The Inseparable Friday Update 20 March 2020


The Inseparable Friday Update 20 March 2020

Sheetal calls up teja and says something is happening between jeevika and sambhav. Teja says he doesn’t trust sambhav anymore. But sheetal replies sambhav is only his. He’ll not let anything happen to him.

Jeevika thinks to herself. Tomorrow If everything takes place according to my plan, then tomorrow viren ‘ll be released from jail.

At jail, viren is worried for jeevika. He wonders how jeevika ‘ll do all this. Because of me she has to go through all this troubles.

Virat tells manvi tomorrow is really important for us. And our plan is really risky. Manvi assures him that this plan is difficult that all other plans. But still di ‘ll succeed in this.

Sheetal is at her home. She again gets a message. If you wanna red another proof for sambhav’s betrayal come to temple near the hill. Don inform anyone else about this. And don’t take this as a joke. Sheetal calls in that number. But it’s switched off.

Virman and jeevika are near the hill. Jeevika is dressed well. Decked with jewels. Virat tells them message got delivered. Then she calls up sambhav and asks him to come and meet her at the temple near the hill. She says she’s gonna die. And she wants to meet him. She keeps the call. Sambhav feels jeevika ‘ll create more problems. And decides to go.

They wait for sambhav. When sambhav arrives jeevika starts running from there. Sambhav gets out of the car and runs
behind her. He stops her and asks her not to do anything. But she says her life is over. After what her husband did, she doesn’t wanna live anymore. She asks him to forgive her. And says she’s gonna end her life. And runs from there. She goes inside mandir. There a pandit is doing preparations for a marriage. And sambhav reaches there following her. She tells god i know it’s your job to give life and take life. But ‘m sorry. ‘M taking my life. Sambhav asks her not to do anything.

She takes sindoor from temple and tells him. After viren gave her this, her life fully revolves around him. Sambhav thinks to himself how to make this drama queen understand. Just then sheetal reaches there and virat texts her that sambhav’s and jeevika’s marriage is gonna happen. She reaches inside mandir and sees jeevika holding the sindoor towards sambhav. She throws it away. And starts shouting at sambhav. She asks him what was he gonna do. But he doesn’t Understand what’s he saying. She says he cheated on her.

When sambhav asks her has she gone mad. She says what’ll you do to me. ‘Ll you kill me like you killed your wife riya. She says she hates him the most. More hatred than anyone has towards anyone else. Sambhav asks her to stop. But she tells jeevika that viren has been trapped. And she’ll tell everything today. Sambhav tries to stop her. But she takes a log from the fire pandit has arranged for marriage. She tells she’ll burn him If He comes near her. She says. I met sambhav two years back at an exhibition. Then we became friends. And soon our affair started. Our problem was sambhav’s wife. Riya.

Whom he wished to give divorce. But she was not ready for that. So he decided to kill her. I was with him. Because i loved him truly and wanted to marry him. Since he wanted to put the blame on someone else. He trapped viren. And i became riya from sheetal. Viren never killed anyone by mistake. I met viren at hillside first. And i was acting like i’m gonna attempt suicide. Then my abortion story. Everything was a lie. I was just acting according to his plans. I started becoming close to viren. And that night sambhav called viren home to take care of me. Viren did not misbehave with me. i ran from there towards the hillside. That time sambhav killed his wife riya by pressing her neck. And was busy disposing her body. Sambhav already made a strong platform for me. And i fell on that. After viren left, sambhav disposed riya’s body. He spoiled her face so that noone recognises her. And after that sambhav complained at police station, that his wife is missing. Viren did not do anything. Sambhav stops her and takes the log from her. He’s about to slap her when jeevika stops him.

Jeevika stops Sambhav from slapping Sheetal. He asks her to leave his hand as Sheetal is lying; but Jeevika tells her that she knows who’s lying. She then reveals how this was her plan to make Sheetal-Sambhav reveal their truth to her, much to Sheetal and Sambhav’s anger. Sambhav yells at Sheetal for trusting Jeevika, who in turn yells at Jeevika for playing a drama. Sambhav tells Jeevika that he committed the crime due to the fact that he had no choice, as his wife didn’t want to leave him. Jeevika tells him to enjoy his free life, but inside jail. Sambhav threatens Jeevika at this point, saying that if he didn’t think twice before killing his wife, he couldn’t give a damn about killing her either; and there would be no one to even hear her cries of help.

At this point, Maanvi comes out with Virat, saying that there will always be someone to help Jeevika, who’s smiling smugly. Maanvi taunts Sambhav and then shows him the audio recording of his and Sheetal’s confession, much to their shock and chagrin. In a fit of rage, he raises his hand to hurt Maanvi when Virat holds his hand, twists it and throws him on the ground. At the same time, the police enter the mandir. Maanvi laughs at Sambhav; she’s all like why are you so surprised? Don’t you watch Bollywood movies? The police always comes at the end and arrests the correct culprit! Jeevika and Maanvi smile smugly while the police are about to take them. As they leave, Maanvi stops him and wishes him luck for his jail yaatra and slaps him as a “gift” from all the Vadhera. She says that the slap is on behalf of his deceased wife, who never had a chance to do so. Maanvi then goes to Sheetal and tells her that she won’t slap her, cause her mistakes and her “love” will haunt her forever. The police take Sheetal-Sambhav away, while Jeevika thanks Virat-Maanvi and Mata Rani for always being by her side.

At the police station, Viren is being released and he looks longingly at Jeevika while Virat-Maanvi and Inder are in the background. Viren and Jeevika walk slowly towards each other and embrace each other lovingly while Inder calls Vanshika and informs her about the good news. As Viren-Jeevika break apart, Sambhav is escorted into the same room by an officer. Viren goes up to him and laments to him as to why did he do such a thing to him, as he always considered him to be a friend. Sambhav then tells him that he had no plans to trap Viren per say; he just needed someone to throw the blame on. Viren tells him disgustedly that a man like him deserves punishment, and asks the officer to take him away. As Viren looks on rather sadly, Inder tells him that they should now go home.

Vanshika is running around the house and giving frantic instructions to the butlers about what to do for Viren’s return. Dadajee, Swamini and Beeji are laughing at her state and casually pull her leg and express their happiness about Viren’s return. At the same time, Viren-Jeevika, Virat-Maanvi and Inder enter the doorway, much to everyone’s joy. A happy reunion moment for the Vadheras as the aarti is done and everyone hugs Viren and Jeevika and Viren takes the blessings of all the elders. Vanshika tells everyone that she’s kept a pooja in the occasion of Viren’s return. Swamini thanks Jeevika for her efforts in bringing Viren home, while Jeevika tells her that it was only her duty to do so. She also mentions Virat-Maanvi’s constant support and help, post which Swamini hugs the two of them.

In the room, Viren looks at himself in the mirror and is doubtful and worried. He tells Jeevika (who comes in) about his disbelief at being finally back in his room with his wonderful wife. He lauds her for turning the impossible into the possible. He asks her if she ever got scared, to which she replies that she had full faith in her husband, and she knew that her husband wouldn’t do anything wrong. She says that its the victory of her love and faith in her husband. As Viren is trying to profusely thank her, Jeevika tells him that she did everything for them, as she’d die without him. She then asks him never to leave her and go off again, on which he pulls her into a loving embrace.

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