This Is Fate Thursday Update 28 October 2021


This Is Fate Thursday Update 28 October 2021

Mahira exclaims that Akshay is such a nice person but she cannot understand why Preeta refuses to meddle in other peoples lives, Sherlin exclaims that she knows there is something really important which Akshay is hiding from them but they know Preeta would never stop and try to find the truth but in the proves she would be proven wrong and then no one would be able to save her from the scolding of Karina bua and then the entire family including karan would start to dislike her because this time it is the matter of his sister.

Preeta and Shrishti enter the room of Akshay and starts searching the room in order to find any clue however they are not able to meanwhile Shrishti while trying to open the wardrobe accidently drops an album, Akshay is suspicious that there is someone in the room however both Preeta and Shrishti still are searching for the clue which would prove that Akshay is not an honest person, Preeta finds his mobile however is not able to open it then she calls Shrishti and they are shocked to see that he is with another girl, Preeta exclaims how she knows who it is and her name is Ruchika, they both are still searching when Akshay comes out of the bathroom, they both get shocked seeing him so Shrishti quickly places his mobile in her pocket, however Akshay asks them to return his mobile because he knows that she has his mobile.

Sameer thinks that Kritika has unconditionally helped them however he should try to help Preeta and Shrishti however Akshay’s Mother exclaims that the breakfast would be ready really soon, Sameer heads into the kitchen and asks Kritika to prepare a tortilla that is round, Kritika gets really mad so is adamant to prepare it, Sameer hugs Akshay’s mothers exclaiming how she has taught Kritika to make them in just a day. Akshay exclaims how it was just a joke because they would not have his mobile, he exclaims how they would find it really soon then asks Preeta to give him her mobile however she says that she has left it on the table, Shrishti doesnot also give him his mobile after which he is forced to call from the landline, just as he turns Shrishti throws his mobile on the sofa, Akshay gets worried exclaiming how he had just looked at the sofa, Preeta replies that it is the same in life as they cannot prove anything without any

evidence, Akshay exclaims how they would never be able to get any proof against him because there is none, he inquiries what they are doing in his room, Shrishti and Preeta exclaim how they brought the Shugun for his wedding so Sameer starts talking which irritated them so they decided to roam around the house which is how they came into this room and he has really decorated the room and that is why they remained in the room after which he came. He thanks for coming then exclaims that they should go for the breakfast, Akshay thinks of how he is sure that Preeta and Shrishti came for something else which he has to find out.

Kritika and her mother in law come with the breakfast, her father in law also come with the vegetables which they would use to prepare the drink for Sameer, Akshay’s mother immediately heads back into the kitchen to prepare the juice, Akshay’s gets tensed because he realizes that Sameer ahs no interest in having any sort of drink, Akshay concludes that he was in the living room so that he could alert Preeta and Shrishti however he is not able to deduce what they both were searching for, Preeta wonders why he is looking at her like this because they have found the proof which they required against him, Akshay’s mother brings the juice for Sameer.

Akshay asks Kritika about how she is doing, Akshay exclaims how she is really happy because she prepared the entire breakfast with his mother, Akshay’s mother immediately exclaims how she is also her mother and there should not be any formalities. His mother hands Sameer the juice, Akshay also asks why he is waiting because he should drink it, Sameer tries to assertion how he always drinks the juice in the morning and has made it because of his health-conscious mind.

Akshay forces Sameer to explains how it would not be so bitter if he drinks it often, Sameer says that he was admiring the colour then is forced to drink the entire glass and also seeing him Shrishti also takes a glass, after finishing the breakfast they take the leave because of the work which has to be finalized.

Rakhi is really worried when Karina is inviting the guests, seeing how tensed Rakhi is she asks what has happened to which Rakhi explains how she doesnot know what is the purpose of this cocktail party because she believes that weddings should be according to the rituals of the religion, Karina exclaims that she understands the desires of the young generation and she should remember how much they enjoyed at the bachelor party of Rishab so they should also try to enjoy the functions as only then would they be able to refuse the generation gap.

Kritika along with Shrishti Sameer and Preeta are walking towards the car, Kritika asks why they had to make such a juice because now they are feeling bad, Kritika explains how she would leave for the tailor and even refuses to allow Preeta to accompany her, Preeta exclaims that she could not have done anything without the help of Sameer and Shrishti because now she has gotten the proof against Akshay as in the photos he is really close with Ruchika.

Akshay is standing from the window and after seeing Preeta leave he picks up his mobile and is shocked to see that the photos have been sent to her mobile.

Rakhi comes asking if they are not answering the call to which Karina mentions that they have not yet answered but finally when they answer Karina invites them to the cocktail party to which Akshay’s parents say how they have not been drinking so what would they do in the party, Karina exclaims how they have to enjoy even if they do not drink, Rakhi asks Karina to place the mobile on the speaker and when he also does the same then she invites them to the party exclaiming that they also have to enjoy the functions of the children, Akshay taking the mobile exclaims how he has been touched by her words so assures them of their presence in the party.

Karina exclaims how she should leave to decide what she must wear, Rakhi thinks of also inviting Sarla, she calls her exclaiming how she is upset because Sarla did not come to the Jhago Rasm so should come to the cocktail party, Sarla responds how she and Janki are going out of town because there is a Pooja and function at one of their relatives so she would not be able to come in the party, Rakhi explains how she would have to come and should come even if she is late which forces Sarla to accept her requests and says that she would come even if she is a little late.

Shrishti explains that they would not let Akshay back out from what they have taken as proof, Sameer asks them to show him the proof but when Preeta takes out her mobile she is shocked and asks Shrishti if she has send the photos because there is nothing of the sort in her mobile, Shrishti exclaims how Akshay is really smart and so has deleted the photos even before they were received in her mobile, Shrishti asks Preeta to not worry as they would make him reveal the truth in front of everyone, Preeta inquires what she meant, Shristhi explains how they would give him the truth serum just as they gave to Mahira, Sameer exclaims how it is very dangerous, Preeta responds how Akshay is also really dangerous and they would have to fight with him using any means necessary.
Akshay along with his family arrive at the party, he after meeting with Karina and Rakhi goes straight to Kritika. Rakhi responds how they younger generation doesnot waste any time which is why he went straight to Kritika.

Dadi exclaims to Karina how she desires to dance, Karina also mentions how she should dance without any worry as it is Kritika’s wedding, Akshay’s mother also mentions how she has prepared the dance with her husband and they are also Punjabi so can dance.
Akshay’s compliments Kritika on her beauty, Sameer standing in the corner thinks that he is lying because even though Kritika is beautiful he is only saying this because he is really clever.

Mahira and Sherlin looking at Sameer exclaim how he is spying on Akshay because of how he is looking at him, Sherlin explains that he is the spy for Shristhi and Preeta, Mahira responds that he is doing all this because of the love which he has for Shristhi, Mahira mentions that everyone loves someone, but the person she loves is with someone else, Sherlin explains how Karan also Preeta, Mahira asks why she has to say such things but Sherlin explains how she desires to say the truth, Mahira then leaves the hall.
Sameer comes to both Akshay and Kritika asking how they are doing, Karina comes explaining that it is his day and so he should celebrate and drink, he also offers her, but she asks him to take Kritika, she leaves when Sameer asks if she needs anything.
Shrishti and Preeta are planning about what they would do, Preeta explains how they would have to be really careful because Akshay is really smart, Preeta desires to get a solid proof but Shrishti explains how they always get a solid proof.

Karan enters the room and they both stop talking, Karan gets suspicious so asks what the subject of their discussion was because they might be talking against him, Karan says how Preeta has never exclaimed after their marriage he is a handsome person, Shristhi explains how it was not the case and Preeta was just admiring how handsome he is, karan leaves the room, Preeta takes Shrishti by her ears asking what was the reason she said all those things, Shrishti says how she only said the truth to which Preeta answers how she should not have said it because now Karan would get the attitude.

Karan once again comes back onto the room asking Preeta to help him with the arm and then exclaims how he would not have the attitude before leaving the room, Preeta and Shristhi also leave the room for the dance floor.

Akshay and Kritika come on the dance floor, Kritika meet some of her friends then asks her if she should also meet with her friends, Akshay greets her but she gets uncomfortable, Kritika friends exclaim that she has come to meet Karan Luthra.

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