Wednesday Update on Gangaa 2nd January 2019

Ganga goes to bring her clothes after seeking Shreya’s permission. Niru refuses to let Ganga get punishment for anyone else’s crime. I will appeal for bail in court. Shreya agrees. That is your job. We both should do our job.

Ginny tells her friends not to insult Prabha. You all will have to apologize to her. One of the friends says we just had some fun. Ginny disapproves of it. Doorbell rings. Ginny’s friends greet Prabha very sweetly with a hug. They also apologize to her. Prabha forgives them, pretending to be having a big heart. Ginny thanks her for coming. Prabha says I had to come. You begged me so much. I had no other option. Ginny has called the jeweller at home tomorrow, on the occasion of Dhanteras. Prabha makes excuses. They suggest easy options for her. Prabha thinks that they are thinking of insulting her again tomorrow.

Sagar asks Ganga why she is doing this. We had planned to tell mummy so she could stop papa. I know you are doing this to save papa, but why? I wont let you go. She requests him to let her go. I know you are angry with me but I couldn’t think of anything else. Babu was about to confess his lie but I stepped in. I got scared. Sagar decides to tell everyone that she lied. She stops him. You have my swear. You wont tell anyone anything. Sagar asks her to take her swear back. She refuses. Why don’t you understand? Babu would leave you all just like Bappa left me? Those, who don’t have Bappa, have nothing. Ask me how difficult it is to live without Bappa. He asks her if she understands what she has gotten herself into. She knows it already. I will get hanged. Babu will be saved atleast. Shreya denies. Kids, younger than 18 years of age, don’t get hanged. She will have to stay in remand home if her crime is proved. Sagar gets worried for Ganga. She says she will have to live. But remember what I told you just now. You have my swear! She takes her hand away. He is in tears. Please don’t go. He also requests Shreya but she cannot help him in this thing. Ganga walks out of the room with Shreya. Sagar looks at her sadly.

Niru is on call with Raghav ji. You should reach police station asap. We have to get bail papers ready for Ganga. He ends the call. Everyone looks at Ganga as she comes downstairs. Ganga looks at everyone’s tearful faces. She folds her hands at Niru. He pats at her head. She also greets Amma ji from a distance. Amma ji keeps staring at Ganga in shock. Shreya asks Ganga to come. We are getting late. Ganga turns to go. Amma ji calls out for her, asking her to stop. You created so much mess when you came to my house, asking for your stuff. You are leaving today. You cannot take other things with you but you can take this! Ganga is happy to see the cycle her Bappa had made for her. Sagar asks his Dadi to stop Ganga. Amma ji tells Ganga to follow what all she has taught her till date. Work for your next birth. Ganga nods. All of Sagar’s pleas to stop Ganga go unheard. Raj leaves from Chaturvedi Sadan. Sagar runs out after Ganga and Shreya. Shreya makes her sit in the police jeep. They drive off. Madhvi holds Sagar. Niru checks with Raghav ji. The bail papers are ready. He too leaves. Madhvi comforts Sagar as he shouts for Ganga.

In her room, Amma ji sits all blank. She thinks of Ganga. what justice is this God? Sagar says it isn’t justice. Your God is doing wrong. I thought He helped good people but He is too bad. Amma ji comforts him. All the problems are over. No one will eat my head now. No one will trouble me or argue with me. Ganga was all stubborn. I thought she is the most selfish and spoilt girl in the world but I was wrong! Sagar thinks of Ganga’s words. Amma ji continues, that girl proved how big she is. She made us all small. I don’t care if anyone believes it or not, I have full faith that that girl took that blame to save my NIru! She is so good. She prays to God. You know everything. Don’t let an innocent person get punished. Save Sagar’s Ganga. Please accept my prayers.

Shreya brings Ganga to her house. Ganga says this isn’t the place where I was kept earlier. Why did you bring me here? Is this a new remand home? Is it proved that I only killed Barkha Massi? Will I live here only? Shreya is amazed at her back to back questions. She offers her water. I thought you should become special investigating officer, but now I think you should become a lawyer only. This isn’t remand home but my home. Ganga asks her if she keeps all criminals at her home. Shreya smiles. Only innocent people can come here. I know you are innocent, you haven’t killed Barkha. This is why I brought you here. Ganga wonders if Babu confessed the crime. I only have killed Massi. Babu and Bhaiya are innocent. Shreya knows the truth already. Niru was doing the same to save his son. The truth is, all 3 of you are innocent. I know who the real killer is – Raj! He has killed Barkha. Ganga is amazed. How do you know?

Shreya says it is a long story. Sit. Raj lied the other day. He only booked that hotel room on phone (in Mr. And Mrs. Chaturvedi’s name). He booked it 2 days ago. He booked one room in Allahabad too. He did go there. He paid the hotel staff, asking him not to disturb him. He told his friends not to tell anyone anything. He left for Banaras. He came to the same hotel. He called Barkha and Niru there. FB shows NIru bringing Barkha to the hotel. Raj intentionally gives wrong card at the reception. He makes an excuse to arrange cash. He very smartly made Niru pay the bill. Niru is trying to talk sense to the couple when the phone rings. Barkha picks it up. It is from the reception about room payment. Raj makes excuses. Niru offers to pay it. He leaves the couple alone. Raj and Barkha talk to each other. Niru pays the bill. NIru scolds Barkha for taking such a big step. You dint think what my family would have to go through? Because of you both, there would have been so many problems! Barkha and Raj look at each other. They apologize to Niru. NIru is against secret marriage idea. Raj reasons that they had no other idea. Niru calls Barkha coward. I dint expect it from you that you will try to commit suicide. She wouldn’t have done this if Raj had come over. Raj says sorry to him. Has committing suicide ever helped anyone? You know how much I love you! She nods. I dint want to lose you. That scared me. Niru says you both proved what madness love drives one to! Barkha tells him not embarrass her any further. I think you should go home now. Di must be waiting for you. Did you break Di’s fast? Niru realises it and leaves.

Later, Raj asks Barkha why she had to do so much drama. You slit your wrist just because I refused to come to your home on Karwachauth? Did I ask you keep a fast? She speaks about her love for him but he asks her to shut up. I told you that our relation cannot go any further. My parents will never accept it. She holds his collar. Why dint you seek their permission before loving me? Why did you let this relation go ahead? He calls it her problem. She says this is what drove her to suicide. You never told me that they will never accept me. Someone knocks the door. Raj sends Barkha to check.

It is Pulkit. Raj asks Barkha not to let Pulkit come inside. Don’t tell him anything about us. She goes out to talk to Pulkit. Pulkit talks to Barkha. Why did you do it? You separated mummy and papa! They both fought because of you. Mummy left home. Barkha says I dint do anything. He blames her for having an affair with his papa. Mummy is your sister. She refuses to talk to him about all this rubbish. Go away from here. I don’t want to talk to you. Pulkit warns her before leaving. Go back to your house. Don’t try to come between my parents again. I can go to any extent to keep them together. I will kill that person! Barkha tries to clear his misunderstanding but he repeats his words. Get out of my parents’ way or I wont spare you.

Raj overhears their convo from inside. Barkha cries. Raj claps for her. You are cheating me yet blaming me? You are having an affair with Niru? She tells him to stop. How can you even think of this rubbish? He says I heard your convo with Pulkit. She replies that Pulkit had a misunderstanding. I know why you are playing this blame game. You want to get out of all this. You have married me! I wont leave you like this. You will have to live by it! I will call your parents and inform them about our relation. He tells her against it. They both get into a scuffle. She pushes him and reaches for her phone. You want to live happily after running my life. Raj looks at her. He takes out a dagger. She has her back to him as she tries calling Raj’s parents. He stabs her just then. She falls on the bed. Raj does not want police to get his finger prints.

Raj looks at the dagger. He does not want police to get his finger prints. He cleans it using his kerchief. He even deletes his number from Barkha’s phone. He makes Barkha sit on the chair. He arranges the bedsheet. He wipes the Veni Mala using the duvet before leaving.

Ganga wonders why his photo wasn’t there in the footage. Shreya shares that that part was deleted on Raj’s insistence. Do you remember he had disappeared while we were checking the footage? He made excuse of eating Paan when I had asked him about it. His lips and teeth had no marks of Paan. I got a doubt on him then only. I went directly to hotel after talking to you all. Shreya beats the guards of the hotel. She shows them Raj’s photo. They recognize him to be the same man who had paid them money to delete the recording.

Ganga is impressed. I thought you are fake police, good for nothing. But you are very smart. Why dint you arrest Raj when you know the truth? Shreya does not have a solid proof or motive for Raj to kill Barkha. You all had one or other reason to get Barkha out of your way. I only want that reason. Someone knocks at the door. A guy comes to give post-mortem report to Shreya. Shreya reads it. Ganga is confused to see her smile. Shreya has got to know the motive. Now I only want his real confession. She asks Ganga to help her. Ganga agrees to help her. I will do anything to get Barkha Massi’s killer behind jail. I wont get scared. Babu and Bappa say that the one who gets scared loses. Shreya salutes her.

Someone enters inside Chaturvedi House at night. It is Raj. It is all dark and no one can be seen. He calls out for Shreya and others. He gets no reply from anyone. She had asked me to come here only but no one is here. He notices Ganga walking forward. She is holding a gun in her hand. She points it at him. He asks her how she is here. How did you get this gun? She replies that she stole Shreya’s gun. He asks her how she got out of remand home. She says I ran away to kill you! Raj says this is a gun. It will be a problem if you fire. He tries to take it from her but she pulls it back. I don’t care. Officer said that I will get hanged even for one or more deaths. He tries to take it from her but fails. He keeps retreating as she inches closer. Stop Ganga. Don’t do it. He calls out for everyone. She says no one is at home. They all went to market. He requests her not to do it. Listen to me. He hurts his hand as he comes in contact with a piece of glass. She talks about the small wound. Now I will kill you. He looks at her in disbelief. Are you mad? How can such a small girl kill someone using a dagger? You wont be able to do it. She insists that she only has killed Barkha. I am pretty strong. I can kill you just like I killed Massi. He denies. I have killed Barkha, not you! You cannot kill anyone. You are just a kid. How can you kill someone? Now it is your turn. He gets hold of the gun. Now you know my secret. I will have to kill you like Barkha now. He fires but it turns out to be a water gun. The light comes on. Ganga laughs at him.

All the family members come out from hiding. Niru says we all know your secret. I had a doubt on you earlier only. Shreya proved it. Sagar asks Ganga if she is fine. She nods. Raj looks at Shreya. She takes the water gun from him. Good that you accepted your crime. I have recorded your confession too. Raj reasons that court wont take voice as proof. She points out that court accepts DNA report. She takes his blood sample (that piece of glass). He realises that it was kept there intentionally. He looks angrily at Ganga. Shreya shows him the glass piece. This is your blood sample. She calls out for Karan. He walks in with Police. She gives the blood sample for DNA test. I had a doubt on Raj from Day 1. I had no idea of the motive though. I knew Niru was innocent. I had to cook up false stories to prove him wrong. Being a lawyer, you could understand what all we have to do at times to solve the case. I got the reason as to why Raj killed Barkha. Her post-mortem report gave away the reason. Barkha wanted to tell everyone about her wedding but Raj was against it. It became important for her to give a name to her relationship. Barkha was pregnant. Everyone gets shocked. She wanted her baby to have its father’s name. This is what made Raj angry and he killed her. He calls it a lie. She says the truth will be proven after the DNA report. Barkha’s mother slaps Raj. She and her husband curse him for killing their daughter. NIru too is disgusted with him. I will make sure you get death penalty. Madhvi apologizes to Barkha. I thought so wrong about you. Pulkit too apologizes to her in his heart. Amma ji also feels bad for her. She went through so much and died this way.

Raj calls it a lie. Shreya gives him a tight slap. You forced me to raise my hand on you. You continue to speak even after committing such a big crime! Police arrests him. Madhvi is in tears. Niru comforts her. Barkha’s killer is behind bars now. Barkha’s parents apologize to Amma ji for being so rude. We were blinded by our pain. Amma ji tells them not to apologize. So much wrong happened with Barkha. I can understand your pain. I will always regret it. Sagar and Ganga too feel bad for thinking wrong about Barkha. Shreya says you all should be proud of Ganga. She did everything to save her family and to get the real culprit arrested. She considers all of you her everything. She even risked her life for you all. Niru, Sagar and Maharaj ji look proudly at her. Shreya salutes her. Sagar smiles. Shreya adds that Ganga can join her team if she thinks of not taking law when she grows up. We will rock together. Everyone smiles. Shreya leaves..READ THURSDAY: 3RD  ON GANGAA