Tuesday Update on The Promise Zee World Tv November 27th


Pronita comes to Walia Mansion.. Jigs is surprised to see her and starts insulting her.. she calls her Bani … she says everyone insulted her but she is here again.. she is insulting her but suddenly realises that the family is watching so she changes her statement mid way and shows her concern for the Walias and tells her to come on time..Pia is angry at Jigs for treating Pronita like that but Rano makes her understand that we have to see all this and be on Jigs side so she does not get suspicious about us. and also Jigs has taken Bani dis identity and we have to make sure that we also give her same treatment and so we have to keep our cool. Pronita is in Jai’s room and he is angry at her. She tries to give him a towel (??) but he throws it away. She stops him from drinking and he says after two days I don’t have to put up with you or this house. She is glad that he atleast spoke to her. Its morning and Ganga wakes up and starts screaming at Rishi why he is sitting on her bed and his place is down on the floor  but Rishi assures her that nothing happened between them. Ganga  realises that she was sleeping whole night on his shoulder, he says it was like a dream for me a very beautiful dream and now that you are up, my dream is over. Ganga thinks about it.

The whole family is at the table having breakfast. The kids are complaining that they havent started packing.. Dadi’s friends are there and they tell Adi that they are not coming with them cause Dadi has decided not to go with them. Dadi tells about the new show ” Bali Umar Ko Salam” Adi and Vicky says that they have work and cannot take them. Rishi tells them that they are not going to Paris today so Adi says ok You and Ganga take Dadi for the auditions. Ganga is not happy but Rishi tells her they have the book of 1001 excuses and they will find some way out. (bechara Rishi..) Jai comes for breakfast and says he has to go for some imp work. Jigs says I’ll leave you at the door as I want to talk to you. Pronita is sad that today because of her and Jigs fight, Jai is suffering. Pia is again angry at what Jigs is done to her. Rano says we have to start with Jigs biggest weakness.

Pronita is in Jigs room and Jigs gets angry at her. Pronita says that today I found treasure here. I found Ranvirs truth.. about his frauding.. and since the family already knows her as greedy Pronita she wants to cash in at this opportunity. Jigs shouts at her but Pronita tells her that if anyone hears her calling Bani, then all the trouble she went thru for 17 yrs will be wasted. Pronita tells her that you will be amazed at what all I know and in return for my silence I want big fat sum of money. She tells Jigs that as GM, Ranvir is being doing fraud for crores of rupees. I think I should show it to Jai or Adi but nothing much will happen. So to take a bigger revenge, I will give these papers to Income tax dept and then he will go to jail and you will not be able to migrate, etc., etc.. Jigs says how much do you wnat .. Pronita tells her that since I am Bani not Pronita, I want something small.. like the Walia Mansion keys…

Jigs is shocked. She says are you mad.. but Pronita tells her that you have to choose between Ranvir and the keys. She says ok will give you but Pronita says that I dont have faith in you anymore so you have to decide. Jigs is about to hand her the keys when Pia-Rano come there. Pronita tells them that Jigs wants her to take care of the house. Pia taunts her that this was not part of the plan, but Jigs says she has no choice and gives the keys to Pronita. Pia-Rano tell Jigs that they are disappointed in her and walk of.. Pronita taunts her that her support is gone and so are the keys. She says that this is nothing compared to what happened to me last night. I could have used Ranvir as a pawn to play my game, but I am not like you. She says you look I will make sure that Ranvir walks on the right path and will confess to Jia. So now plan and scheme and do what you want. and thanks for the keys..

dadi’s are waiting for Rishi.. Rishi gets them food and Ganga is annoyed as usual. Dadi asks for water and both of them reach for the bottle.. they have an eye locking session and the dadi’s pull their leg.. Pia is happy that their plan succeeded.. but Pronita is not happy. she says that look at destiny.. Pia says I want a gift from you after all these years.. Jigs face when she handed over the keys… Jigs calls Ranvir and slaps him for frauding in the company.. but Ranvir tells her that she had only taught him to do that and not get caught and now she is mad at him. Jigs wonders that how can I tell you what really happened. She tells him that you were caught so be careful in future. She repents slapping Ranvir, and also insulted her in front of her sisters. So she decides to insult Bani by her sisters. Kasam Se.. Dadi’s and Rishi Ganga are at audition and the dadi’s are excited. Ganga says I pray that these people are not made fun of. She says that they are very innocent and you could have stopped them. Rishi tries to tell her but she dosent listen. The dadi’s sing KS title song and Ganga realises that Rishi has done that for her. She finishes off the song for them.

At the audition, they tell about the contest Bali Umar KO Salam and the winner is Dadi and her friends. Dadi thanks the organisers for the chance. She also thanks Rishi in front of everyone for encouraging them. Ganga warns him not to go on stage. Rishi is in a dilema and the judges say we want to hear you sing too. He sings kitani baaten … Ganga walks out. Rishi is disappointed. Jigs is angry and throwing Pronita’s things. She says this is Pronita doing. She calls Pia and Rano and intices them that she is insulting Bani’s memories. I stopped her. Pia is thinking.. Jigs entices them further. She says you are not saying anything but dont worry, I will .. She goes to slap Pronita and Rano stopps her.

Jigs realises that the sisters know the truth. Rano aknowledges and tells her that they will not let anyone insult their sisters. Jigs says I should have thought abt this before but dont worry I will disturb your equation again. Dont come between me and Bani. But Rano says whatever happens we are together. Jigs says I am going to enjoy more now.. Pronita says you finished your game. Now it is my turn. We will be too much for you. Our parents taught us not to do wrong to anyone but bigger wrong is to quitely suffer the injustice. So tomorrow is Karva Chaut. I shall keep the fast as Pronita Walia but break it as Bani. Jigs says I am not interested in your promises and it does not matter what you do. She says you keep the fast without even drinking water- you have to break it after you see the moon and Jai but you will keep waiting and die cause tomorrow evening 6 o clock Jai is leaving. Pronita is shocked.

Jigs tells Pronita to fast for karva chaut … she tells the three sisters abt Jai leaving the next day. He is leaving a day in advance and she says please fast and dont break it till you see Jai’s face. She says I did my job of telling you. I hop your vrat succeed. Jai is in office thinking abt Bani .. looking at the family potrait. Pronita comes there and reminds him to take his favourite painting. Jai was just imagining and he is confused what is happening. His inner self talks to him, one that always sides with Pronita. He says you still have Pronita in you somewhere. In Jai’s room, Pronita is touching Jai’s things and says I wont let you go. She stops the servant from packing Jais things. Ganga is thinking about the competition and all the previous moments with Rishi. He is looking at her. He appoloiges for singing. Ganga smiles. The dadi’s call them saying they are getting late to go home. Ganga is about to tell Rishi something, but he has already left. Rishi’s mom calls and talks about Karva chaut and tells them to come home. Ganga thinks he is not bothered that my family is leaving tomorrow. I have to fast for someone who I dont even love Jai comes and says why is my things packed. Pronita tells him not to leave. Jai screams at her and says I dont need all these things, all I want to take are Bani’s memories and I dont need to pack for that. The two sisters come there and wipe her tears. Jigs walks in and as usual taunts them… She says I came to know that you are trying to stop Jai but you are so stupid. You cannot stop even the kids. She says think something so even I can enjoy and I feel that you will yourself send Jai off..

The dadi’s are at home and celebrating. Ganga is angry at Rishi and said that why should I keep karva chaut vrat for you. and you knoiw that my family is leaving tomorrow and even then you want to take me home. Did you ask me what I want.. You always decide for me.. I thought my life will have happiness but it is just full of thorns… Pronita is thinking abt what Jai said to her and also Jigs.. and her sisters… Rano is thinking that we have to answer back to Jigs in a big way. Pia too is thinking..

Next day, Dadi has prepared the thals for all the bahus for karva chaut. Rashi tells Ganga that they should do first karva chaiut at husbands home but Rishi’s mom come and says since her family is leaving, she can stay here. Pia says sorry to Pronita for everything she has done in the past. Pronita tells her to forget everything. Pia gives her the thali and tells her to accept it as her repetence and I promise that I will help you to get Mr. Walia back.

Jai sits next to Pronita and feeds her.. It was just a dream. Rano-Jai come and take her somewhere. They are at the airport. Pia says that we are here cause Pushkar is coming. I am happy that he may help us in some way. In comes Naman – . Rano prays that now Pushkar is here too, please show us some way. and then we see Partho walking in… the sisters are shocked to see him.