This is Fate Thursday Update 3rd September 2020 Preeta Enters The Luthra Mansion


This is Fate Thursday Update 3rd September 2020 Preeta Enters The Luthra Mansion

Karina asks Samer and Karan to come, Sherlin thinks that she will not let any meeting go astray, Karina explains that she is the one who is in charge of the function,

she has been asked by Rakhi if they are helping her so she wants that they all help her, the boys also agree, that they will help her. Then some fans come explaining that their parties are wonderful, they also feel happy that they are going to witness the first Karwa Chow of Rishab and Sherlin, the ladies propose that they also get Karan married which angers him and he leaves. Karina to calm the situation explains that they will as soon as there is a proper proposal.
Preeta reaches the Luthra mansion, she remembers what Karan said to her that she should never think of coming back and must forget that they were ever friends, She decides to leave but thinking of what the women said that any differences that might arise will be swept away, she thinks that she should go but is worried on how she would accomplish it as Karan never wants to see her face, she sees a group of dancers then calls one dancer, explaining that she needs her help, she explains the entire situation, the dancer says that she feels blessed t help her, then going back to the car brings some clothes for her then explains that she should wear it as then she will be able to come with them to the dance floor.

Akshay explains that he had request Kartika to not keep the fast as she would not be able to bear the hunger but she had to keep it for her own desires, Dadi explains that it is the right thing as she knows of her rituals because the modern generation even ridicule the religious sentiments, so she is happy that Kartika is trying to fulfill them all.
Maira is seeing Karan from behind the corner, Rishab notices it and so feels award, he goes to her asking why she is worried, he asks if she was looking at Karan, she explains that she was looking at Karan like a fan, he explains that she should go and explain to him that she is her fan and likes him, Rishab gets worried, she immediately explains that she only likes him as a fan. Maira says that she feels Sherlin is looking for him but she is actually searching for Prithvi.
Sherlin goes to Rishab then Maira tries to leave, Samer also calls Rishab, Maira takes the photo of Karan which makes Sherlin curious of the reason she is doing it. Akshay comes asking for his help as Kartika is beating him, he explains that he will also beat him if he does not listen to Kartika.
Karan gets a call for which he leaves outside then the dancers enter, the house, he feels that it is Preeta behind the veil.
Shrishti is searching for her dress she decides to look in Preeta wardrobe, where she finds the cloth which she purchased at the Mandir, She thinks that the red clothes are worn at the karwa chow but Preeta would not have bought it then she might have been gifted it by someone at the function which is happening at the Kumkum Bhagya hall, however she is confused as it is a private thing. As they are worn by those who keep the fast, she wonders where Preeta is.
Preeta is a at the house, Karan is looking at her, she removers how they got married where he promised to always remain by his side, he comes to stand at her face, Karina ask what happened to him, and the reason why he looking like this at the dancers/
Sanjana asks what he is thinking of, she explains that he is constantly looking at them so does this mean that he has likes any one of them so they should talk with them. He leaves after which the dancers are taken inside.
Preeta sees Dadi so goes to take her blessings, the dancer explains that Preeta would ruin their function, then she explains that dadi has a resemblance to her grandmother so she wanted to take her blessing, dadi gives her blessing which brings tears in her eyes.
Kartika is trying to apologize to Akshay but he is adamant that she should not have let Karan make fun of him, he tries to leave but they bump into Maira where Samer also joins them, Maria takes Kartika away.
Maira tries to explain to Kartika that Akshay is not the right choice for him as he is not the right guy for him, she explains that he is way too much dominating, then she asks her to think of herself.
Sherlin spies on them both then she wonders why Maira is acting as if she cares a lot of Kartika, she plans to keep an eye on her as she does not want another Preeta in the house.
Bi jee scolds Shrishti to come hurriedly as otherwise the call will end, she asks her to come hurriedly, they both constipate that she is looking like a girl as otherwise she always dresses as a boy, Shrishti gets mad then she asks if she can answer the call, it is Ranuka who explains that she has postponed the interview till Diwali, and so they will have it then, Shrishti is left confused as Preeta said that she is going to the interview.

Shrishti feels that Preeta might have gone to the Luthra house. She says that she will come back soon as she has to go to her friend, then she calls Samer whom she explains that she is coming to his house, he pleads her to not come as otherwise he will be thrown out of the house, she explains the entire situation to him that she found the lunch at the side table, he gets very happy as this would mean that they would have a new start to their relation, he tries to look but she explains that they both will find out what is happening between Preeta and Karan. Samer after ending the call thinks that he would not be seen in the house if Shrishti is with him then he decides to look for Preeta by himself.
Preeta is walking with the dancers, she sees Mahesh in the bed, Preeta wonders that she would never get any chance to meet with him so goes to sit with him, she remembers what he said that he will come back to take her as the daughter in law of the Luthra family, she explains that she will wait for him as a lot has changed since his accident, she mentions that she knows that the person in the coma will not hear but it is not true when the hearts are together, she explains that she has also kept the fast so he must get up and praise her for what she has done as she is in dire need of his blessings, She apologizes that she is not able to focus on anything and not even to correct her relation with Karan as not only her but everyone needs him.
Samer is in the function when he sees Shrishti entering the party, he wonders if she has gotten mad, then he calls her asking that she hide her face, she explains that she doesn’t fear anyone and so will not cover her face, he explains that it is because Karina is also in the party and if she sees them then it will create a lot of problem, they both come and he immediately hides behind the decoration, she explains to them both that it is the first Karwa chow, of Sherlin and if they all create fuss then it will ruin their function which will spoil everything
She is about to spill that she came to find Preeta but then she thinks that it will cause problems for them all, then she explains that she came to meet Sameer, she leaves them both, Karina explains that these kind of situation results in a bad mood, they both try to focus on their party.
Prithvi enters the party in disguise, he bumps into dadi, she apologizes that she caused him to fall, she apologizes also helping him getting back up, he leaves after accepting the apology, then he goes to try and ask Sherlin to talk with him but she does not understand that it is Prithvi and scolds him ordering that he leave, he goes behind Maria then shows his face which immediately brings a smile on her face.
Sherlin leaves Maira by complaining that she doesn’t have time to waste on her, Shrishti is with Samer asking where Preeta is, she explains that everyone has not covered their faces, then he explains that the dancers have covered their faces, she asks where they all are, in the meanwhile dadi comes asking that they all go to the terrace as the moon has risen, Karina comes asking Samer to go and call the dancers, she also orders Shrishti to leave the party, Samer advises that if she wants to be in the party then must hide her face and also change her clothes.
She takes up a cloth as she does not have the clothes which she can change into, she is in the hall way then she tries to find Preeta where she wonders that she might be in Mahesh room as she would always meet him, she is thinking when she hears Karan coming so hides behind the wall in a rush.
She follows Karan who is also heading towards Mahesh’s room, Preeta touches Mahesh’s feet to take his blessings, he opens the door and gets shocked to see someone already there, he enters the room asking who she is, she does not answer, Shrishti wonders what she will do, he walks closer to her which make Preeta nervous.

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