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Thursday Update on Gangaa 31th January 2019

The car leaves. Later, Ganga asks Pulkit about the matter but he says nothing. She is sure something is there. He looked upset. Ganga comes to her [...]

Wednesday Update on Gangaa 30th January 2019

Ganga says I can still prove it that Janvi is lying. Amma ji tells her to stop it. Ganga turns to Sagar. You know me. I never lie or try to show someo [...]

Tuesday Update on Gangaa 29th January 2019

Sagar stands there watching her. I hurt her so much without intending to! The astrologer makes a perfect kundli for Janvi. Sagar cannot have a bett [...]

Monday Update on Gangaa 28th January 2019

Sahil is packing his bags. Janvi asks him about it. He says he has understood Ganga loves Sagar. He asks Janvi to understand it as well. Janvi denies. [...]

Sunday Update on Gangaa 27th January 2019

Ganga is mad, she is stubborn since childhood, this will ruin her life, what shall I do. He takes her anklet and says no Ganga, I will not let you pla [...]

Saturday Update on Gangaa 26th January 2019

Ganga being shocked knowing Sagar chose Sahil for her. She says Sahil….. Niranjan says yes, Sagar said you both like each other, and Sahil wants to ma [...]

Friday Update on Gangaa 25th January 2019

Prabha says Madhvi changed since she started managing home, I will see what girls’ family gets today. Amma ji says I have to see that too. Ganga hears [...]

Thursday Update on Gangaa 24th January 2019

Madhvi asks Pulkit ans Supriya to seek Amma ji’s blessings. Amma ji tells them to stop. I will bless them, but I want answer to my questions first. Pr [...]

Wednesday Update on Gangaa 24th January 2019

Madhvi and Amma ji are selecting sarees. Janvi too joins them. She goes aside to attend a call. Madhvi says it is good if Ganga stays in Ashram for a [...]

Tuesday Update on Gangaa 22th January 2019

Everyone waits for Pulkit’s answer. Amma ji hopes Pulkit says no. I will bring a nice girl from a good family for him later on. Niru hopes Pulkit does [...]
1 15 16 17 18 19 23 170 / 221 POSTS