Tuesday Update on The Promise Zee World July 24

Tuesday Update on The Promise Zee World

July 24 Episode 

Jai wins the land bid. By the time Ranvir comes to the meeting, it’s too late. Ranvir informs Jai that the guru is a fraud. Rano narrates what had happened the previous night and says that the guru was Aparajit Deb. Durga tells the goddess that the land will not belong to Jai. Jai is informed that the many slum dwellers reside on that land, so Jai says that he cannot evacuate them. Pia asks Dia to request Deb not to foster enmity with Jai. Deb asks his man to destroy the slums but in such a way that Jai gets blamed. Ranvir informs Jai that the slum dwellers are heading towards their home with a few politicians. Deb is pleased that Jai’s downfall has begun.

Deb informs Durga that Jai has destroyed the slums. Seeing the demonstrations on TV, Bani gets worried about her children. Durga goes inside Jai’s house despite Deb asking her not to. She steps on broken glass but is delighted to see Atharva and Krishna. She  escapes just before Rano arrives. Rano sees the bloodied footprints, and Krishna and Atharva point to Bani’s photograph. Rano scolds Pia for being selfish and asks her to take care of her child. Rano and Pia have a fierce argument. When Bani asks Deb why he didn’t tell her that Atharva is her son, he replies that she would have lost sight of her motive then. But Bani accuses him of not understanding relationships. Jai tells Ranvir to gather all details of Deb. Pia says that Deb’s three sisters are his weakness and his strength is a lady named Durga Dasgupta.

Maa scolds Durga for accusing Deb of being heartless. She tells Durga that Deb is not her own son but she shares a bond of pain with him. When Maa begins to narrate Deb’s past, he stops her. Durga apologises to Deb for hurting her but he taunts her. When Rano tells everyone about what the children said, Jai says that Bani is surely amongst them. They decide to send the blood sample for testing. The tests confirm that the blood group matches with that of Bani. Jai says that Bani will surely return someday. Ranvir comforts Rano, and just then Rashi’s photo frame breaks. Meanwhile, Dia asks Deb to forget about all enmities with Jai because Pia loves Jai a lot. Dia requests Durga to drop her son, Krishna, to the playschool, while Jai also goes to reach his children at the same time. Bani is delighted to see Atharva in school.