This is Fate Sunday Update 21 April 2019

Prithvi walks away when a person comes and he stops him asking him to go somewhere else, Manisha makes a plan to punish Karan in Jail and land him in jail, she starts to yell asking for help at which Karan gets confused and asks her as to what the matter is, she then starts to yell even loudly when the police come, they come inside and separate them both, Manisha blames Karan for taking advantage of her, Karan says that he is innocent but no one listens to him and the police arrest him, when the reporters ask him questions he gets angry and is about to hit them, they then ask questions from Manisha and she says that he did all those things that should not have be done.
Sherlin is seeing all these things and is very happy to see Karan go into Jail, she thinks of what will happen to her in laws and what will the Luthra’s think when they will come o know that Karan is in jail. She also thinks of how Rishab will react.
Rishab thinks that he doesn’t understand Prithvi as he is always following Karan and Sameer is also not able to find Karan even when he does not do anything of the sort,Mansiha looks at Sherlin who is very happy, Sameer steps in and says to the police they had some kind of misunderstanding as his brother never does anything of the sort the police do not listen and take Karan away, Prithvi says that now Karans life Is over, Sameer calls Rishab and asks him to come hurriedly as they have taken Karan, Sameer is crying and ends the call, Rishab then drives even faster as he strongly feels that something is wrong.

Shrishti is thinking of what to do and then finds Karan s plan of coming from the window the right thing, she is about to close the door when Dadi comes and ask for the remote of the television, Sarla says that she told her to go and sleep but she doesn’t listen and must have taken her mobile, Dadi gets angry and says that she must see the news as she wants to confirm if the news is true, Shrishti also request Sarla to give her the remote.
The reports make news of Karan arrest and Sarla and family is listening, they are not able to hear the news, the reporters asks the police about the punishment at which they say that he will get the same punishment, Sarla points out that it is the same hotel where Preeta was, they call her but she is not answering.
Karina asks for the remote and turns on the television, they are not able to see it and when the reporters ask questions Police says that they have to charge a case of rape and take him to the police station. The Luthra’s are not able to hear it and call Rishab but he does not pick up the phone, they then decide to head for the station.
Rishab comes and Sameer hugs him who is crying very badly, Rishab asks him about the issue at which Sameer says that they have blamed him for attempted rape and taken him to the police station, Rishab gets tensed.

Sameer tells Rishab that Karan has been accused of molestation. Rishab leaves in the car while Sameer apologetically follows. Prithvi and Sherlin mock them from behind and celebrate the destruction of Karan.
At the police station the inspector throws water over Karan’s face. He wakes up and looks around out of shock, media and police crowed them. Manisha witness to the police that she was Karan’s fan and met him for the first time in the party. He got comfortable with her for a while and insisted her to take a drink. She had forbidden him but he himself got drunk. He then asked her to help him to his bedroom, forced her in the room and touched her illicitly. Karan resisted the accusations and blamed her being a liar. The police inspector warns him to keep his mouth shut. Karan begins shouting to clarify himself.

Manisha blames Karan for attempt to rape. Karan was taken inside by the police.
In the car, Prithvi and Sherlin enjoys footages from hotel when Karan was being taken. Sherlin was excited and wished to go inside and see Karan’s condition with their own eyes. Prithvi reminds Sherlin she is Karan’s sister in law and must at least pose being sad. He himself wished to go inside the jail, Sherlin doesn’t let him go in. They play a live talk show where Karan was the topic of argument.
The hotel management come to find the board of ‘work in progress’ and wonders who placed it there. He finds the washroom door locked and opens it for Preeta. Preeta hurries outside and finds asks the doctor if he has checked Karan. The doctor inquires Preeta if she is unaware of what happened here. Preeta doesn’t listen to him and cluelessly moves towards the room where police was sealing the room. They tell Preeta that Karan has been kidnapped on charges of molestation. Preeta was tensed.
Rishab reaches the police station. Prithvi and Sherlin bend their heads down to hide themselves as his car passes by. Rishab hurries into the police station and goes straight to meet Karan in jail.
In the car, Prithvi mocks a media reporter and questions Sherlin what she thinks will happen to Karan now and what will Rishab be capable of.


In the lockup, Karan was tensed and explains to Rishab that he didn’t do anything wrong. He isn’t even lying. Rishab assures Karan he believes him and is sure Karan can’t go so cheap. In front of media outside, Rishab clarifies to the media personnel and the police that Karan is clean and always holds a distance with girls. He was sure he is being trapped and this girl is a part of this filthy plan against his reputation. The media and police were insistent that Rishab can’t bring any proof of Karan’s innocence. He asks Manisha to tell the police this is all a trap. He assures he will save Manisha’s life as well and joins his hands in front of her. The police forbids Rishab to deter the girl. Manisha begins crying. Rishab convince Manisha that his brother didn’t do anything wrong and is innocent, he requests her to witness in favor of his brother and get him freed. The police inspector orders an arrest for Rishab. Rishab shouts at everyone to put off the camera, this police have turned the law as a joke. They are protecting the false accuser and has trapped the one who is innocent. He charges over the police inspector egregiously and was sent to lock up with Karan. Karan calms Rishab down. Rishab says he couldn’t take Karan out of the jail so he himself came inside and hugs Karan.

Sherlin is depressed why Rishab did not come out as they would have loved to see his face, she asks him to shut up and then Prithvi says that he cannot as he is very happy, he also wonders if Rishab has been locked up with Karan in the lock up, Sherlin as him to stop imagining things, Sherlin asks him the whereabouts of Preeta as if she had come out then she would have co me to help her boyfriend Karan, he says that he did not break his engagement because he wants her to remain in his circle.

Mahesh and family come to the police station and ask for Rishab, the police says that they are both in the lock up because he interfered in their investigation, Inspector says that the law has changed and they both cannot do anything like this, Karina gets angry saying that they are law abiding citizens

and never use their money for anything that is wrong, The inspector gets angry and then he blames Karina for talking rubbish, Mahesh tries to stop her but he says that she will not as she knows that Karan will never do anything of the sort and they must leave them both, Mahesh takes her away.

Rakhi starts to cry and begs the inspector to free her children as Rishab has only interfered in their investigation and so he must leave them, the inspector see her face and then releases him, but he says that they cannot do the same for Karan as he has been arrested for a crime, Mahesh takes Rakhi away from the police station.
Preeta goes to the reception and then calls the house from the landline, Shrishti picks up the phone and then Preeta tells her everything, She says that she knows that Karan can never do anything of the sort and theta there is someone who is behind everything and is making Karan’s life a miserable one, Preeta gets worried, Shrishti says that she will come and then they will decide what to do, Shristhi does not listen and leaves.
Manisha requests the police personal to allow her to leave saying that she is not used to living in this situation, they all agree and then plan to send her with a lady police officer, she gets worried but they insist and she has to oblige as otherwise they will suspect her and her plan will fail, she then sits down.
Karina goes after Rishab and asks him why is so angry, he says that why did they let him come out as he wants to be with his brother, Mahesh says that he has gone and as they have come to take his brother out and not see them both in, Rakhi says that she knows this and only wants his help to take his brother out of the locker room, Karina says that they must go to their house as Dadi was very worried and when she will see them all then she will get relaxed, Rishab feels that his family is right and goes after them.