Twist Of Fate Thursday Update 29 April 2021


Twist Of Fate Thursday Update 29 April 2021

Vikram thinking to win the bet. He comes to Abhi and asks for some money. Abhi asks how much money do you want for business. Vikram says just one lakh or less. Abhi laughs and asks are you paying Ranbir’s credit card bill. Vikram says its enough. Abhi says every friend is mean, I m getting cash. He hands over the money. Vikram thanks him and goes. Ranbir asks what happened, why is everyone looking upstairs. Pallavi says Vikram has a bet with her, if he takes Diwali party from Abhi, we will lose, else he will lose. Meera says if he loses, Pallavi and I will get a necklace. Daasi says he will take me to Vaishno Devi. Rhea says I m going to Paris. Ranbir says I will come along, I will also win. Pallavi says too late, we are waiting for result. Dida says I asked for US disco. Ranbir says nice, if dad wins by chance, what will he get. Dida says Rasgullas made by my hand. Pallavi says I won’t talk to him for a week. Ranbir says Dad will win, you is a miser, he doesn’t spend money, if he is betting then he would be sure to win, he is super smart, he will fool you.

Vikram comes with the money. He says Abhi has given me one lakh rupees. Ranbir says so sorry, dad has won. Vikram says Abhi just gave me these notes, its a proof that I have won the bet. Daasi asks did Abhi give you money or not. Mitali asks how can he give it, he donates money but he won’t spend money on Diwali party. Vikram says you are jealous of me, if Abhi is first best, then I m second best, like Ranbir. Ranbir says no, I have a different league. Abhi looks on and says this man lied to me, he didn’t tell me that he wants money for Diwali, I would have refused, what’s the need to send this man. He asks Vikram to give back the money. Everyone smiles. Vikram says let me have the money, else these Ghar Laxmis will make me bankrupt, I have to give them necklaces, Europe and US tickets, it will be too much, children didn’t ask for anything, so sweet. Abhi says I don’t take given money back, Diwali party will happen, I will manage the expenses for it. Everyone laughs.

Shahana waits for Prachi. Sarita says Prachi has come. Prachi asks what happened to you. Rishi says Maasi got clothes for everyone. Pragya shows the clothes for everyone. Prachi likes it. Sarita asks what was the need for the saree. Pragya says its Diwali, you have to wear new clothes. Sarita says after my husband died, no one shopped for me, thanks. Rishi thanks Pragya and goes. Sarita asks for whom is that packet. Pragya says I buy two pair of clothes always, one for Prachi and other for Prachi’s sister. Sarita says she doesn’t know how much her mum loves her. Rhea comes to Abhi and says first time, you are throwing the Diwali party, I want to know the reason. Abhi recalls Pragya.

He says one who has a sweet daughter can’t be sad, I m happy this time. She says I m happy to go for the Europe trip. He says I m happy because… He recalls Rhea’s words. He says because I m sending you away for the first time. She says I m calling Prachi’s mom, I want you to invite all of them. He says no, I will meet her personally, she wasn’t there in the restaurant. She calls Pragya and says dad and I patched up, dad wanted to invite you for Diwali party. Rhea asks Abhi to talk. Abhi says tell her to come, sorry, no means no. Rhea says he went out for some imp work. Pragya says good thing is your fight ended. Rhea says I wanted to invite you all. Pragya says Rhea is inviting us. Sarita asks how can we go, we have to do Laxmi pujan at home. Rhea says its okay, you can do puja at home and then come here, get everyone alone. Prachi signs no. Pragya says Prachi can’t come, we will try. Rhea makes Prachi talk to Abhi. Abhi asks Prachi to come for Diwali party. Prachi says I will surely come. Rhea thanks Abhi. She sees Priyanka and signs her. He asks Rhea to be happy. Pragya says I m feeling jealous, you agreed to Rhea’s dad.

Prachi says I agreed to keep his respect. Sarita and Prachi hug Pragya. Rhea comes to meet Sunny. She asks do you have good clothes. Sunny asks do you have brain, did you call me to ask about clothes, I was going to have food and then you called me, why did you call me, will you sell clothes, my dad has sent police after me. She slaps him. He says you slapped me. She says I can also slap you, everyone’s parents slap them, I have come to discuss your problem, do you have a nice suit, I m throwing a Diwali party at home, I want you to come, I can make you meet Prachi. He smiles. She says you will have to marry her, so wear good clothes, take Sita to Ayodhya on Diwali day. He asks what do I have to do. She says do as I say. He says you could have told this to me on phone. She says I could have not slapped you on phone, we will wait for you. She goes. He smiles.

Prachi and Shahana argue. Shahana says Ranbir saved you that time. Prachi says I have helped myself, I fought them. Shahana says Ranbir would have fought them and told this to you, call him. Prachi says no need, we had a fight, I m not talking to him. Shahana gets her phone. Prachi studies. Aryan and Ranbir play. Aryan asks why are you not sleeping. Ranbir asks Aryan to talk to Prachi. Aryan answers the call and says Ranbir doesn’t want to talk to you. Shahana says Prachi doesn’t want to talk to you. Aryan jokes. Shahana scolds him and ends the call. Prachi signs good to Shahana. On the phone call, Shahana tells Aryan that Prachi got a big ego, even bigger than Ranbir. Aryan argues Ranbir didn’t call them, it was Shahana who called. Shahana must clarify one thing to Prachi. Ranbir tells Aryan to turn the speaker on. Ranbir instructs Aryan a few lines. Shahana insults Aryan for not being able to think of any likes herself. Aryan and Shahana begin to argue. Prachi takes the phone while Ranbir takes the phone on other side. Prachi apologizes Ranbir who accepts the apology. Rhea comes to the hall. Ranbir hides the phone at once. Rhea asks who it was so late. Both lie it was Rocky. When Rhea leaves to sleep, Ranbir says they shouldn’t have lied. Aryan teases he will just go and tell Rhea… Ranbir stops him and offers to sleep in a single room and talk whole night. Ranbir wonders why he is hiding from Rhea, she doesn’t scold him, or Prachi? He decides he did it for himself.
Pallavi was selecting saree for Diwali party. Vikram watches the jewelry on the table and asks why she selects such old school designs, he bought her some contemporary jewelry only recently. Bee ji was offended and asks if Vikram means Pallavi’s choice isn’t the right one, he shouldn’t forget he was also Pallavi’s choice. Vikram was annoyed that Pallavi’s choice is old school because of Bee ji’s instructions. Pallavi defends Bee ji’s stance, and questions why Vikram intervenes with their matters. They go for online shopping. Ranbir laughs from behind that their women instinct is extremely strong, and daughter-mother in law duo is bonded. Vikram says soon these women will gossip against each other
Rhea complements Abhi as he walks downstairs. Rhea says she will be cautious now, as the girls might take a chance on him. Everyone from the family tease Abhi and Mira.

Mira turns to leave, Abhi stops Mira and says Mira is only here for Rhea. Mira says she is aware they were pulling Abhi’s leg, they must have done it with anyone. Abhi asks about the men, as the ladies are teasing him. The ladies convince Abhi to stay downstairs. Abhi ask Rhea about the men. Rhea signals towards the terrace. Abhi says alright, he would now go to terrace and breathe some fresh air.
Upstairs, Abhi was relieved to find the men on terrace. He was relieved to see them together. Vikram comments even lady is a Lakshmi on Diwali together. Abhi complains every woman was pulling his leg. Vikram says Pallavi and Bee ji are master. Purab blames Aaliya, while Abhi says Mitali is the strongest in the list. Ranbir and Aryan were offended as they didn’t love their mothers. Purab and Vikram wished to marry their sons as soon as possible. Aryan suggests about going downstairs and tell the ladies about them. The men now stop the boys. Abhi says if they want to live happy, they must try and keep others happy. Vikram says Pallavi even threatened to kill him. Ranbir was in a disbelief. Vikram was melodramatic and says Pallavi deterred to break her Karwa Chot fast. Purab wasn’t impressed. They leave for downstairs in the party.
Pragya was ready for Diwali celebrations. Shahana complements Pragya as she looks extremely pretty. She tells Pragya to stay besides her in the party, what if a guy teases her. Madhu also complements Pragya. Sarita hurries them for party, Mr. Mehra might be angry otherwise. Rishi brings the taxi. They turn to go outside. Pragya’s dress gets an oil stain. She asks them to go, she will follow them in a while. Sarita asks Rishi to come along. Rishi says he has an important task. Shahana was angry that they called a taxi pointlessly, they could have gone on an auto as well.

Rhea was worried and discusses with Priyanka that Sanju won’t pick up the call. Priyanka asks if she explained the plan well. Dadi comes to ask Rhea take her to the room. Rhea walks with Dadi. Priyanka was irked that Rhea is going too slow. Dadi asks Rhea to make the important call in front of her. Rhea says she will call later. Dadi asks if she got some boyfriend. Rhea denies. Dadi says she is about to die already, she should tell her about anyone. Rhea was offended and asks Dadi not to blackmail her. Abhi joins them.
Aaliya comes to party and discusses with the guests that its exciting to be late in one’s own party. She comes to Abhi who was annoyed with her being late. Aaliya tells him about Mr. Chohan who is here in the party. It’s important for their company to strike a deal with their company. She goes upstairs to get ready. Abhi thinks right now he needs to surprise Phuggi, Pragya.

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