The Inseparable Thursday Update 19 March 2020


The Inseparable Thursday Update 19 March 2020

Sheetal says she’ll go meet sambhav and makes things clear now itself. But teja asks her to go in auto. What if someone is following you. She says ok. She Gives the key to teja and leaves. Virat is watching them. He calls up manvi and tells her that sheetal is going to meet sambhav. He asks her to reach hotel soon. Manvi tells that to jeevika. They both go to mandir at home. And pray. Manvi says i used to ask for many wishes in childhood. And you used to fulfill it all. And i used to think god did it. I wish i could do something for you like that. Jeevika asks her not to worry. And god ‘ll show some miracle.

Sheetal is in auto. She asks driver to go fast. But he says the car in front is not letting him overtake. He’s moving slow and not letting us go. Sheetal asks him to try. It’s actually virat. He’s trying to delay sheetal. He calls up manvi and asks her where did they reach. But then their car gets punctured. They feel their plan is spoiled. But somehow they makes it to hotel.

Manvi and virat are in the lounge and they cover their face with newspaper. Sambhav comes there and jeevika tries to talk to him. He says he has a meeting now. But she says she wants to talk. She wants to ask sorry. She can’t believe what viren did. But your loss is even bigger. ‘M feeling so ashamed. But what to do now. Now i know the truth. Sambhav initially feels what changed jeevika’s behaviour so much. Is it her new plan.

He starts talking ill about viren. I trusted him so much. But what he did cannot be forgiven. I let him go to my home. But what did he do to me. Jeevika is angry. But she controls herself. She says she knows her husband did a crime. But it’s still difficult for me to hear bad about him still. Sheetal comes there. Manvi calls up jeevika to inform that. Jeevika acts in front of sambhav and talks through phone. She tells them she has some important work and she can’t come to meet viren. You people go. Manvi tells her she need not act for long. And not to worry. She goes back to sambhav and starts talking again. Sambhav says he doesn’t understand why viren did this even after having such a good wife. He keeps his hand on her shoulder and says his sympathy is with him. Sheetal sees this and is really angry. Manvi and virat are happy seeing the plan being successful. Manvi sends an sms to jeevika. She says it was dadaji’s text and she needs to go home. She leaves from there. Sheetal hides. Virman and jeevika hides and listen to them. Sheetal gets angry at sambhav. But sambhav gets angry on her for coming here. Jeevika just left from here. She came to share her sadness about her husband. But sheetal says jeevika was very comfortable with him. Some girl calls sambhav. And sheetal leaves from there. Trio is happy seeing their fight. Jeevika says they are successful in creating problems between them. Now they should increase this.

At jail vanshika swamini bua and beeji came to meet viren. They say sorry for not believing him initially. But he says even he admitted that he did the crime. They need not say sorry. Beeji says they came to tell him that they are with him now. Both vadhera’s and choudary’s are now with him. And he’ll be back with them soon.

Manvi is about to serve food. Jeevika asks her to sit and says she’ll serve. All are happy seeing that. She replies she knows after virenji was in jail she never did anything for the family. But now ‘m really happy. And he’ll be back with us soon. But swamini bua says she feels bad that they didn’t trust him. Jeevika goes to swamini bua and asks her to forget everything. All should be happy now. Dadaji asks what proof do they have. Jeevika tells them about sheetal and sambhav’s affair and how they are collecting proof. Chachù says they should find out about actual riya too. Vanshika asks her also to sit and have food now. But she says she’ll sit with them only when viren is back.

At jail viren is trying to figure out relationships between riya sheetal and sambhav. But he can’t believe sambhav killed his wife riya. Jeevika and virman reaches jail. Jeevika tells viren she understood that sambhav’s and sheetal’s relationship is not based on love. Sambhav has some intention. And now sheetal knows about it. We created problems between the two. And now we should keep doing that. Viren says sambhav is very dangerous. And asks them not to do anything risky. But virat says all what sambhav had to do. He already did it. Now it’s their turn.

Sambhav goes to sheetal’s Home. Sheetal asks what’s his plan. Sambhav replies he has told her everything. They start arguing. He says she is doubting on him. And was following him. But she says she came to talk something important. But she doesn’t say anything. Sambhav says now even jeevika believes viren committed the crime. Now that’s really good for us. Our plan ‘ll work efficiently now. She was our biggest problem. Now everything will work according to our wish. Both of us are gonna benefit from this. He says even after all this if You are doubting on me, then i ve nothing to say. He leaves from there. After he leaves sheetal feels bad that she doubted on him. She decides to call and say sorry. But then she gets a message saying sambhav is cheating on her. So ask her to go check at sambhav’s home now. She starts doubting on him again. She calls up in the same number. But it’s switched off. She leaves.

Virat tells them that she might have got the message. They are confident that their plan will work now. Virat says he had sent a guy behind sambhav. He informed that sambhav is already at home. They leave.

In car sheetal feels that she’s doubting on sambhav for no reason. She knows him for so long. What if someone is fooling her. So she calls him up. But he is irritated so he doesn’t pick up. She calls in landline. So he asks his servant to tell her he’s still at office. Sheetal feels bad she argued with him. So she decides to make his favourite food for him. Then he’ll forgive her.

Virman and jeevika are waiting outside. But sheetal doesn’t reach. And they think their plan became a flop. Manvi suggests they leave. But then sheetal comes. Jeevika walks towards sheetal’s car as if she’s coming out of sambhav’s home. Sheetal is shocked to see her. After she leaves sheetal goes inside angrily. Trio waits outside the building so that they can see sheetal going back. Sheetal starts shouting at sambhav. Sambhav says he lied because his mood was off. He didn’t want to talk with her.

But she says she could have told him. She says he’s bored of her and start arguing with him. And he asks her to leave. And she says it’s because he wanted to meet someone else he didn’t let her come. And tells about seeing jeevika outside building. Sambhav says she has gone mad and sends her out. Sheetal cries and leaves. She’s near her car and trio is happy. But jeevika asks to move onto their next plan. Virat calls a guy and asks him to start action. The guy goes to sheetal and asks sambhav’s address. He says he delivered a ring and now came to collect payment. But he doesn’t have his address. Sheetal asks him to show the receipt and is angry seeing jeevika’s name in it. She thinks of going to sambhav first. But then stops herself as she feels sambhav will make a new excuse for this now.

Sheetal gives receipt back angrily and is about to leave and the guy asks flat number. She replies b 33 and leaves. Virat thanks the guy. Manvi says one wicket is down. Jeevika says just one more wicket and we ‘ll win. Just one more plan. Manvi asks what plan.

At jail, Viren says the plan is very risky. Even small mistake can be dangerous. Virat says let’s think of something else. But jeevika says they don’t have time. Manvi asks viren not to worry. They’ll succeed like before. When jeevika insists viren agrees. He says he can’t help her. But he wishes her success. They hold each others hands.

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