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20th Wednesday Update on Twist Of Fate Zee World Tv

Abhi jumps in the school through back door. He sees watch man dead and takes his gun. Disha comes to Dadi and gives her Poha, and then says Chedwa. [...]

Wednesday 20th Update on This is Fate

Sarla was worried at home as Shrishti hadn’t returned so late. Preeta says she spoke to Shrishti, she will be a little late but back soon. Sarla wonde [...]

12th March Tuesday Update on Gangaa

  Palash asks for some time to figure out this point. Judge allows him. Ganga says Sir but Palash walks out of the courtroom. Sagar too is tak [...]

13th March Wednesday Update on Gangaa

Sabharwal reads a so called statement before Sagar. Sagar is made to sign on it. Inspector says you wrote it, not Sagar. Sabharwal nods. but whatever [...]

13th March Wednesday Update on Twist Of Fate Zee World Tv

Abhi reaches home. He thinks of Kiara and sees cookie in his car. He thinks when she meets him again, he will return it to her. She sees cookie toy an [...]

Twist of Fate Wednesday Update 27th February 2019

Abhi opens the bomb, it explodes. Simonika is outside and laughs saying her revenge is fulfilled. It turns out to be her imagination. Abhi dances with [...]

Wednesday Update on Gangaa Zee Tv serial 20th February

Niru quietly signs the documents. He throws it on the floor, asking Pulkit to keep them. This is what you wanted. Don’t come before my eyes after toda [...]

Twist of Fate Zee World Wednesday Update 20 February

Sangram aims gun at her. Simonika pushes him and takes back the gun. She asks them not to act smart. Dadi asks Abhi to let Pandit ji to do shanti p [...]

This is Fate Wednesday Update 20th February 2019

Janki was panting in the midst of street. Prithvi and Sherlin reached her. Sherlin tells Prithvi to hit her, Janki turns to run around while Prithvi c [...]

13th February 2019 Wednesday Update on Gangaa

Niru remarks that a father cannot see a happy day than this. Our son has grown up to fight his first case today. Will you (Madhvi) not come to the cou [...]
1 59 60 61 62 63 70 610 / 692 POSTS