Thursday Update on Gangaa 3rd January 2019

Niru tells Ganga he is so proud of her. The same pride is visible on everyone’s faces too.

Amma ji is in her room. She thinks of Ganga’s bold act. She thanks Lord. You saved us from such a big problem. For a second, my trust had wavered. I doubted my devotion. Niru adds that Ganga came as an angel just then and saved their family. She took our problem on herself. She nods. He sits down next to her. We haven’t seen God but in that bad time, Ganga came as God. You always cursed her. You called her inauspicious for our family. Today your family is all good in front of you because of her only. We don’t know what would have happened otherwise. I hope your opinion towards Ganga changes after this incident. He gets up to go but stops. You may not say anything but I understand what’s in your heart. Right now you are in a fix. I know what it is. You only pretend to be strict. Ganga is right in calling you a coconut. You are strict from outside and too soft from inside. You have a heart of gold. I only want you to give a little space to Ganga in there. She will be thrilled and you will be out of your tension. He goes from there. Tears roll down Amma ji’s cheeks. She silently folds her hands to pray.

Ganga sits atop one branch while Sagar tries to hang a rope down the tree for her. He fails to toss the rope around the branch. She teases him about it. He finally succeeds in tying a temporary swing using a tyre. He calls her a monkey. You got up but how will you get down? She climbs down the tree. You call me a monkey but don’t you know how easily a monkey can climb up and down a tree? You too should learn it now. He is not interested in learning it. She asks him if he is scared. Don’t you want to become brave? He corrects her English. He sits down first to make sure that the ropes are tight or not. Satisfied, he asks her to sit. She asks him if he checked to make sure she wont fall. He teases her by calling her fatty. He sweetly pushes it for her too. You think you are too brave? But you are number one stupid. You very easily took the blame on yourself. Don’t do it again!
What would have happened to you if that officer had not found out that Raj is a murderer? You would have to spend your entire life in remand home. Mad girl! She notices a kulfi vendor. I want to eat it. He says you just had a samosa. Now you want kulfi? They tease one another. They go to eat kulfi next.

Prabha comes home. Ratan is cutting onions. I am making your favourite dish today. Prabha asks him about his bonus. He worries her angry reaction, on finding out that he isn’t getting bonus this year. He makes excuses. She wants to celebrate Diwali grandly. He agrees to celebrate a grand Diwali this time. We will manage things, don’t worry. She is anxiously waiting for his bonus. You will give it all to me. You wont ask me where I will spend it. I wait for Holi and Diwali every year. I have so many dreams. Ratan looks tensed. She excuses herself. She gives him a hug before leaving.

Sagar and Ganga enjoy kulfi. They hear some sound. Sagar realises that this is a puppy’s voice. Ganga feels bad for the puppy. It might be in some problem. They look around. Ganga finally pulls the puppy from under a cart kept nearby. She holds it in her arms. It is so sweet. He might be having stomach ache which is why he is crying. Sagar steps back. Don’t touch it. You might get infection. What if there are some insects in his hairs? Ganga denies. He is just dirty. Should I leave it if it is dirty? I will clean him with water. She asks him to get water. He goes to bring it.

Sagar looks at Ganga playing with the puppy. This girl never listens to anyone. He takes water from a nearby stall guy and goes back to Ganga. Ganga very sweetly cleans the puppy.

Madhvi is in her room. She thinks of her conflicts with Niru; and her doubts on him and Barkha recently. Mehri comes to call her downstairs. Babu is calling you. Madhvi tells her to go. I will come you. Madhvi thinks how to go downstairs. I wont be able to face him. Madhvi feels bad for mistrusting Barkha and Niru. He was right. I couldn’t even understand him even after spending so many years with him. I cannot even say sorry to him. Niru comes upstairs. He notices her crying. What happened? She regrets doubting on him. You kept telling me about your innocence but I dint listen to you. I couldn’t understand our relation of all these years. I went all mad. Maybe it was jealousy! I cannot understand anything. Will you be able to forgive me? He hugs her. Do I have to tell you what you mean to me? I love you so much. I know you too love me a lot. The fear of losing of your love is there when you are in love. You are not to be blamed. The situation was such. But I have no complaints. Calm down. Amma ji hears this from outside. She silently thanks Lord. Niru makes Madhvi smile

Ganga thinks that the puppy is hungry. He was crying for the very same reason. Sagar goes to buy a packet of milk for the puppy. The puppy steps back as Ganga pushes forward the cup of milk. Sagar laughs. This puppy is arrogant just like you. The tea vendor advises them to make the puppy drink milk using cotton. He is too small. Ganga and Sagar do the same. Ganga still plays happily with the puppy. She doesn’t want to leave the puppy alone. It is so cold outside. Sagar worries about Dadi’s scolding. Ganga wants to take a small puppy home. She fears Amma ji’s reaction. Sagar says we will hide this matter just like we are going to hide the issue of samosa and jalebis.

Ratan shops for Diwali. Prabha is irked. She wants expensive stuff. Yash too asks for crackers. Ratan says we will celebrate eco-friendly diwali. Yash insists upon getting crackers. Prabha too clearly asks Ratan to bring crackers for her son. Ratan worries as he is short of money. Only I know how I have arranged it.

Amma ji has called pundit ji home. Should we celebrate Diwali this time? Pundit ji says she wasn’t directly from your home. There are kids in your house. How will you stop everyone? Do shuddhi of entire house. No old stuff should be kept in the house. No animals should be in the house. You can celebrate it after doing the shuddhi. Why think about the one who is gone! Amma ji nods. She also orders Madhvi to abide by pundit ji’s words. Sagar and Ganga stealthily bring in the little puppy home. Amma ji gets busy on a phone call so she misses seeing them.

Sagar watches Ganga play with the puppy. We took him in but I am scared. Dadi follows so many rules. If she sees this puppy then she will be very angry. Pulkit BHaiya had brought one puppy home once. Dadi had scolded him a lot. Ganga talks about Sheru who used to trouble Amma ji while coming from the ghaat. But I am not going to leave this puppy alone. She used to have bath again. She notices the wound in his feet. He says he got hurt on the stairs. It is paining a lot. Let us hide him somewhere. They both get thinking. She notices a box.

Amma ji tells Madhvi to make sure no animal gets inside the house. Madhvi nods. We will keep the door closed. Amma ji nods. Follow all the things religiously. She asks Mehri to clean the house properly.

Ganga makes the box comfortable enough for the puppy. She next keeps him inside. Let us keep his name. Sagar nods. He suggests English names but she is unable to even pronounce them. It should be a good name. My Bappa had a cow once. He kept her name on the sweet my mother liked. I will also name this puppy as per my favourite sweet – Jalebi Prasad. Sagar is surprised. She calls this name sweet. Sagar looks on confused. it isn’t that bad. Even Jalebi Prasad liked it too. He too plays with the puppy. The name is final. Ganga says he will live with us now. The kids smile at each other.

Amma ji gets scared when some kids burst crackers at night. She scolds the kids. She closes the window. She hears some voice. It is the voice of a dog. Where is it? Ganga hears it. I told Jalebi Prasad to keep quiet but he dint listen to me. What to do now? Amma ji goes to look but Ganga pretends to make that noise. She acts to have sprain in her leg. Amma ji looks at her intently. Why are you making sounds like these? Ganga lies to her. I wont be able to come with you to the ghaat. Amma ji agrees. Drink turmeric milk and apply some herbal paste. She is about to go out when she hears Jalebi Prasad’s voice. Ganga starts acting again. Amma ji finds her weird. She is making sound like a dog. Maybe the ghost of a dog got inside her as it is impossible for a dog to get inside my house!

Ganga goes to check on Jalebi Prasad. Sagar is already taking care of him. Ganga teases Sagar. Sagar says I am also his mother like you. ganga laughs at him. Sagar doesn’t even know he cannot be a mother. Sagar says you are right but I too worry for Jalebi Prasad. Jalebi Prasad gets scared when the kids start making noise. Ganga tells them all to be quiet. Sagar and Ganga play with Jalebi Prasad.

Yash sadly looks at his friends as they burst crackers. They ask him to join them but he instead steals some of their crackers. Ratan notices him. He confronts Yash. He also slaps Yash. You steal and then you lie? Prabha comes out of the house to see what’s happening. He tells Prabha what Ratan did. Ratan warns her not to teach wrong things to her son. He will steal bigger things tomorrow if you don’t stop him on time. He asks Yash to apologize to his friends. Prabha tries to intervene but Ratan stays put. His friends overhear their convo. They discuss about Yash taking a wrong path. Prabha asks Ratan if he is happy now. Why dint you bring crackers for your son if you want to be so great? Ratan talks about Yash stealing crackers but she refuses to accept it. He dint steal! Would he just stare if his friends enjoy? You cannot get him crackers. Yash compares Ratan to the father of other kids. Ratan advises Prabha to get back on track before it is too late. Prabha says I regret it now. I cannot live or die with you. Now I will live as per my wish. Learn to keep your wife and kid happy. Ratan leaves from there without saying anything. Prabha hugs her son.

Ganga and Sagar are playing with Jalebi Prasad. She senses that Jalebi Prasad is hungry. She keeps him back inside the box. She cups Jalebi Prasad’s face. I am going to bring milk for you. don’t come out of the box till I come back. Don’t even cry till then. Sagar too asks him to do the same. They keep the box in a corner.

Madhvi asks Maharaj ji to get milk for the kids. Ganga comes running downstairs. Amma ji asks her about her leg sprain. Sagar gets concerned. Ganga cooks up another story. Sagar asks for Prasad from Dadi. She shows him jalebis. Sagar gets excited for Ganga. She loves them. Mehri points out that Ganga cannot eat them. She is a widow after all. Everyone goes quiet. Amma ji thinks of Niru’s words (of giving Ganga some place in her heart). Amma ji agrees with Mehri. But Ganga can eat jalebis today. Everyone is surprised. Ganga asks Amma ji what if this makes her a sinner. Amma ji teases her on it. I will get the sin for allowing you to eat them after knowing everything. I will apologize to God but that’s ok. Sagar thanks his Dadi. You are too good. Ganga too calls her sweet. Amma ji gives jalebis to the kids. They go aside to eat it. They are happy that now they don’t have to eat jalebis without telling anyone. Niru and Madhvi smile seeing them. Mehri wonders what happened to Amma ji today.

Niru touches his mother’s feet. I am really lucky to have a mother like you. He looks at the kids enjoying happily. You gave such a big happiness to Ganga today by allowing her for a small thing. I cannot tell you how happy I am you. You have a heart of gold. Amma ji tells him not to praise her too much. She turns her face away to wipe her tear. She talks to Madhvi about the shuddhi. She sends Maharaj ji to bring stuff for the same. She reminds Mehri to clean the terrace. Throw away all the old stuff.

Sagar and Ganga get tensed to see Mehri heading upstairs. They leave the jalebis and run upstairs. Amma ji talks about how naughty this girl is. Niru smiles. She is also a kid like Sagar. Kids are bound to do this.

Prabha is at Ginny’s house. She is tempted to see all the jewellery. Ginny talks to Prabha in lower tones. Don’t think about gold or diamond. They have very expensive sets. You have already bought 4-5 saris. Prabha is amazed at her thoughts. How do you know what I was thinking about? Ginny says I am your old friend so I know. She gives a silver coin to Prabha. Prabha curses her fate. I got stuck with a beggar! Ginny’s friends and the jeweller asks Prabha to atleast try the sets. Prabha cannot resist trying them. Ginny keeps warning her against it. Ginny’s friends pity Prabha’s condition. Prabha takes it as an insult. I should do something!

Mehri sorts the stuff upstairs. She too hears the sound of a puppy.

Prabha tells Ginny’s friends not to feel sad for her. my husband a very big officer in railway. I was taking this silver coin for the jeweller’s sake. we buy jewellery always from our jeweller only. My husband is getting a very big bonus this time on Diwali. I can buy two sets. She selects one diamond set. Ginny looks tensed. She later asks Prabha to keep it back. You might not be carrying that much cash. Prabha tells the jeweller that she will come to buy jewellery in his showroom only. The jeweller asks her to not to talk about money. I trust Ginny ji. You can choose whatever you like. Prabha starts looking at other options. Ginny looks at her in disbelief.

Ganga and Sagar stop Mehri. She talks about the voice of a little puppy. I can hear it here. Ganga and Sagar say we cannot hear it. Mehri insists. She is about to pick the box when Ganga calls out for her. I will clean here. Mehri refuses to leave the work in between. Sagar offers to keep an eye on Ganga. Mehri knows he only supports Ganga. Why are you both interested in helping me today? Is there something else? They deny. Amma ji calls out for Mehri. Mehri finally picks up the box in which Jalebi Prasad is. Why is it so heavy? The kids look tensed. Mehri looks shocked as the box shakes on its own. The cover of the box falls. Mehri screams out in shock. She even calls out for Amma ji. READ FRIDAY ON GANGAA