This Is Fate Friday Update 29 October 2021


This Is Fate Friday Update 29 October 2021

Shristhi comes running in the hall when she hears the girl pleading with Akshay to leave her, she immediately tries to get them separated but he pushes her away, Preeta comes and after seeing him she slaps Akshay asking how did he dare do it, she explains how she would reveal his true face in front of everyone and that she also has the witness and the culprit, Shristhi apologizes to Megha saying how she thought wrong about her but now would stand by her and that she must inform every one of the truth.

Preeta is holding the hand of Akshay when Karina along with everyone ask what has happened, Preeta is furious so says to Kritika how she informed her about Akshay being a dishonest person but she refused to believe her, Preeta forces Akshay to explain the truth however he doesnot say anything, Preeta mentions how she saw him misbehaving with the girl and now when she is a witness she would not him do anything wrong, Preeta explains to karan how she knew about the low character of Akshay even before and when she tried to inform him he refused to believe her but now she has come to know how he really is, Karina stops Preeta inquiring why does she always have to blame Akshay, Shristhi also steps in saying about how she knows what kind of a person Akshay is, Karina even tries to scold her however she pleads with Karina to let her speak mentioning how she saw him with a girl when he was covering her face with his hands and that he might have done this to a lot of other girls.

Preeta once again asks him to reveal the truth however he explains that she should never try to say that he doesnot have a low character which is not the case as he only loves Kritika, Preeta is furious then explains how if he would not say the truth she would ask from Megha, Preeta questions Megha who reveals how Akshay was trying to get physical with her when they were on the dance floor and then he tried to misbehave with her, Akshay gets worried asking her to not lie as it would ruin his life with Kritika as because of the blame Kritika is also continuously crying, Preeta orders him to not say anything wrong and take his family and leave not only the life of his family but also Kritika.

Akshay tries to convince Karan however he yells at her asking him to stop because this is not right, Karna starts pushing him ordering him to leave the house however Megha stops Karan exclaiming how he should not do anything wrong with Akshay, Megha then exclaims that she was paid to blame Akshay however she cannot let the lives of two people be destroyed, Karina questions her about who paid her when she takes the name of Preeta everyone is shocked when Preeta inquires why is she saying this because she saved her from Akshay when she promised to reveal the truth about him in front of everyone, Megha exclaims how Preeta threatened her just like she is doing in front of everyone and so she took the money as she also needed it, Preeta exclaims how she is lying when Akshay and Megha are both looking at her.

Megha recalls how when she was in the hall thinking about how she would make Akshay leave her, she remembers how he followed her and even offered her money which angered her but then he confessed how he has not drank anything and even gave her money to speak a lie that would prove the lies of a girl, Akshay gave her money informing her how she should say that he was misbehaving with her but Megha exclaims that no one would believe her, Akshay then revealed his plan about how he would act as if he was misbehaving with her because they both are following them, Megha once again questions him saying that no one would believe her but he explains that when Preeta would take her outside then she must say that she was given money to blame Akshay as Preeta desires to get him married with Shristhi.

Megha and Akshay are laughing when Preeta exclaims that she has not given any money and it would be Akshay, they both get in argument when Akshay reveals that she must have paid Megha because she desires to get Shristhi married with him which is why she is trying to create mis-understanding between him and Kritika.

Karan along with his family are shocked as they are not able to believe the accusation, Sarla along with Janki just then enter the house and looks at Karan, Akshay explains how he did not desire to reveal it like this because he also thinks about the honour of a girl, Akshay reveals how he tried to not talk about anything because it was the matter of a girl however when it is about the matter of a girl he cannot remain quiet and that the truth if Shristhi desires to marry him.

Preeta gets and asking him to stop, Sameer is not able to bear it and takes him by his collar but leaves when Karina scolds him, Akshay tries to say that it is the truth however Karan mentions how he knows her and she is not of the type, Preeta asks Akshay to look at Shrishti as she is one in a million and would never even think of marrying a person like him so he must not say anything against Shristhi, Sarla asks Preeta why is she even trying to prove the innocence of Shristhi as everyone standing in the function knows about them, She demands that Akshay first talk with her as she would answer him and then questions how did he dare say such heinous things about her daughter.

Akshay’s mother exclaims how she has had enough because she thought that it is the matter of the children however she would not remain quiet because Sarla has come and scolded her son which she cannot accept, Sarla explains how she is just trying to explain how her daughter is not of such low character and would never do anything.

Akshay explains how Shrishti has questioned his character and when he is marrying Kritika she would come close to him and has even hugged him in public, he knows that it is a common practice however she came really close to him and even said Hi to him which he has not replied, Shrishti immediately tries to explain that she said Hi to him because he said that he would send the invitation card and even hugged him but it was not the case, Karina refuses to listen anything saying how she understands what they both have tried to sabotage the relation of Kritika as Shrishti had started to like Akshay and she knows that Preeta has always deceived them as she even married Karan with deceiving him.

Preeta explains that Karina is wrong because Akshay is really not an honest person and it is just not for Shristhi but also for Kritika, Karan asks Karina to wait and let everyone go after which they would talk, Rakhi also says that Karan and Preeta are talking the truth because the matter is about Kritika and Akshay and she is making the discussion about someone else, Karina says that she should say something to Preeta at which Dadi also says that she is thinking like Karina and feels Preeta tried to break the relation of Kritika and Akshay because she has desired to get Shristhi married to Akshay.

Sarla pleads with Dadi to not say the same thing because she is the elder of the house and has known both of her daughters for a lot time and knows that they cannot do anything of the sort as she has not raised them with such character, Kritika gets mad pleading with them all to stop talking because their words have caused so pain to her because she knows Preeta and also Akshay.
Dadi asks her to not say this as Shristhi herself accepted that she hugged Akshay, Sarla asks how can their thinking be so low as their families have been joined before and her daughter is their daughter in law even then they are questioning them, they have chosen to believe Akshay’s family more than her and if someone hugs another person does it mean that she desires to marry that person, Sarla asks them to say if they feel the same then she would accept it is the fault of her daughter.

Sarla starts crying when Preeta and Shrishti come to her explaining how she should stop crying because it not a matter to worry about, Sarla explains how she came to give a lot of blessings to the daughter of their house but what has happened ruined everything so she is leaving as she cannot give anymore blessings and leaves, Karan asks them to wait as he would come back after dropping Sarla after which they would continue the discussion.

Sarla asks Shristhi to call the auto when Karan comes from behind and hugs Sarla asking why is she worrying so much, Sarla explains that they were questioning Shrishti when karan explains how it should not matter what they think of Shristhi because he is also their family and the only thinks that matters is what they think of Shristhi and he knows she can never do anything of the sort, Shristhi also explains how she has not done anything and hugs Karan, after which he explains that they have become such a big family and sometimes in such families misunderstandings are created so there is nothing to worry about, he is adamant to leave them when Sarla asks him to wait while he talks with Preeta.

Sarla then turning to Preeta asks her why she took such a step when she warned her to not do anything that causes problems for them because she knew that the Luthra family would only question her and not believe anything that they say. Sarla mentions how she never wanted to say so much but was not able to resist, Preeta hugs Sarla when she asks her to take every step after due consideration as she would be questioned and if anyone raise a voice against them as a family then she would never talk with them and Sarla leaves with Karan.

Mahira is trying to convince Ramona about what Preeta has done saying that she bribed the girl which caused the problems for her when Sherlin comes and is adamant to talk with Ramona, she explains how she and Mahira made Preeta feel that Akshay is really a dishonest person but this caused problems for Preeta, Ramona asks them to think about what benefit would Preeta gain from this situation when she explains how Preeta would never get Shristhi married to him even when she knows about his truth but it means that Akshay has bribed the girl to speak against Preeta because then her reputation would be ruined and no one would believe her so she will not be able to do anything, Ramona asks them to end the call as someone has come at the door, Mahira mentions that Akshay is really smart and has ruined the reputation of Preeta.

Preeta is at the house when Akshay comes to her, she asks what he is doing when he says that Sameer was coming to talk with Shristhi when Karina stopped him so he came to her, Preeta asks him to watch what he is doing because she would not him ruin the reputation of her sister as she knows about his truth, Akshay explains how there is a quote and it narrates that if she tries to ruin his house then it would also burn her own house so he asks Preeta to understand what he is saying.

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