The heir Thursday Update 5 September 2019


The heir Thursday Update 5 September 2019

Raj is on the way. Mohini says we did not find them, don’t worry, once Nihaal comes out, he will manage your burden, he is from my first husband, but he regards you as his father. He says he is useless like Raj, leave having hopes, I m raising your children, be happy with it, Rohan will become Shah, even if he is drunkard, he is my blood. He says fix Pammi’s relation with Aman, if Amba fixes the relation, I will not leave you. She says Amba will fix relation when she reaches there, don’t worry. He goes.

Mannu takes Amba by shortcut to reach fast. They see a deep pit. Amba says Mohini would have done this to make us reach wait. Mohini comes to hotel to meet Aman’s parents. She fixes the relation. Aman’s dad says we will get more respect by getting related to Harjeet’s family. Mohini gives them shagun and blesses Aman. She goes.

She gives sweets to everyone. She sees Mannu and says you got late, have laddoo, I have fixed Aman’s marriage with Pammi, go home and wait for invitation. Mannu says congrats. The man/Aman’s father greets Mannu. Mannu says this is my friend, he works in drama company. Amba goes to meet Aman’s real family. Mannu recalls how he fooled Mohini.

Amba gets sweets. They both argue over Simran. Mohini promises to insult Amba more. Amba scolds her. Everyone praise Mannu. Amba says yes, he has won my heart by his smartness. The lady asks when will you get Mannu married. Amba sees Mannu. Mannu goes out and cries.

Mannu recalling the people’s words. Mannu sees child Mannu asking to turn into Preet, as Amba allowed her to turn Preet once a year. Mannu is about to remove Pagdi and loosen hair. Amba comes. Mannu wears Pagdi back. Amba makes her hair inside Pagdi. Mannu asks her how will I look in sehra, will you find a groom for me or a bride. Amba asks what nonsense, people like to have free food in marriages, no need to listen to them, ask me what you want, whatever I did is for you and this family.

Amba says no, you did that to fulfill Charan’s dream, you raised me as a boy, where did that dream go, you have burnt that dream in enmity fire. Amba agrees and says I have seen my daughter’s funeral burning, Bajwas killed her, what would I do, would I hug those Bajwas, I m such for
you, I m Shah’s mum, I can’t fall weak, don’t ask me, you also have revenge fire, else you would have not failed Mohini. Manny says this is the problem, you think so, but truth is, Mannu did this for you.

Amba asks what are you saying, who is Mannu, you are Mannu. She stumbles and gets hurt. Mannu holds her and says I will stay here and not go anywhere, did you get much hurt. Mannu reminds promise that one day in a year, I will stay as Preet. Amba recalls the past moment.

Amba says tears don’t look good in man’s eyes, much changed in ten years. She goes. Mannu cries.

Its morning, Raj talks to Amrit on phone and says I have eaten food, I m fine, don’t take tension, I came to small village, I forgot the name, but its lovely, I will come there and tell you. He sees Gaguwaal’s name board. The girls praise his looks.

Gunjan comes home. Amba checks her college books and compass. Amba throws the perfume bottle and scolds Gunjan. Mannu looks on. Amba asks Gunjan to get married and go inlaws, the guy is from rich family, are you happy. Gunjan nods. Amba says respect is most imp for Pavaniyas, this relation is imp for us, I will fulfill all dreams in your marriage, I had to see much sorrow in Simran’s marriage.

Mannu asks what do you mean, you don’t want to marry, Amba fixed your relation with collector’s son, she called wedding planner too, do you love anyone. Gunjan says no, I don’t want to marry, I don’t love that guy, love is very imp for marriage, if you fall in love with someone then. Mannu laughs and says you say anything, this won’t happen, I won’t love any girl, I m not permitted to love any guy. Gunjan asks what about Preet, if she falls in love then. Mannu thinks of Simran’s words.

Gunjan says Amba called wedding planner, I don’t want to marry, you have to break this marriage. Mannu goes to fields and calls out Sukhi. Sukhi stands as scarecrow. Sukhi sits in jeep and says I was scaring birds. They leave. Sukhi sees a girl and asks Mannu to see. He asks Mannu does your heart not beat seeing beautiful girls. Mannu hits Raj. Raj falls down.

Raj sees Mannu. Sukhi asks are you mad to stare at Shah, can’t you see and walk. Raj and Mannu argue. Raj says I m not from your pind, it does not mean you kill anyone by accident, you don’t know me, I m big wedding planner. Sukhi says you don’t know me. Raj says you don’t know who called me here, you both will be shocked, Amba Pavaniya called me. They get shocked.

Mannu and Sukhi helping Raj. Mannu asks his name. Raj says I m Raj…. Mannu looks at him. Raj says Rajveer. Mannu says oh, I thought… He says you made me late. She says you are going wrong way, Pavaniya house is that way, Amba is strict and discipline, your wish. Raj thanks Mannu and goes. Sukhi asks when did we change name, why did you send him there.

Mannu tells Gunjan that Amba will get angry on Rajveer for coming late and send him away. Mannu says talk to mummy once, she will agree. Gunjan says I m scared. She asks Mannu to talk to Amba. Amba asks Mannu to invite Pahuja family for holi. Mannu says I think Gunjan maybe, she is not ready for this marriage. Amba calls out Gunjan. She asks Gunjan does she have any objection. Gunjan says no and goes. Amba says she
is my daughter, I chose a diamond like guy for her, you don’t want her happiness or have something in mind. Raavi serves food to Mannu. Jagan comes home. Raavi asks him to sit. Amba says Jagan won’t have food, how did he lose auction to Bajwas. Jagan says Harjeet made plan to win. Amba asks why did you not think anything. Babli takes water in glass and it falls. Jagan scolds Babli and Raavi. Babli gets tensed.

Mannu asks Jagan to sit and have food, everyone is bearing your anger, losing auction and being hungry is not related. Jagan says your habit not to talk in between did not go, Amba is right, wrong is wrong, we won’t bear any failure with Bajwas. He crushes the fork and keeps on table.

Harjeet comes home after winning auction. People play dhol. Mohini praises him. She takes sweets box and sees chillies. He says I have won to Pavaniyas, and you lost to them. He asks her to eat it. She refuses and says what would I do, I lost, sorry, Amba’s strength is Mannu, I m alone, I have two sons, but both are useless, Nihaal is locked in jail and Rohan is always drunk. He says if you blame others for failure, you won’t succeed, I have nothing now, I don’t have Amrit, Raj and Raman, I just have you, if Mannu is Amba’s strength, break him, make plan to make this failure into success, I will see Rohan. He goes.

Mannu sees Raj in jungle and says he is going towards home again. Mannu calls Sukhi about the pits work. Raj says strange, I did not find haveli. Mannu asks him to come. Raj sits in the jeep. Mannu drives and smiles. Raj says your village is beautiful, and people like you, who help strangers. Mannu stops jeep and says its time for us to get separated. Raj asks here, where is the house. Mannu guides him. Raj says fine and gets down the jeep. Raj falls on the pit. Mannu smiles. Raj holds his back and asks for help. Mannu leaves.

A blind old man comes in front of Mannu’s car and asks for help. Mannu helps. The men change shagun baskets. Mannu leaves. The man throws the stick and calls Mohini. Mohini tells Harjeet that she won’t need to eat chillies. He asks what do you mean. She says I m dividing Amba and Mannu, the relation will break.

Amba asks Pahuja what happened, why don’t you want to break alliance, tell me if any mistake happened, I m coming to meet you. Jagan comes and asks what happened, why are you worried. She says torn clothes and rotten fruits are taken to Pahuja’s house, where is Mannu. Mannu thinks to talk to Gunjan, if Amba knows I made wedding planner run away, she will get angry. Mannu sees Raj’s bag on the road and looks around. Mannu picks flowers and finds blood on it. Mannu thinks did he die and calls out Rajveer. Raj calls for help. Mannu goes to look inside pit. Raj pushes Mannu and says this is called revenge, you sit here and cry for broken fate. Mannu asks him to get him out. Raj argues. Mannu says you don’t know me. Raj says I don’t want to know. Mannu says I m Manpreet Pavaniya, Shah. Raj asks you mean Amba’s son and smiles.

Raj teasing Mannu and asking Mannu to come out of pit on own. Mannu asks Raj to help. Raj whistles and goes. Jagan asks Amba will you apologize, think again. Amba says if I don’t apologize, then Mohini will throw her move, before she fixes Aman’s marriage with her daughter, we have to manage this. He asks her to come. Amba leaves. Gunjan hears them and thinks mummy is not making me marry that guy as he is good, she is doing this to show down Bajwas, she changed, I wish she could understand me.

Amba tells Pahuja that Mannu was just joking, don’t take it on heart, if you want me to apologize, I will fold hands. She apologizes to him. Jagan gets angry. Pahuja says no. Amba says come home on Holi, we will do roka tomorrow, children will meet, I will talk to Mannu. He agrees.

Mannu tries to come out of the pit. Mannu thinks there is no one around, now there is just one way to leave from here. Mannu removes pagdi and uses the pagdi cloth to use it as a rope. Raj is sitting on the tree. Raj walks to Mannu. Mannu hears Raj whistling. Mannu sees Raj coming and gets shocked. Raj sees ….

Mohini sings happily. Pammi thinks she got mad. Mohini scolds her. Harjeet comes there. Mohini says I made Amba apologize to Pahuja, I will cut Amba’s nose tomorrow, if this happens, then I will ask any gift. He says you will get what you ask. She asks promise. He says promise, just break relation once. She smiles.

Raj sees Mannu inside the pit and laughs. Mannu asks him to help. Raj says you have to say sorry and please. Mannu asks why sorry. Raj says you are so innocent and forgot, you made me roam in village since morning. Mannu says I won’t say sorry. Raj says fine, I m going. Mannu thinks phone is in car, else I would have shown him. Mannu says sorry, now get me out of here. Raj jokes.

Raj asks for hat. Mannu throws hat. Raj gives hand and gets Mannu out of the pit. Mannu gets hurt. Raj says you got hurt. Mannu kicks him and goes walking, holding leg. Mannu asks why are you coming after me. Raj says I have to go after you, by logic, I will tell Amba that you made me late, we can go together, think Mannu asks him to sit in car. Raj says my heart is big, I forgive anyone.

Jagan says what can be biggest insult than apologizing, see Mannu is missing. Mannu comes home with Raj. Amba scolds Mannu. Mannu asks what are you saying. Jagan says rotten fruits, torn clothes, you took it, Amba apologized to save this relation. Mannu says no, I did not do anything. Jagan asks are we lying. Mannu says why did you apologized when there was no mistake, you should have asked me once.

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