This is Fate Sunday Update 6 September 2020


This is Fate Sunday Update 6 September 2020

Janki brings the call, Sarla asks her to place the phone on the speaker, Shrishti explains that she is telling the truth, Sarla is however not convinced, Shrishti asks Bi jee to scold Sarla is she asks Shrishti to do any work, she calls Preeta asking where she is, she explains that she is at her in laws place, this leaves Sarla baffled.

Shrishti asks Preeta if she got the appointment letter, Preeta explains that it will take some time, then when she asks where she is Preeta says that she is in her in laws house, Shrishti asks if she is joking with her because she is in a fight with her, Preeta then explains that she is telling the truth, Sarla then asks her to come back as soon as possible, Preeta tries to explain that she is just joking with Shrishti because she was calling her from the morning, Sarla is relieved saying that she fells nice knowing that Preeta has not gone to the Luthra house,
Preeta ends the call, she thinks that she had to lie to her mother even when she never wanted to come to their house as she would feel bad. She demands that god make her solve the situa5tion.
Shrishti explains that she has won the bet and now will not work for a week, everyone gets angry with her and leaves from the room.
Kartika explains to Maira that she will take off the bangle as it is causing a lot of pain, Maira tries to insist that she will not let her take it out,

Kartika tries to take it out and then realizes that it belongs to her mother, when she questions her Maira explains that Karina gave it to her on the karwa chow, after asking if she likes Karan, Preeta gets emotional hearing their conversation from behind the corner.
Preeta is walking when she is stopped by Karina who explains that she might be going to Karan’s room, Preeta declines saying that she is not going to meet him, Karina also asks her to remove the mangal suture, Preeta says that she will not take her advice and will come when she needs it.
Karan is on the phone with the doctor asking where he is as he was told that the doctor will arrive very soon, Preeta is walking, Karan asks of Maira’s health, she gets furious at him and leaves, the waiter starts to laugh, Karan asks why he is making fun of him, he explains that he felt that someone insulted Karan.
Kartika tries to explain to Maira that she should not have let her mother realize that she has feelings for Karan, as she knows that Karan has married Preeta and it might be because of some reason, they are talking when Karina comes asking Kartika to leave the room as she has to talk with her, Karina asks her to remove the bangles as they might cayuse pain, Maira explains that she is wondering if what she is doing is the right thing, as Karan has feelings for Preeta which are causing confusion, Karina asks if she wants to marry him or not and if she has some other thoughts then she should return the bangles.
Karan is very furious with Ganesh, he is scolding him when Rishab comes asking what has happened, Karan refuses to say anything, then Rishab asks Ganesh to tell him, he explains that Preeta came to the house and she fought with Karan, he gets amazed but Karan denies it, Ganesh explains that she said something which Karan could not reply, Karan gets furious at him saying that he is fired, Rishab calms him down then asks Ganesh to leave after giving him money.
Rishab asks the reason Preeta came, Karan mentions that’s he came with him as Maira burned her hands, Rishab asks if he assured that she returns safety, Karan denies it which causes a fight between them as Karan says that he feels they all take Preeta’s side, he leaves, Rishab follows him seeking his apology.
Preeta enters her house and is shocked to see how beautifully they all have decorated the house she wonders where they all are, she calls them they come out, she starts to cry hugging Sarla when she asks the reason, Preeta explains that she is crying because of happiness and also informs that she has been appointed and has got the letter, Sarla asks the reason she made them so worried.
Shrishti thinks that Preeta is telling a lie as she was really crying, preeta apologizes for not being with them on Diwali, Bi jee assures her that they do not have any bad feelings as she went for them all.
Sarla explains that they have concluded the Pooja and she would bring the Parshad, Preeta explains that she will wash her hands, they both leave, and Shrishti is left confused.
Karan along with Preeta are both seeing the fireworks, she removers when she drank water from his hands, he remembers when they bumped into each other in the hotel, they are left baffled by the memories that they have of each other, they both wish Diwali to each other.

Preeta is alone in the room, Shrishti comes asking if Preeta wants to say anything to her or if she has something on her mind, She asks why did Preeta go to the Luthra house, Preeta explains that she never wanted to but had to because of some situation,
Preeta explains that she got the appointment letter at the hotel, she has gotten the job at the cricket association, Shrishti explains that now she will also meet Karan, Preeta explains that when she went to the hotel, Karan was also there with Maria and she burned her hand while trying to light a cracker. Shrishti asks what did they talk on the karwa chowt day when she left running, Preeta remembers that he apologized to her that he broke her fast but it should have been the right of her husband, Preeta remembers that she wanted him to apologize to her for his mistake but he did it for breaking her fast, and she also came with the other dancers when she left the house, Shrishti explains that she felt they both would have talked and he knew that she kept the fast for him, Preeta makes her promise that she would never let Karan realize that she kept the fast for him, they both hug each other when Janki comes explaining that Sarla is ill so they should meet her.
Karina is in her room, thinking of what Preeta said that she doesn’t need her advice on how to deal with Karan, Dadi comes asking the reason she is so angry, Karina explains that she never liked Preeta coming into their home but dadi also started to like her, yet Karina proved to be true, still she tried to be steadfast but cannot understand that Preeta is the wife of Karan,
Karina explains that she did everything for the house giving her entire life to it, she explains that she wants to throw Preeta out of Karan’s life, Dadi explains that Preeta is already out of their lives, they both vow to throw Preeta out of their lives.
Preeta and Shrishti both go to meet Sarla at her bed, she is lying there, they check to see that she has a severe fever, Preeta and Janki go to get the medicine, Sarla calls Shrishti to come near her, she explains that the daughters are like a bird, they leave when they get older, who knew that something so awful would happen to Preeta, she choose Prithvi for her daughter but she married Karan, then they both start to cry, Sarla promises to stop crying as this would further increase her tensions.

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