The Inseparable Monday Update 23 March 2020


The Inseparable Monday Update 23 March 2020

Viren-Jeevika are embracing each other and promising things to each other when Maanvi comes in. Maanvi is embarrassed and Viren playfully admonishes her for always being a kebab mein haddi. Maanvi says she’s come to call them for the pooja and leaves. Viren and Jeevika follow suit and the entire Vadhera family is at the little mandir in the house for the pooja. Immediately after the pooja, Beeji takes her leave. Maanvi-Jeevika try to coax her to stay but she refuses, instead inviting the foursome over to Hrishikesh.

In Hrishikesh, Sweety goes up to Pinky and Badi Beeji and comments on how they should get an air-conditioner since the weather is getting warmer by the day. Pinky tries to explain Sweety that the cost of buying and maintaining an air-conditioner is expensive, and they should just manage with the coolers that they have. When she tries to insist, Badi Beeji admonishes her for wanting such trivial stuff, and tells her to behave more like a DIL and try and save money, not spend it for useless things.

In Chandigarh, Maanvi tells the Vadheras that she’s gotten hold of movie tickets for a show that begins in an hour, and they all need to rush and get ready. While Inder, Dadajee, Swamini and Vanshika get ready, Maanvi-Jeevika realise that Viren-Virat are glued to the idiot box as a cricket match is playing. The brothers ignore the sisters and tell them to let the elders go off first, and they’ll follow behind in a while. After Maanvi-Jeevika relay the message to the senior Vadheras (who leave), Viren-Virat remain glued to the television for a very long time, much to the chagrin of both the sisters, who think their husbands are ignoring them.

The doorbell rings, and a delivery boy comes with two bouquets of flowers, one for each of the sisters. The sisters are amused, and the doorbell rings again, with another delivery boy come with two packets of Ferero Rocher for the sisters. On closing the door and turning, Jeevika-Maanvi come face to face with their husbands, both of whom carry them off in their arms and take them into their rooms.

A romantic song sequence featuring Viren-Jeevika and Virat-Maanvi in their rooms, where they dance and romance to the song Tum Hi Ho from the film Aashiqui 2.

Sweety comes to the hall and states that her cooler has stopped working, and she won’t be able to sleep in the heat. Hence they would have to buy a new AC the following day. Badi B and Pinky look at her in fuming anger. Pinky gets up and asks Sweety why did she cut the wire of the cooler? Sweety acts shocked and claims that she didn’t. Pinky tells her that she was passing by and saw everything with her own eyes hence Sweety shouldn’t lie! Badi B too scolds Sweety. Pinky forces Sweety to admit that she committed this mistake, Sweety finally shouts that indeed it was her who cut the wire, because when she clearly told them that she wanted an AC in her room, they didn’t listen to her, hence she opted for a different way to get. She also adds that she would keep doing so to get her demands fulfilled, because now she would rule over the house! Everyone is shocked.

– Beeji and Madan who have just entered the house also overhear Sweety’s final words, and Beeji fumes in anger. She screams Sweety’s name and asks what she was up to for the few days that she was away, and warns her that no one ever speaks to anyone in such a tone, and she dare speak a word more! Sweety is frustrated. Meanwhile, Jeevika calls Madan to inquire about Beeji, while talking she overhears Beeji scolding someone, but when she asks about it to Madan, he changes the topic and hangs up. Jeevika is worried.

– Next morning Jeevika is in the kitchen preparing food, Shlok comes and tells her that they missed out on an amazing action movie. Maanvi too, arrives and says that they missed out on an action movie but had a romantic movie going on at home. She looks at Jeevika and smirks. Shlok is confused and inquires, but Jeevika redirects him that because they got late, they ordered a DVD from outside and watched it at home instead. Shlok leaves and Jeevika asks Maanvi why she said such things infront of a child. Both share a laughter.

– Jeevika then tells Maanvi about Beeji’s issue but Maanvi denies sensing a problem. She says that Beeji will be scolding Dabbu like always. But Jeevika is firm on there being a problem. Maanvi says she will call Beeji right away to clear everything to the Fikr Minister. They call and Jeevika speaks to Beeji, who denies about having any problems or tension in the house. She quickly says she’s got some work and hangs up on Jeevika. Both sister sense a problem and look at each other with an idea.

– Back at Hrishikesh, Dabbu is asking the family about the need to get so angry since Sweety only made a petty mistake. Badi B gets more angry and says that no one ever spoke to her or anyone in the manner that Sweety did! This is not their family tradition and never has a daughter-in-law behaved this way. Dabbu begins to argue, but Beeji interrupts and exclaims that such behavior is intolerable.

– Viren and Virat are seated around the living room, and they have a cute argument on what to watch. Both brothers to give their own choices, and finally Virat wins over Viren by tricking him! Cute segment but I couldn’t hear it clearly so I won’t put down further details.

– Jeevika and Maanvi to go to Swamini and Vanshikaa, and ask for permission to go to Hrishikesh since they feel there’s some family problem going on there. They get permission, and leave to pack.

– Viren and Virat are both mad at their wives for leaving this way and so suddenly. Both couples share a cute moment, VirMan in a fighting manner followed by a super cute hug, while Virika in the standard back side pose of Viren hugging Jeevika. Both sisters finish their packing.

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