The Heir Friday Update June 14th 2019

Bebe says Amba gave our heir. She tells Veeru that she will know everything when she makes baby bath in milk, whether Jagan is saying truth or Amba. Jagan tells Bebe about her words. Amba comes there with the baby. Bebe asks for the baby. Bebe takes the baby. Amba gets tensed seeing Bebe removing […]

The Heir Saturday Update June 15th 2019

Bebe says Raavi is doing drama, and Amba you are getting respect because of this heir, get ready to go to temple, keep this bangle safe. Jagan comes and Bebe scolds him asking him to manage his wife. She says this is why Lord gave a son to Amba. He gets angry and goes to […]

The Heir Sunday Update June 16th 2019

Bebe confronting Amba. Raavi and Jagan smile. The ladies say Amba can’t even feed milk to Shah, its so unfortunate. Bebe gets angry and scolds Amba. She says this is why Lord did not give you a son, now you got a son and you have kept him hungry. She pushes Amba angrily. Amba says […]

The Heir June Teasers- 2019#Heir Zee World

Sunday 9 June 2019 Episode 1 Amba, the wife of a village head, is pregnant. Her family hope that this time, she will give birth to the heir; a boy who will carry on ruling after his father.The Heir June Teasers 2019 The Heir June Teasers- 2019 Monday 10 June 2019 Episode 2 Harjeet, an […]

The Heir Zee World: Full story,Plot Summary, Casts, Teasers

Zee World introduces a new series, The Heir starts on 6th June ( Replacing Twist Of Fate ) as Twist Of Fate 2 comes to a seasonal break on the 5th of June after almost 8 month since it returned on ZEE WORLD.Read The Heir Zee World: Full story,Plot Summary, casts, teasers below: Plot/ Synopsis […]