This is Fate Friday Update 4th September 2020 Mahira wants to marry Karan


This is Fate Friday Update 4th September 2020 Mahira wants to marry Karan

Shrishti follows Karan who is also heading towards Mahesh’s room, Preeta touches Mahesh’s feet to take his blessings, he opens the door and gets shocked to see someone already there, he enters the room asking who she is, she does not answer, Shrishti wonders what she will do, he walks closer to her which make Preeta nervous.

Karan goes to Mahesh’s room and sees Preeta as a giddha dancer there. He asks her who she is but Srishti shows up with a ghungat and says that she is one of the giddha dancers before taking Preeta away.

When Srishti takes Preeta to the terrace she bumps into Rishabh.

She goes away before Rishabh realises who she is. Sammy diverts Rishabh’s attention because he realises Srishti found Preeta. Rishabh goes to talk to Karan and notices Kritika and Akshay having a fight. He wonders if everything is good between them. Kareena notices Srishti’s dress among the Giddha dancers. She asks them to reveal their faces but Preeta and Srishti escape because it is time for the Giddha dance performance. Prithvi, Srishti and Preeta dance with the Giddha dancers. However. Preeta goes unconscious during the performance just at the moment when the moon comes up. Karan shows up with a glass of water and feeds Preeta to break her fast. While everyone is distracted by Preeta, Sherlyn breaks her fast with Prithvi but he mother sees her. Kareena finds Mahira breaking her fast with Karan’s photo. Kareena promises to get Mahira married to Karan and Sammy overhears them.

Preeta goes to Renuka Sharma’s house for her interview. Renuka says she is hired to work with the Indian cricket team and she wants her to meet the Cricket Board chief. Karan also goes for the Cricket Chief’s cricket party with Rishabh and Mahira. Rishabh is the first to meet Preeta and apologises to her.

Ranuka introduces Preeta to Karan as the cricketer. She does this purposely because she knows Preeta and Karan are married but have problems. Mahira takes Karan away from Preeta and Renuka Sharma go out the see the performances. Mahira calls Kareena saying she feels like she is coming in between Preeta and Karan. Kareena asks Mahira to keep Karan away from Preeta and never leave his side. Renuka takes Preeta to the cricket board chief so she can get her appointment letter in front of Rishabh and Karan who congratulate her. Preeta calls up Srishti and tells her that she got a job. Srishti wants to tell Preeta what Sammy already informed her. She wants to tell Preeta that Kareena wants to get Mahira married to Karan. However Renuka Sharma takes Preeta away before Srishti says anything. Sherlyn leaves the Luthra house to meet Prithvi on Diwali. She remmebrs how he ended up meeting Rishabh on Karwa Chauth. She remembers how she tricked Rishabh into believing that Prithvi is a girl. Mahira asks Karan about Preeta. He says he never loved Preeta which makes Mahira happy and she begins flirting with him.

When Mahira goes to burst some cracker, Preeta and Karan bump into each other. Karan helps pick up the the diyas that fell from Preeta’s hands. Mahira sees them together and gets jealous again. She forgets she is holding a fire cracker and burns her hand Preeta offers to help her. Preeta is applying bandage on Maira, Karan comes asking that they go back to the house as the doctor is coming there, she is about to leave but then gets dizzy both Karan and Preeta take help her, they take her in the car, Preeta is with Maria on the back seat, Karan is thinking of how he bumped into Preeta in the party, he wonders what has happened to her and why he forgets all that she has done to his family so he will not forget her nature, he gets a call from Kartika whom he explains that they will be in the house very soon.
Preeta along with Karan are helping Maira to come inside the house, Preeta accidentally fulfills the ritual which a bride does when they first come into the house, Karan also twists Preeta’s hairs, Kartika is excited to show the Rangoli to everyone, then they are shocked to see that Preeta is with Karan.
Sarla comes into the house saying that she has lit all the candles, Janki is looking at her, she explains that she is looking very nice to see that Sarla is happy, Sarla says that she is very happy that Preeta has moved on, Shrishti comes exclaiming that she will not talk with her anymore, Bi jee also comes out saying that she is in a fight with them all,

she explains that she is cheating in the card games, Sarla also tries to tease Bi jee, then she asks her about Preeta to which Shrishti explains that she has went to collect the appointment letter, Janki says that she is telling a lie and Preeta is elsewhere, Sarla thinks that she might be in the Luthra house so asks Shrishti to bring the cell phone, she then asks her to stay saying that she doesnot trust her as she might tell her the excuse which she might have to make, then Janki is sent to collect the phone.
Kartika seeing the marks responds that they are the same as when a bride comes to her new house for the first time, Karina looks angrily at her, She asks Preeta why she came, Karan explains that he brought her, Karina asks Kartika to take Maira to her room, she also asks Preeta for her help, they both take her to the room, Maria explains that she has also gotten a back pain, then Preeta runs to get the bag, explaining that it is because she has suffered burning wounds.
Karina is very tensed and walking with dadi, she explains that Rishab has never talked with her in such a manner and even Karan never misbehaved with her, she now wants to do something to make Preeta leave Karan’s life, she plans to get him married, Dadi says that she told her this but she doesn’t know how she will find the [partner, Karina says that she has found a match.
Karan is in his room, he is drinking wine thinking that he will forget everything that has happened with him and Preeta, he tries to forget but ends up thinking of her, he then he get angry when he is constantly thinking of only her.
Maira asks Kartika how Preeta is so nice, Kartika explains that she is nice and was loved by everyone but certain things have happened which has changed everything creating differences that cannot be filled.
Karan is walking thinking that Preeta cannot over power him as he hates her because every time he sees her it cause anger which cannot be explained, Preeta comes up to him, they both try to avoided each other, she tries to walk way but is about to fall, he catches her, they both think of the past moments spent with each other, Karan asks Preeta to stop, he goes to her asking that she never wear heals as he will not be there to help her, she also responds that she does not need his help in saving her. Preeta also leaves very angrily from the hall.

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