Wednesday Update on The Promise Zee World Tv November 28th

Baba tries to tell Aditya the truth. He says that everyone knows her as his daughter, but there is another truth he wants to tell her. He is about to tell everyone, but Pronita tells Adi that baba also wants money for his work. Adi says what can I expect anything else from you guys.. He says thank God Jai is not here but I will give you the money. Baba is shocked at why she did that and Rano tells him I will tell you everything. Jigs comes there again and taunts her .. she says I have made arrangements so he never returns. Pronita requests Jigs to diffuse thebomb but she says that cannot be done..

Pronita tries desperately to call Pia and warn her. Pia dosent want to listen to what Pronita is saying.. she says Pushkar had to freshen up so they had to come here. Pronita tries to tell her.. not to open the door… But the reception is bad and she cannot hear her. Pushkar tries to open the door to their room… Pronita hears a blast from the other

Pushkar is trying to open the door and Pronita is trying to tell Pia not to open the door.. then there is a blast. Pia is fine and she says that it was probably some kids playing with phatakas .. Jigs tells Pronita that she was fool to believe her. She says Jai is about to leave now and I have won again. She says go and pack Jai’s bags. I am giving you this chance.. Pronita is remembering the times she spent with Jai. The family is saying farewell .. Adi says we are comming soon. Ganga is getting very emotional. Jai says I will keep coming. He tells everyone to pack properly. Rano is thinking that how can you leave Bani here and go, now that it is time for you to be together. Pronita keeps saying dont go Mr Walia… His car leaves and she comes running behind.. Rano, Pia, Pushkar all come there… Rano says we could not do anything for her. Pia says I had promised her that I will get Jai back in her life. Pushkar says we cant just stand here and do nothing. We still have 3 hrs.. we can still stop him. Bani is my best friend and I will do this for her. He said that Jai will go somewhere before leaving and I will go there.

Jai is at the kids samadhi and he is saying that I will come back soon. Pushkar is driving and he sees Jai getting in his car just as he reaches there. He tries calling him on the cell phone but there Pronita too is giving him blank calls and so Pushkar cannot get thru.. Jai is irritated that Pronita is calling him and he switches off his phone. He stops a car finally and that is not Jai’s.. Jais driver seeing the traffic jam, drives away again. Pia-Rano come there. They tell him that even if he told Jai, he will not believe. Pushkar says we cannot let Jai leave. We cannot let Bani be alone. We have to do something. Where is she? Rano says she can be only at one place…

today if he would not have married you, I would be packing my bags too. Rishi’s mom come there and says Rishi is starting a business in US with his friend and we can all go and stay there in US. Ganga is stumped… Bani is at Kali mandir and Pushkar tells her to get up and act, to stop Jai. Pronita says let him go. she says I did everything but I lost, he left me. She says he loves Bani, even though my face has changed, he could not recogines me.. Rano says even we could not recognise you even though we could feel you and that is because of Jigs lies.. Pushkar tells you are going to punish him if you let him go, so you have to go and stop him. He says that today one lie will break the cycle of lies that Jigs has spun..