Wednesday Update on The Promise Zee World July 25

Wednesday Update on The Promise Zee World

July 25 Episode

Jai tells Aditya that he strongly feels Bani’s presence nearby. Ranvir apologises to Rashi’s photograph for getting carried away momentarily but grandma assures Ranvir that Rashi had willingly entrusted Rano to him. Gayu and Tanu talk about their dream boy. A boy books a big car for his boss Jai. Meanwhile, when Jai asks his kids who gave them chocolates, they point towards Bani who is sitting in her car. Jai is stunned to see her and follows her. However, he loses her trail but is very happy that his Bani is back.

Aditya asks his employee, Moksh, to trace Jai. Jai is ecstatic and gifts the new car to Moksh! A delighted Jai adjourns the meeting and asks his colleagues to spend time with their wives! Jai tells his family that he saw Bani and says that he will go to Lord Ganesha’s temple and bring her back. Gayu’s car breaks down, so she takes a lift from Moksh. Gayu is completely floored by Moksh. Durga tells Deb that she will go to Ganesha’s temple but he dissuades her from going. However, Durga remains firm about going. Meanwhile, terrorists plan to carry out a major attack in the temple.

Maa is happy to see Durga so devoted to God. An irritated Pia switches off the music system and tells Rano that she still feels Bani’s presence in the hymnd even after her death. Pia breaks the devotional song tape. Jai gets furious with Pia for speaking against Bani and goes to slap her but Aditya stops him. Jai and Bani visit the Ganesha temple where terrorists are executing their plan for a big attack.