Twist Of Fate Wednesday Update 28 April 2021


Twist Of Fate Wednesday Update 28 April 2021

Abhi asking Pragya to make him meet their daughter. Pragya says I will make him meet our daughter and asks him to come with her. Pragya asks if I am looking good. Abhi says yes. Prachi comes to Pragya’s room door and thinks Maa must be tired, I shall let her sleep. She goes. Pragya and Abhi come out of room. Pragya asks him to wait there and goes to Prachi’s room. She comes back and says may be she is gone. Prachi sits in taxi and is leaving when she sees Rishi trying to stop Shahana and gives her Pragya and then Prachi’s swear. Abhi asks if this is your house and tells that there is no pic of yours and daughter. Pragya says this is my house, but we shifted just. Pragya searches for Prachi’s pic, but she couldn’t find it. Abhi says its ok, I will meet her personally. Pragya asks how you will identify her. Abhi says there is a connection between father and daughter. Pragya gets message from Riya and reads it. She asks him about their daughter. Abhi says we four will meet and asks if there is fifth one. Pragya says no. Abhi teasingly says will make. Pragya smiles. He says I will come and come and signs her to come. She comes to him and hugs him.

Sarita behen comes home and is shocked to see Pragya hugging someone, she don’t see Abhi’s face. Rishi takes Shahana somewhere. Shahana blames him for kidnapping her. They argue. Priyanka comes there and asks Shahana to stay away from her boyfriend. Rishi says I am not your boyfriend. Priyanka says ex. Shahana says don’t try to make your ex as your present and tells that she knows how to treat such girls and can treat her. Priyanka says she will make him move from her way. Shahana warns her to stay away and goes holding hand with Rishi. Sarita behen is standing out and thinking. Abhi comes out and starts walking away. Sarita behen thinks he must be Pragya’s husband and thinks to see his face. Abhi calls driver and asks him to pick his car from the Fine Dine restaurant. He sits in Taxi and goes, before Sarita behen reaches there.

Prachi asks Shahana if she fights with Rishi so that nobody knows that she likes Rishi. Shahana says it is not like that and tells that she has something to tell her. Rishi hears her and tells her that he knows that man and he is not Prachi’s father.

Abhi comes home and meets Vikram. Vikram tells that he heard Aaliya and Rhea talking and tells that she was telling her something and then pacifying her. Abhi says you are thinking her wrong, Rhea is upset because of me.

Sarita behen comes inside the house and sees Pragya searching the pics. Pragya says she is searching Prachi’s pic. Sarita behen asks did some stranger come here? Pragya says no. Sarita behen says so some known man came. Pragya says I have to go to that house. Sarita behen says I will also come.

Rhea says sorry to Meera for not attending her calls. Abhi comes there and says she didn’t attend my call too. Rhea goes upset from him. Abhi says it was my mistake. Pallavi says she will be fine and asks him not to worry. Abhi tells Meera that he raised his hand on Rhea. Meera says Rhea is not serious and not upset with you. She asks him to buy a gift for him.

In the market, Sarita behen’s purse is taken by the thief. Taapsee Pannu comes there. He identifies her. Bhumi comes and catches him too. They ask him to return the purse. He returns the purse and run. Sarita behen thanks them. She says the thief tried to take advantage of my old age and tried to steal my purse. Taapse and Bhumi tell some courageous words and promotes their film. Sarita behen asks how do you know? Pragya tells about their film Saand ki Aankh. Bhumi asks them to watch their film.

Rhea coming to Priyanka and asking her to sit in the car. Priyanka asks what happened? Rhea takes the car keys and drives the car. Ranbir’s friend tells him that he will leave seeing Prachi. Ranbir asks why? His friend tells that everyone knows about Prachi and him. Ranbir says when did I ask you to leave. His friend says everyone knows that you are attracted to her. Ranbir says I will never get attracted to her. his friend asks him to tell if he is not interested as many guys are here who are interested in her. Ranbir sees Prachi and then comes to his friend asking him to stay away from Prachi and asks his friends also. He says she is a family member and he knows her. He then comes to Prachi and asks her to come with him. He takes her to the computer lab. They argue. Prachi asks him to move and is leaving. She asks why did you bring me to computer lab. Ranbir says it is good, here we can sit and talk. Prachi says do you think that your mind will work here. Ranbir says it is Chacha Chaudhary’s words, he read his book. Prachi asks you read it and tells that seems like your mind started working here. Ranbir asks her not to talk to him. Prachi says great and says the silence between us, how wonderful it will be. She says she will take his words seriously. Ranbir asks her to listen first and says we will talk, but. Prachi says why you changes the talks and says it is enough of stupidity and I can’t bear it. She is about to go. He pulls her near him and her hair get stuck in his tshirt. Music plays…She pushes him. Ranbir asks her to stay away from him. She asks what do you think about yourself etc..Ranbir says I will kiss you and then says your hand. Prachi says you want tto kiss me and says I will kill you. He asks her to be in shock and says I need your attention. He says our friends thinking that something is going on between us. Prachi asks who is saying this?
Ranbir thinks of Rhea.

Priyanka thinks of Shahana while Rhea thinks of Prachi. She stops the car suddenly. The taxi driver puts the sudden brakes and comes out of car. Priyanka asks Rhea to drive the car. Rhea drives the car. Priyanka asks Rhea to stop the car and asks what happened? Rhea tells about Abhi. Priyanka asks him to focus on her love story and asks her to throw Diwali party. She says I will manage everything, just patch up with your dad. Rhea says ok. Priyanka thinks after tomorrow, Rishi’s Maasi, Nani and Shahana will be shaken up.

Prachi asks who is thinking this? Prachi says some guests. She says we can never be together in any of the births and I hate your Casanova image. She asks how did you think that we can be together. Ranbir says I didn’t think like this. Prachi asks him to tell who is that person. Ranbir says I can’t tell you. Prachi says you are not my friend too. Ranbir thinks she is right.

Abhi is waiting for Rhea in her room. He thinks to cheer her up. Rhea comes to Abhi and recalls Priyanka’s words. She patches up with abhi. Abhi handovers Europe tickets to her. Rhea gets happy and hugs him. Abhi tells about the rules. Rhea says she will call him and goes out. Abhi says if I had known that she will agree so soon then I wouldn’t have given her a big gift. Meera asks what you will do after her marriage. Abhi says he will bring ghar jamai and will add on the family and not subtract it.

Shahana tells Rishi that priyanka doesn’t know about her. Rishi says you doesn’t know her. Shahana says she has treated many in Hoshiarpur. Pragya and Sarita behen come there. Shahana tells them about Priyanka. Sarita behen tells that they lied to her that Rishi is engaged. Shahana says ok. Rishi thinks Pragya is scared because of Priyanka.

Pallavi talks to Ranbir and tells that Abhi never gives Diwali Party since he wife left. Either Aaliya or we give the party. Ranbir says lets see if Dad convinces Chief. Priyanka is in her room and acts obsessive seeing Rishi’s pic and kisses on the pic. She says he has become of someone else and asks him not to let Shahana come inbetween us. He says you would have slapped Shahana when she held your hand, but you didn’t do anything. You will repent. She says you are just mine and smiles.

Rishi comes to Pragya in the kitchen and says Priyanka met Shahana suddenly. Pragya tells that Sarita behen lied to Priyanka about Shahana to get rid of her. She says Priyanka will do something against Shahana and the latter will not be quiet. She tells that she will talk to Shahana and asks Rishi to take care of him, says a big problem is going to come.

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