The heir Wednesday Update 4 September 2019


The heir Wednesday Update 4 September 2019

The Episode starts with a leap of 10 years. The enmity got more dangerous now, the village is getting affected by fights and got divided into two halves, Pavaniyas and Bajwas, this dream is peace is in just one person’s eyes now, Charan’s dream to have harmony in the village is my dream, I m Manpreet Singh Pavaniya. Mannu gets ready as the Shah, and covers her hair in Pagdi. Mannu wears the Kalgi. Mannu is called by panchayat.

Pavaniyas and Bajwas guy and girl have run away and married. Harjeet and Mohini come there. Jagan comes with Amba. Harjeet sees Amba. The men keep their hands in the dirty water. Harjeet walks over their hands. Even Amba’s men help her. They keep their pagdi clothes for her to walk ahead.

Everyone chant Harjeet and Amba’s names. Harjeet asks Mohini about Rohan.
She says he went for imp work. Rohan comes drunk. Harjeet says wine smell comes before him. Panchayat asks them about the couple married. Amba, Jagan, Harjeet and Mohini insult each other. Mohini says I m Harjeet’s wife, don’t say anything about me. Amba says you made Amrit leave the house and calling yourself his wife, such relation is not called husband and wife. Harjeet asks the man to kill the guy and take revenge for respect. Mannu killed my son by acting friendly. Amba says you killed my daughter. They all get angry. Panchayat stops them. Harjeet says both girl and guy did mistake, kill them. Amba says kill them, so that no can dare to love again, they should know Pavaniya and Bajwas can never unite. Sarpanch asks them to think again. Jagan says decision is taken.

The couple is taken. The people take stones to hit them. Mannu comes in the jeep and stops them. Jagan gets angry. Amba sees him and sends a man. The man goes to Jagan. Jagan sits back. The couple asks Mannu to save them, they did not do any sin, we just loved each other and took vows, they want to kill us. Mannu recalls Simran and Raman. Mannu says I can’t help you two, elders took decision in front of panchayat, you should have known Raman and Simran did same mistake 10 years ago, what happened with them, what did you think, you will end the enmity with love, love sees heart, but revenge sees death marks, today your love will be sacrificed. Amba looks on.

Mannu pushes them and says I also believe they should be killed, but why to color everyone’s hands, their parents will kill them. The couple and their parents cry. Jagan signs Amba. Mannu gives stones at their parents, and ask them to beat and punish them. Mannu makes Amba and Harjeet realize their mistake indirectly. Mannu gives gun to the people and ask them to kill the couple, and end the game. The parents say leave them, they are children, forgive them, they will leave from this village. Sarpanch says they can’t stay in this village, they are free outside this village. Mannu sees Amba. Amba leaves. Jagan says Mannu has shown the planning and leaves with his men. Harjeet and Mohini also leave.

The couple and their parents leave. Mannu sees Raman and Simran in that couple. The couple thanks Mannu while leaving. Mannu smiles.

At home, Jagan says I knew Mannu asked the lover’s parents to kill them, as he knew everything, he has given them new life, Mannu decided to go against you before meeting. Raavi gets water for them. Jagan says you talk to Mannu, else everyone will feel our house has problems. Raavi says Mannu is just a kid, leave it. Amba asks her not to talk in between Jagan and her. Jagan asks Raavi to go.

Mannu comes home and says you are angry with me, don’t get anger out of Raavi. Amba says you went against me in panchayat. Mannu says no, I just supported Charan’s dream. Jagan gets angry and says you are not new in this pind, you are made Shah of this village, the enmity can never end, you are still doing the same, you united the lovers.

Mannu says I united them, as love is over revenge. Amba says you can’t do anything, this dream will be just dream, there can’t be peace. Mannu asks did you not see Raman and Simran in them. Jagan says Mannu. Amba says you don’t forget I lost my daughter in this revenge and enmity, Simran died. She asks Raavi about shagun plate. Raavi says its ready. Amba asks Mannu to focus on Gunjan’s marriage. She says I have to do Gunjan’s marriage well, its about two big families respect, our power will be double of Bajwas. Mannu thinks Amba forgot everything in enmity, if this enmity ended that day, we all would have lived with peace, don’t know where is my friend Raj. Raj helps a man and takes ticket for village. Raj boards the bus and smiles.

Raavi’s daughter Babli giving milk to Mannu. Mannu says I asked for tea, you got milk. Babli says I read milk gives more energy. Mannu asks is Raavi upset. Babli says no, she hears scolding from Amba and Jagan daily. She laughs seeing milk moustache on Mannu. Mannu says Amba was like me before, this enmity ruined everything. Babli says you can do everything. She shows the locket and says he is your Bajwa friend. Mannu takes locket. Babli says I will never tell anyone, where is your friend. Babli says don’t know, its been 10 years. Babli says once he comes, you both will get peace in village right. Mannu hugs Babli and thinks it won’t be easy to end this enmity.

Harjeet says we should get what Pavaniyas and Bajwas have in sight. Mohini says we will get this proposal. Her
daughter Pammi says this guy Amanis very nice. Mohini says once this proposal happens, they will get my son out of jail. Harjeet says if person dreams around victory, you can’t win, your son is in jail by his doings, marriage is imp. Pammi says you are after Nihaal always, you don’t say anything to Rohan, who always drinks. She asks the servants to do work well. Harjeet says I m going and will fail Pavaniyas, you don’t lose, we will get that guy home, don’t take Pammi along. He goes. Pammi gets upset. Mohini asks her to use mind, and says I doubt you are my daughter.

Jagan does arrangements, and asks Amba to leave, I will come after auction. Amba asks him to win and come. He says don’t worry. Babli gives him car keys. She wears mask. He asks her not to come in front of him with her unlucky face. He goes. Raavi sends Babli and gives keys to Jagan.

Raavi says plate is ready. Amba says its good, come. Mannu says gold and money is fine, but sindoor is needed for shagun. Amba gets a call. She gets shocked. She says Mohini took her daughter’s shagun. Mohini tells Harjeet that Rohan is not at home. Harjeet says he would be drunk somewhere, I used to love him a lot, that he will make my name shine, I always cursed Raman, what happened, Rohan has become stain on my name, I wish Raman was alive, I should have understood that he would make my name shine, when I see Mannu, I get angry, Mannu shot Raman. Mohini smiles. Harjeet says I have lost Raman, I lost Rohan to wine and third son Raj, don’t know where he went with Amrit.

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