Twist of Fate Zee World Wednesday Update 20 February

Sangram aims gun at her. Simonika pushes him and takes back the gun. She asks them not to act smart.

Dadi asks Abhi to let Pandit ji to do shanti paath. Abhi says when tawa is hot,

we shall make rotis. Dadi asks Pandit ji to give sindoor to her grand sons so that they can fill their wives maang. Mitali asks Panditji to gives sindoor. Raj says I have no coin. Abhi and Purab fill their wives forehead. Aaliya and Tanu wear chunari to go from there. Mitali asks where are they going and asks them to talk about politics in washroom. Simonika makes Sangram dress as a Tamilian. She asks him to kill Abhi. Balli comes there and tells that Simonika called Police here. Simonika says she called them to arrest an innocent guy who will take up her blame on him. Sangram and Bali thinks she is very clever.

Abhi and Pragya are in the car. Pragya asks driver to play soft music. Abhi says soft music and recalls playing loud music on guitar and pragya stopping him. A fb is shown, Pragya says don’t know how people bear this loud music. Abhi asks what is music then? Pragya says music is that which calms mind and seems soothing to ears. Abhi asks her to play music then and asks if you don’t know then how why you are teaching me. Pragya says if you plays soft music then many people will become your fan. Fb ends. Abhi plays loud music in car. Pragya asks him to stop it and says music is the one which is pleasing to hear, and calm down mind. Abhi looks at her and says you are my Pragya.

He says only she can tell this. He says I can’t fill anyone’s maang except my Pragya. They come home and sees Police arresting a servant at home for fire conspiracy. Pragya asks who has lodged the complaint. Simonika says she has lodged the complaint. Servant pleads innocence.

Simonika accusing a Servant and says she saw him holding knife. She asks Inspector to arrest him. Inspector shows the knife. Servant says I am innocent. Inspector arrests him. Purab goes with Inspector. Pragya tells Disha that they couldn’t find the real culprit. Simonika thinks they started spying. She tells that she thinks the house as hers. She asks Pragya if she shall hire chef and tells that she knows an agency. Pragya asks her to get it. She thinks there will be two people now. Chef tells that he is innocent and tells that Simonika shouted seeing him holding knife. He tells that he has two daughter and he can’t of doing this. Purab thinks if he is saying truth.

Sangram gets ready and thinks he will make them dance. He says Sangram’s black reflection will be in mehra house. Abhi messes up the room to trouble Pragya. Pragya thinks she is tired and calls him. She sees him hiding and says it doesn’t matter if the clothes are messed up. She calls Robin. Abhi thinks wrong thing is happening. Pragya asks where to keep clothes. Abhi says you have read my heart talk. Pragya says when did I? Abhi gets closer to her.

She calls Robin. Abhi thinks wrong thing is happening. Pragya asks where to keep clothes. Abhi says you have read my heart talk. Pragya says when did I? Abhi gets closer to her. Disha comes there and tells about the new cook, says sorry. She smiles and goes. Abhi romances with Pragya. Sangram thinks if he gets caught because of Simonika then will not leave her. Disha says she will take his interview. Simonika says he can understand hindi, but can’t talk in hindi. Disha questions him. Purab comes there.

Purab telling Disha that he brought chocolate for her and asks her to come to room and have it. Disha takes Sangram’s interview and he tells his name as Rama Swami. Purab asks her to come. Disha asks Simonika if she checked his papers. She says yes and takes to kitchen. She says Disha couldn’t identify you, but Pragya will. Sangram plans to get Disha.

Abhi comes to pragya as she says fuggi becomes fugga. He asks if she accepts that she is fuggi and tries to get romantic. Purab and Disha come there. Abhi teases them. Purab tells them that he was in Police station and felt that cook is innocent. Pragya says if he is innocent then he shall be freed. Abhi says Police will do the work and goes to make album.

Taya ji tells that Disha has hired a madras cook. Simonika comes and asks did you see cook. Dasi says he must be in kitchen. Mitali asks if he is her relative. Simonika says he needs to give food to pragya and disha. Sangram thinks he feels to be naked in dhoti and thinks he did wrong deal. He hears Disha laughing. Disha asks Purab to share chocolate.

They talk romantically. Sangram gets angry. Kuch toh hai song plays…Purab sees someone standing. Sangram goes. Abhi says lets go. Purab says I will be back. He checks in the room where Sangram is hiding. Sangram thinks their plan will end if caught. READ NEXT/ 21TH THUR FEB ON TWIST OF FATE