Twist Of Fate Friday Update 30 April 2021


Twist Of Fate Friday Update 30 April 2021

Rhea comes downstairs in the party. She was stopped by Priyanka who asks if she could speak to Sanju. Rhea complements her friendship with Priyanka who is always concerned for her. The best thing is, they hate Prachi equally. Priyanka thinks she is on Rhea’s side because they target the same house, Rhea hates Prachi while she hates Prachi’s mother.
Aaliya comes to Sarika and says her dreams won’t be fulfilled here in such parties. Sarika asks what her dreams are. Aaliya says it’s to marry some rich man for sure. Sarika says its good Aaliya knows something about her, she is a gold digger and will marry rich. Sarika was introduced to Rhea by a friend and promotes her new show ‘Fitrat’.

Rhea comes to Ranbir. Ranbir asks if she is talking to him. Rhea says they live in same house and share a living room, can’t they wish Diwali to each other. She asks if it’s the lighting that’s different or something else, he looks really handsome. Ranbir says a bye to Rhea as she walks away. Back there, Priyanka stops Rhea and teases her to flirt Ranbir. She asks if Rhea is sure Ranbir loves her. Rhea says she doesn’t want her mood to be ruined.
The men come downstairs and greets Prachi and Sarita. He sends Vikram along with Purab, then says he won’t meet their mother till his image has been cleared. He tells Sarita that Rhea always takes their mom’s side, Prachi must take his side. Sarita asks him to be clear. Abhi secretively tells them that he scolded Rhea but for some reason. She thought ill for her mother, and even discussed it with Prachi’s mother. Sarita objects that Abhi is now telling Prachi here. Prachi says Abhi is right, no parent would like that their child thinks ill of her parents. Abhi requests Sarita to turn the game, they must give Prachi to him. Sarita proposes Abhi can give Rhea to her. Abhi says Rhea really likes Prachi’s mother, he won’t mind if she has to stay with her. He demands Prachi to clarify his position in front of her mom first. Sarita says she hasn’t yet arrived. Abhi tells them he also has to leave, and when he returns Prachi’s mother will be here. Sarita wonders if Abhi also found his lost wife like Pragya. Abhi explains his sister wants to introduce him to a business partner, he is going out to avoid meeting that boring man.
Abhi was met by Vikram and Purab at the door. Vikram asks their advice to make his mother and wife fight. Abhi and Purab were shocked why he wants so, doesn’t he like peace in the house. Vikram explains they turn to prosecutors for him at home. Abhi and Purab weren’t ready to give any advice. Ranbir caught Vikram who denies recognize Ranbir as a son. He says he has spoken to a lawyer to get his will ready and disown Ranbir.

 He will get him caught in a clause that he will continue to do job in the company for seven lives. Ranbir blames that Vikram’s knee operation was also a drama, to make him work. Vikram poses to be emotional and asks why he would fool everyone else. Ranbir now hugs Vikram who laughs jokingly. They father son wish each other Diwali. Vikram promises to complete his challenge, and make Bee ji and Pallavi fight.
Abhi watches Mira who was staring at him. He observes a waiter was about to hit her. Abhi comes to Mira and asks where she was lost. Mira apologizes. He wonders why she is saying sorry to him. Abhi tells Mira he has to sneak out the party for some time. He has to go and meet his wife, Pragya. Mira asks Abhi to stay for a while, Aaliya has invited a guest. He has to surprise Pragya and can go a little late. Abhi agrees. Mira silently cries it hurts that she can’t share her feelings with Abhi yet she loves him. Pragya is lucky that Abhi is still with her, though not being together.

Pragya finds Rishi on the table and asks if he is free for some time. She requests him to accompany her for some time, can he drop her to the party as she feels awkward going all alone.

Vikram comes to Pallavi and says she looks beautiful. Pallavi was happy. Vikram says some one really feels her looks doesn’t suit her anymore. Pallavi was annoyed and asks what Mummy ji just said. Vikram says Mummy ji feels the signs of age are visible on her face now. Pallavi goes to bring Mummy ji. She says Mummy ji is getting old and is getting mentally challenged as well. Vikram says Mummy ji must not have said so, at least on the day of Diwali. Mummy ji asks what she said. Pallavi held Vikram’s dress so that he couldn’t leave. Mummy ji scolds Vikram for creating misunderstanding. Pallavi says Mummy ji can never speak false against her. She values old age, as she herself is old; it doubles the sensibility in man. Mummy ji leaves them angrily. Vikram chases Pallavi. Ranbir stops Vikram and teases him that its al right, better luck next time. Vikram wonders why this mother-daughter in law is unlike normal women.

Ranbir looks for Aryan to tell him about Vikram’s loss. Shahana was staring at Ranbir. Prachi comes to ask what she finds in Ranbir. Ranbir comes to them, he apologizes for Aryan’s words. Prachi was offensive that it wasn’t Aryan’s mistake. Ranbir takes Shahana along and offers him a number of advantages if she befriends him. Prachi followed them. Shahana shakes hand with Ranbir being friends. Prachi sends Shahana to speak to Sarita Ji, she needs to speak to Ranbir all alone. Prachi threatens Ranbir to stay away and not teach her all his ills like cheating and affairs. He should maintain a distance with Shahana as well, be friend but not flirt. Rhea watches them. She feels bad for Ranbir who had to bear Prachi because of her, but they are girl-boyfriend tonight.

Aaliya held Purab’s hand and notices his ring on the finger. Purab says it seems she has got some camera in the ring. Abhi comes there and teases there can even be a micro phone in it. Aaliya was annoyed and walks away. Abhi stops Aaliya and says they always talk so dryly, he thought about a joke. Aaliya was upset and says she is always loving towards him. Abhi notices Aaliya has changed, she is upset. Aaliya tells Abhi to care for her as well, she is also a wife and a sister in the house. She is only scared to lose what’s her. Abhi returns to Purab. Purab had heard her, and says he can’t give Aaliya what already belongs to someone else. Love can never be accomplished completely. Abhi happily tells Purab that he will complete his love anyway. He leaves. Aaliya tries to stop Abhi but Purab intervenes. He tells Aaliya Abhi has gone to meet a special guest. He asks Aaliya to stay here, he will be back. Aaliya thinks if Pragya returns, Rhea will lose her happiness.

In the room, Priyanka sat on a rocking chair in the dark. She was aggressive over Shahana who parts her away from Rishi. She decides Shahana must either go away from Rishi, or this world.

Rhea and Ranbir were about to hit each other. Rhea asks Ranbir if he really loves her, or is it only her who likes him. Ranbir says at least Rhea could have said her liking would someday turn into love when he completes the task. Rhea wonders how he can love her so much, he is ready to do anything for her. What if he ceases to love her? Rhea says Ranbir actually looks handsome, everyone in the college wants to be his friend; then why me? Ranbir says Rhea is unique, like him; she wants to fly off, try, fall down but keep on going. She does what she deems right, no matter what the world thinks. She has got a natural beauty like him. She is Super Model and always win, he is Foot Ball Champion and never loses. Many girls are behind him, while she got a line of boys; they will make a power couple. Above all, he loves her. Rhea says she really likes it. She still demands a small test from him. She saw him and Prachi together on road side and spending some quality time. She needs proof that he really loves her.

Sarita was bored in the party, there is no dances and even no DJ. She enjoys the juice and asks which juice this is. Shahana laughs, its party juice.

Priyanka comes downstairs and decides to mix alcohol in Shahana’s juice. She must call her in terrace and push her down. Later, everyone would think she died of being drunk. She thinks she must try it out. She bribes a waiter and sends him to inform the girl in green dress, Shahana that Ranbir called him on the terrace. Shahana was excited to hear Ranbir’s name. She hits a woman in hurry and her dress was ruined. Priyanka thinks she will spoil Shahana’s face today, and everyone will take Ranbir’s name.

Rhea demands Ranbir to prove his loyalty to her. He is only explaining his part, but she felt cheated. Did he tell her he went out with Prachi? Ranbir says he never hid anything from her, but remembers hiding the phone last night when with Prachi on call. Rhea says doubts are lethal for relationships. Ranbir asks what he must do then. Rhea decides to think how serious Ranbir is about her.

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