This is Fate Monday Update 7 September 2020


This is Fate Monday Update 7 September 2020

Preeta is with Sarla, she is applying clothes to her forehead, Sarla says that she is alright and they both must go and sleep, Preeta says that she is aware of her nature so should not ask her to go back,

Shrishti also is adamant to sit with her, they both try to Sleep, Preeta starts to cry thinking that she will not go near the Luthra house, Sarla assures that she knows Preeta will not go near the Luthra house.
Sherlin is looking at Rishab while he is sleeping, he wakes up asking the reason she was looking at him, she explains that she feels he doesn’t have any time for her as he comes home late and immediately goes to sleep, Rishab also apologizes as he has been very busy with the office work, She thinks that she meant that he get up and leave the house so she can find the keys to get to the locker. She advises that he get up as she will bring tea for him so that he can leave for the office, Rishab asks what she meant, she explains that she said this because it is his routine and so she only wanted him to get ready, he thinks that he will leave after talking with Karan regarding Preeta.

Karan is sleeping in his bed when Preeta stops the sun with her dupatta, he wakes up getting happy seeing that she is caring for him, he gets up from the bed coming near to Preeta, she tries to leave however he pulls her back, asking her to accept everything, she leaves after which he gets up from his dream. He wonders why he is not able to forget her and the reason she comes into his dreams, he takes a glass of water thinking of what has happened.
Everyone is in the house, Preeta asks to do the work and she should have the breakfast, Janki denies it but they both explain that the breakfast is very important, there is someone on the door, Shrishti asks Preeta to open the door, she opens it to find that it is Prithvi, they all get shocked to see him standing at the door, when the ask the reason he explain that Sarla called him as she has something important to talk with him.

Prithvi explains that he came because Sarla had something to talk with him, Preeta gets confused, he asks if he should leave, then Preeta asks him to come in, he explains that he called Sarla to wish her Diwali when he felt that she was not well so she mentioned that she was not well, Shrishti doesn’t agree saying that it is not possible because she did not even tell them both of her illness, Prithvi explains that she did not want to worry them so only told him, he asks if he can meet her Janki agrees to take him indie the room.
When they both leave Shrishti esquires what has happened, Shrishti asks that she did not tell them and told him, Preeta explains that she feels Sarla might feel good talking with him, Shrishti explains that she feels he still wants to marry her, She declines that she never wants to marry her, she explains that she knows this for sure that he is a lot better than Karan as Karan left her on the road only after a few hours, but Prithvi in front of whom she for married to someone else still cares for them like his own. She goes to prepare tea for him.
Maira is thinking of the events when Karan was with her and took care for her she wonders that he took such good care of her even when eh had no feelings for her so she is not able to comprehend how much he will take care of her when he will start to love her, she thinks of what Karina said that she wants her to first take Preeta out of Karan’s heart and mind, only then will she be able to marry him. ‘
Karina is in her room thinking of what Maira said that she feels Karan still has feelings for Preeta, Ganesh comes giving her a cup of tea, then Maria comes explaining that’s eh thought a lot of and has come to the conclusion that all that happened between Karan and Preeta was not in the past so anything that happens between them is their own problem, she feels that Preeta is a very nice girl but she loves Karan a lot more and so she wants to marry Karan as she loves him a lot, Karina gets really happy when she agrees to her proposal, Karina promises to make sure she marries Karan before hugging her,.
Karan is with Samer giving him instructions regarding the workout, Rishab calls Karan saying that Samer always wants to be with him and even wants to stay with him in the gym. Rishab says that he experienced something very wired that Sherlin was starting at him in his sleep, he was not able to understand her excuse, Samer gets a call from Shrishti he makes an excuse before leaving to take the call.
Karan says that he is not sure what has happened between him and Sherlin but knows this for sure that when wives say that they are missing their husbands then they are asking them foe what they feel, Rishab talks of Preeta which angers him.

Karan says that he wants Rishab to stand by him no matter the situation, Rishab also hugs him assuring him of his help.
Prithvi is taking care of Sarla, she tries to insist that he should not worry but Prithvi is adamant saying that he will take care of her as he wants her to feel better, he request Janki to give him more cold water, She then says that she feels he is a very good person.
Prithvi explains that he knows that he was and able to marry Preeta but feels that anyone who will marry her will be a very lucky person, he pleads with Sarla to talk openly with him as she has accepted him as her son, Sarla says that they would have been very bad in their past lives to not be able to make him their son in law.
They both are talking when Preeta comes with a cup of tea, he asks why she brought him the cup of tea, he takes it, Shrishti wonders why he is being so nice to them all, she leaves making an excuse of some important work.
Sherlin is trying to find the keys to the locker, she is not able to find them si gets frustrated wondering why the Luthras never keep them in the right place, she then finds a bunch of them and so plans to check them all to find the one true key.
Samer says that if Karan would have seen him helping them then it would create a very big problem, Shrishti blames him for being a very scared person, he explains that he is just being careful, Shrishti says that Karan has moved on in his life and has even agreed to marry Maira, Samer says that he wants her to understand that Karan still loves Preeta and is not even are of the marriage proposal, Samer is not able to understand why Shrishti is so angry, she says that Prithvi came to their house as Sarla is not well, She at once said that he is not a good person but agrees to what Preeta responded that he is a lot better than Karan.
Shrishti says that she is waiting for him on the road, she tells him the road where he points out a café where they can meet, Shrishti says that it is all; because of that women Sherlin who has ruined Preeta’s life.
Janki also offers biscuits to Prithvi, he explains that he had no intention of having the tea but is agreeing only because they offered him biscuits, he request her to give him another chance to call her as his mother, she accepts it at which point he hugs her tightly.

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