13th February 2019 Wednesday Update on Gangaa

Niru remarks that a father cannot see a happy day than this. Our son has grown up to fight his first case today. Will you (Madhvi) not come to the court to be a part of it?

Outside the court, Niru wishes good luck to Sagar. Madhvi has also come. They see Ratan beating Yash to make him speak the truth. Prabha asks Madhvi to do something. Madhvi stops her brother. Yash apologizes to Ganga and Sagar. Prabha requests Ganga to talk to Sagar. He will only listen to you. Take the case back. Sagar tells Ganga not to even say so. It is not just about Ganga but of a many more girls like her. I will make sure she gets justice and Yash gets punished! He takes Ganga inside. Prabha shouts after him. My son did not do anything. Madhvi talks to her brother. I don’t know what to do. Ratan says you are not to be blamed. No one can do anything when my own son is wrong. Court will do justice now. Yash hears them talking.

Mr. Pathak is sure Sagar will only waste their time today too. He has no proof against my client. Sagar counters him. He presents the proof in the court. Yash and Janvi looks at the camera in shock. Sagar tells the same story in court that Janvi told him. Mr. Pathak asks for a solid proof which can prove Yash guilty. Sagar knew he will ask this. The fake / morphed video uploaded by Yash is in the camera. There is the IP address detail as well. Raghav ji tells NIru that Sagar reminded him of young Niru. You used to present case in court like this only when you started.

Mr. Pathak wants some time to collect proofs in his client’s favour too. Yash’s bail should not be cancelled. Sagar says a girl is not given a chance to speak up. It is so easy to point fingers at her but do we ever think of what she goes through? No! The women, with no roof over their head, living on road, are living such life since decades. Men use them as they know such women will not raise their voice against them. I am happy that Ganga did not choose to keep quiet but raised her voice against it. She got together her courage to fight it. She is a fighter and survivor! So many women must have got inspired from her. It is our responsibility to make a society free of such people. What is the surety that people like Yash will come out on bail and not try to threaten the weak women? Judge cancels Yash’s bail after looking at the given evidences. Yash is to be locked again in jail. Everyone is happy except Yash, Janvi and Prabha. Yash tells the judge he did not do anything. My career will be spoiled. He asks Sagar to say something. I did not do anything. Prabha tells them to leave. He runs when the inspector takes him down the witness box. Pulkit catches hold of him. I would have taught you a lesson if it wasn’t court. Sagar says law will punish him. You think of law as a joke. See what happens with you now. Don’t try to even think to do anything against Ganga or any woman in general from now onwards. Police takes him away.

Niru tells Sagar that he made him proud today. you showed your excellence in the first case only. Sagar says I learnt it from you only. I just hope I live up to your expectations. Everyone looks proudly at him.

Sudha slaps Yash outside. This is for what you did with Ganga. Don’t dare to do this to anyone else in future. Prabha tries to scold her but Sudha stops her. You should have brought him well. A few boys begin to beat Yash to teach him a lesson but Inspector intervenes. Justice will happen. Prabha shouts at the police to leave Yash but Ratan holds her back. Madhvi looks on sadly. Prabha refuses to keep any relation with the people who cannot have the relation formed by blood. This all happened because of Ganga and Sagar! She leaves with Ratan. Madhvvi feels bad. Niru assures Madhvi that police came at the right time. Yash will be punished.

Raghav ji goes to submit some papers. Sagar tells Ganga he said he will clean the stain from her name. She regrets making him lose his career and future (job). He gives her something. She reads it and is teary eyed. It is the paper in which she had made him write that he will always listen to Ganga and stand by her side. Sagar says I promised you in childhood only. How could I back off from my promise now? Forget everything but never forget that your Sagar will leave you alone. He tells her not to hide her tears from him. You wont cry anymore. She hugs him as she cries her heart out. They both realise it and break the hug. Sagar looks confused.

Pulkit, Sagar and Ganga come to Chaturvedi House. She looks hesitant but Sagar takes her inside while holding her hand. Sagar stops outside the house. He calls out for Dadi. Everyone comes out. Sagar says I did what I spoke of. Ic leared Ganga’s name. Bring aarti’s thaal. Wont you welcome us? Supriya turns to go when Amma ji stops her. Why to welcome you? Sagar says I wont the case. Truth won today. You should be happy of my victory. You love the traditions of Chaturvedi Family? Wont you do the tilak of the one who followed it? Amma ji allows Supriya to bring the puja thaal. Amma ji is about to do Sagar’s aarti when he makes Ganga stand next to him. She reluctantly does their aarti together. Janvi looks irked. Amma ji takes him inside. Everyone asks Ganga to come in. Janvi holds Ganga’s hand. Don’t think that you won after coming in this house again. I cannot lose so how will you win? Now just wait and watch!

Niru and Madhvi are happy to see their son at home finally. Madhvi tells Sagar that someone has come to meet him. Janvi’s parents come out. Sagar greets them. Madhvi shares that they have come for your Roka with Janvi. Sagar is shocked and so is Ganga. Niru says my son did not tell me anything about him and Janvi. I would not have known anything if they had not come here. He compliments Sagar on his choice. I am ready to accept her as my DIL. Pulkit looks at Ganga. Amma ji asks Maharaj ji to bring sweets. Everyone goes towards the dining table except Ganga, Sagar and Janvi. Ganga tells Sagar that this day brought double celebrations for him. Congratulations! She goes from there. Sagar asks Janvi what is this. I am not ready for marriage yet you called them. She replies that she had no idea about it. Aunty called them. MAdhvi sends Janvi to sit with her parents. Sagar pulls his mother aside. What’s this? You called them without asking me. This is such a big thing. You could have told me atleast. She knows he wouldn’t have agreed. It might not be important for you but it is for us. A stranger girl is living in our house since so many days. What can we tell people? He is worried what to do now. She suggests telling Janvi’s parents that he is not ready yet. Don’t do any drama before them. Pulkit tells them that Yash flee from the jail. Both the brothers rush out.

Ratan calls Prabha. I am at home only. Finish your work and come. I don’t feel like going to office after what happened. he is shocked to see Yash standing there. He closes the door. Yash hugs him but Ratan pulls him away. Yash requests him to do something. Ratan wants to send him back to police station. Sagar knocks at the door. open it. Prabha asks them why they are here again. Inspector suggests breaking the door. She speaks against it but in vain. Ratan is sitting alone on the sofa. Prabha asks him why he wasn’t opening the door. Yash came here? Ratan shows them his hand. There is a cut on his hand. Ratan shares that Yash came. I told him to go to police. He attacked me and fled. He jumped out of that window. Inspector tells a constable to alert every police station and check points. He wouldn’t have gone far. Pulkit is concerned for Ratan but PRabha requests them to leave. You don’t have to do any favour on us. Please leave. Sagar and Pulkit leave.

Prabha thinks Yash would have been tortured. That is why he ran away. you shouldn’t have told police that Yash came here. Another case will be lodged against him. Ratan tells her not to worry. The wound isn’t deep. I hit myself on my own. He opens the cupboard. Yash is hiding inside. Ratan also talks against Madhvi and Niru. They want their son to win which is why they did not listen to us. I made Yash apologize to them too. I cannot bear it anymore. They want to see my son’s downfall. I will do the same with them! they must realise how it feels when your kid is in pain.

Amma ji asks Ganga to do the shuddhi of the house. Ganga begins to do so. Janvi smiles seeing Ganga. She is talking to someone on phone about her Roka ceremony. She ends the call. She notices Ganga spreading the holy smoke around. She intentionally switches on the fan and directs it towards Ganga. A particle flies up in Gaga’s eyes. She is in pain. Janvi rushes to blow onto her eyes.

Are you in pain? Ganga denies. Janvi calls it a small shock. You will get the bggest shock of your life today Sagar’s wedding is going to be fixed with me. there cannot be a bigger pain for you than this. Your pain is flowing down eyes. Ganga points out at her fear. Don’t you trust Sagar’s love or yourself?

Madhvi is shocked to know Yash fled after hitting Ratan BHaiya. Sagar too cannot believe it that Yash can fall so low. She wants to meet her brother but Sagar and PUlkit stop her. This is not the right time to go there. Yash is still not caught. Ganga and Janvi hear them. Sagar and Pulkit go upstairs.

Madhvi tells Janvi to give the sherwani to Sagar. Tell him to get ready fast. Janvi says his mood is off. He might not listen to me but he will never say no to his best friend. Send it with Ganga. Madhvi gives the sherwani to Ganga. Tell him to get ready. Ganga sadly takes it.

Sagar is talking to Raghav ji on phone but he too has no info on Yash. The call ends. Ganga gives the sherwani to Sagar. Get ready for the Roka. He cannot understand why his mother is in such a rush. She called Janvi’s parents for Roka. Ganga says it is good. Everyone is happy. She turns to go when he holds the end of her saree. Are you happy? She wipes her tears before looking at him. Are you happy? I am happy if you are happy. He looks at her.

Madhvi tells Prabha not to say sorry. Yash is at fault. Ratan blames themselves for not bringing up Yash right. He hit his father. Niru says maybe punishment only can bring him on the right track. He might commit big crimes in future otherwise. Ratan says I cannot apologize to you all after what Yash did with Ganga. Ganga comes there. Ratan looks angrily at her. Amma ji sends Ganga away to do some work. Ratan signals PRabha. She calls out after Ganga and holds her feet. Please forgive me. Ganga makes her get up. Prabha says no one will be able to clear the sins that Yash did. Forgive me please. Ganga replies that it isn’t her fault. Yash was wrong. Don’t embarrass me like this. Ratan compliments her upbringing. Amma ji tells Prabha to drop it. Yash did it so let it be. You spoiled him maybe. She sends Ganga again to do her work. Madhvi feels bad thinking if Ratan wont come in Sagar’s Roka. Ratan calls Sagar his son. How can I do it? Where is he?

Ganga meets Sagar in the corridor. He is all dressed for the Roka. Janvi notices the looking at each other. She stands next to Sagar. How am I looking? He nods absentmindedly. She asks him to come. The mahurat will pass otherwise. They both leave. Ganga is teary eyed.

Ganga comes in kitchen. She thinks of what happened in the court. She wipes her tears. No, why are you still dreaming? Till when will you be lost in this dreamy world and depending on whom? The truth is in front of you. Accept it. She sets the plates. Something bites her. She bends to check but cannot see anything. Maharaj ji comes there. He asks her if she needs medicine. She declines. I am fine. Later, a scorpion is seen walking underneath the fridge.

Prabha and Ratan look at each other. Sagar thinks of hugging Ganga in the court today and of her words. Ganga comes there. Maharaj ji heads towards the kitchen. He asks Ganga to join everyone. Madhvi is doing the Roka rituals. Ganga begins to feel dizzy as she walks towards the table. Prabha notices Ganga. She signals Ratan towards Ganga and Sagar. Sagar keeps looking at Ganga all the while. Ganga drops the tray and falls on the floor. Sagar rushes to her side. He pushes the puja thaal that was in Janvi’s father’s hand away while running up to her.