the family will think she is mad and then Rano will be his.Ranveer goes away happily and jigyasa thinks to herself that only she knows who will end up getting who.


Jai s sitting on his chair and Bani is roaming up and down in the room in tension.She tells Jai that  she wants to tell him soething.He tells her even he wants to tell her smething. She tells him to tell her. Jai tells  bani he did not expect this from her.He had told her not to hide anything from him,but she did.Bani is stunned.He tells her she did not get her mother’s jewellery back.He tells her he got it for her and gives it to her.Bani is relieved.He tells her she sold something that was priceless for her for him and now everything will be fine.He is so glad about the wedding.He will now get back everything and he will be able to give her and the children whatever they want.He is smiling happily when Bani thinks how can I tell Jai now about Nachiket he is so happy?


Arushi’s mother is praying to God that the wedding goes well.Everyone is teasing Arushi’s mum she is glowing today.She says how can she not glow it is her daughter’s wedding after all.Arushi’s father has tears in his eyes.The guests tell him that if he is already crying in the engagement how much will he cry in her wedding?Arushi’s mother tells them that it is not his fault he loves his daughter too much.The guests tease him that he loves her a bit too much when she was young and wanted milk he got her a cow, when she wanted light he celebrated diwali.


A girl Purva is shown.She is doing all the wedding arrangements.She is called by Arushi’s family members and they ask her to not wear such a dull saree and to wear some jewellery for the wedding .They tell her not to forget she is a member of a family and she is always doing so much work even though there are so many servants.She says she likes doing the work and goes away.


In Walia mansion everyone is happy and ready waiting for Nachiket to come down. He comes down in a white suit looking dashing.Dadi tells Nachiket he is looking dashing and asks Masi to make him wear a tikka as it will save himvfrom evil eye.Jigyasa tells Masi to do the tikka as the three sisters buri nazar will lago on nachiket’s happiness.Dadi asks her to shut up and that she is always saying bad only.Bani and nachiket share an eye contact and he smiles though bani is visibly upset.


The sagai rasam starts with great celebration.The guests are telling Arushi she is not looking like before when the Walias come in.Both the families greet each other with warm hugs.Jai asks mohan whether he is late?mohan ji replies its always a pleasure waiting for jai whether it is at a business meeting or a family function.Jigyasa comes to give the joda when Arushi’s mother stops her saying in their culture the girl side makes the boy wear the joda first.Purva is called to make nachiket wear it when some guests whisper look at this they are making a widow do the rasam.In our family we dont let the widow even come close to celebrations.Purvi is sad.The guest adds that in rich familes everything is ok until they have money in their pockets.Bani is stunned.