Thursday Update on Gangaa 24th January 2019

Madhvi asks Pulkit ans Supriya to seek Amma ji’s blessings. Amma ji tells them to stop. I will bless them, but I want answer to my questions first. Prabha is happy to witness a drama. Amma ji asks the bride’s family about the alliance which was also fixed in the past. Why dint you tell us about it? Prabha exaggerates it. surely the girl is not right! She goes quiet when she notices Madhvi glaring at her. They should have told us. Amma repeats her question. What was the reason behind the alliance getting broken? Niru says we like the girl. That is enough. What will we do with all that kind of history? Amma ji wants to hear the truth from the bride’s parents. Supriya begins to tell when Pulkit takes over. Supriya backed off from the wedding as the guy was not good enough. Amma ji makes a issue of it. they are already hiding matters from us. They can hide a lot of things in future then. Niru says you are exaggerating the matter for no reason. Amma ji advises him to do everything along with his wife then. Why do the kids need my blessing then! She walks away in a huff. Ganga thinks how Amma ji can do so at this point of time!

Maharaj ji keeps all the shagun in Amma ji’s room. You wanted to check what Supriya’s family has brought. She nods.

Supriya’s father thanks Pulkit for maintaining their respect before his family. Supriya told me that she has told you everything about her previous alliance breaking up and of their financial status. Pulkit suggests him to call him a son instead of SIL. Supriyas father is touched.

Madhvi and Niru tell Supriya and her family to take Amma ji’s words to their heart. Supriya’s father speaks nicely about Pulkit. You guys are really lucky to have a son like him. They leave. Supriya looks at Pulkit as she sits in the car. Ganga is very happy for Pulkit. Niru goes inside. Sagar asks his brother to come upstairs. We have to talk a lot. Ganga follows them.

Amma ji checks the stuff that Supriya’s family has brought. This is not at all expensive and local stuff! Prabha adds fuel to the fire. I will marry off Yash to a well off family. The society people will say we have fixed Pulkit’s alliance with a beggar family. Madhvi tells her not to speak like this today atleast. Amma ji cuts her off. She is not saying anything wrong. They are only middle class after all. Madhvi says it doesn’t matter where she is from. I wanted this kind of girl only for Pulkit. Prabha adds that it would have been a good family with good dowry if it was Sagar in Pulkit’s place. Madhvi gives her a nice reply. She also tells Amma ji to let her make decisions for her sons. You made decisions for your kids! She walks off. Amma jis ends Prabha out of the room and shouts after Madhvi. Don’t come to me later. I wont even answer anything you ask me!

Sagar gets to know of Supriya’s background. Is this why you said yes to marry Supriya bhabhi? Ganga nods. who can forget their first love? Janvi looks at her. Sagar hugs Pulkit. I am proud of you. Pulkit says I only wanted Supriya not to face what I face in my family. Ganga calls her lucky. She knows that her life partner will stand by her in every problem. What else can be a good thing for a girl? Tihs is what love is. Janvi says it is old fashioned. Today’s lover boys have to give different types of tests. She holds Sagar’s hand. Saga nods. Pulkit bhaiya has shown me such a good example. I am sure I will pass that test too. Sagar and Janvi do hand fight behind his back. Ganga keeps looking at Sagar with love.

Ganga puts her bedding near the stairs. Maharaj ji adds that Amma ji wont open the door tonight. She is very upset with Bahu ji. He gives her torch as well. Light goes off at night. Ganga lies down to sleep. A while later, she hears some sound and wakes up. She goes upstairs to check. She finds two men inside the house. They drop all the looted stuff as they see her. She confronts them. I will send you in police. She calls out for everyone. One guy takes out a knife. He covers her face. Niru and everyone come out. The men warn the family members to stay back or we will kill her. Sagar tells them to take whatever they want. Nothing should happen to Ganga. Janvi tries to pull Sagar back but he still goes ahead. The man attacks him with knife. They leave Ganga and run away. Niru, Pulki and Sahil go after the goons. Sagar assures everyone he is fine. He asks Ganga if she is alright. She nods. Ganga thinks of Sagar’s words (of passing the love test).

Amma ji is shocked to see Sagar hurt. She wants to call doc but Sagar assures her he is fine. It is nothing. Niru, Pulkit and Sahil could not catch the goons. Madhvi reprimands him for leaving their son alone when he is hurt. Madhvi, Janvi and Amma ji insist upon bringing a doc but he says he is fine. Ganga supports him. She asks everyone not to close in on Sagar. She checks the wound. It isn’t deep. Niru is relieved hearing it. Amma ji refuses to believe Ganga. Ganga repeats that the wound is small. I brought Vaid ji’s lep, Babu’s English medicines and will get Sagar a tetanus injection tomorrow too. She cleans his wound. Sagar keeps looking at her. He thinks of their childhood when she used to tend to his wounds in a similar manner. He keeps looking at her sweetly. Madhvi and Janvi are uncomfortable. Niru smiles seeing Sagar and Ganga fighting cutely. Ganga asks everyone to rest. Sagar is fine. I am with him. Everyone leaves one by one except Ganga and Janvi. Janvi offers to drop Sagar to his room. Ganga reasons that Sagar got hurt in his hand and not feet. Sagar tells Janvi he is fine. Janvi is angry.

Janvi says I still feel Sagar should be taken to hospital. What if the wound is deep? Ganga declines. It isn’t necessary. Janvi asks her how she is so sure. Are you a doc? Ganga replies she does not have to be a doc. If the wound was deep then Ganga would have died before Sagar! Janvi looks at her.

Janvi asks Sagar why he fought like a hero. He reasons that Ganga is his friend. I would have done it for you too. Janvi gives him coffee but Ganga holds out a glass of turmeric milk for him. He needs this at the moment. He has fever. Janvi asks her how she knows it. Ganga says I know it. Check it if you don’t believe it. Janvi checks Sagar. He has indeed fever. She might have come before to check on Sagar. He declines. She came just now when you entered. How do you (Ganga) know I have fever? Ganga smiles and gives him milk. He drinks it. She thinks their relation is of souls. We are two bodies but one soul. Would I not know when you are in pain? She checks his wound. Janvi feels bad and leaves from there. Sagar notices her.

Madhvi notices Janvi in tears. Janvi tries to hide it but Madhvi insists upon knowing the reason. She takes Janvi with her.

Amma ji gives a list to Sagar. All this will come from Supriya’s house for Pulkit. Sagar is surprised. Amma ji tells him to go and give it to Supriya’s family. it is to be brought in the evening. Ganga calls it greed. Amma ji wants to maintain her respect in society. Sagar points out that it is dowry. Your son is a judge. He will file a case against you. She says my grandson will take me out. He scares her by talking about what all one has to go through in jail. She tells him not to scare her. It an age old tradition. Ganga points out that Babu wont like it. Dowry is illegal. Sagar supports her too. Amma ji repeats Madhvi’s words. If Supriya’s family sends things as per my standard then its fine, otherwise the wedding will happen without me. She leaves. Ganga asks Sagar how the bride’s family will bring all this stuff. Why dint you explain to Amma ji? He knows Amma ji wont understand. He thinks of an idea.

Madhvi understands that Janvi had a fight with Sagar. I will just talk to him. Maharaj ji lets her know that Sagar left just now with Ganga.

Sagar and Ganga buy all the items from the list. She reasons that it is wrong to fulfil wrong demands. Dowry is completely wrong. He says we are only making Dadi happy right now by giving her what she wants. How does it matter who pays what! She isn’t convinced. He says I was about to go back but then stopped to attend Bhaiya’s wedding. How could I leave like that? I want everything to go smoothly. She is shocked to know he will leave her again. I have died all these days without you. my life will stop. She asks him when he will be back. He says I will come when you will call me. She thinks she wont let him go this time. You have forgotten everything, all the childhood memories and everything! I will remind you everything. She asks the shopkeeper to pack everything.

Ganga drags Sagar to the ghaat. They pant as they have been running. He asks her why she has brought him here. She says I have brought you here to remind you of our childhood days. They relive the old times. He also talks about the day she had come to the same ghaat to pour her Bappa’s ashes in water. Your FIL had come to forcibly take you with him. They both get sad thinking about that day. He holds her hand. They share an eye lock. She feels shy. He says I wonder what would have happened if your FIL had taken you with him. She asks him if he thinks so much about her. He nods, sometimes. Ganga replies that he might think of her sometimes but she thinks of him all the time, of the moments that she has lived with them and of the moments that she couldn’t spend with him. He looks at her. What moments did you want to live with me? She says I wanted to go on a boat ride with you, go far away and listen to the sound of the waves. He thinks of something and excuses himself for a minute. Sagar gets on a boat. He calls out for Ganga. She runs downstairs excitedly to join him. He holds out his hand for her. She happily keeps her hand in his and steps on the boat. They enjoy the ride together. They playfully throw water on one another. They both stand in the famous Titanic pose.

Madhvi understands Janvi is upset to see Sagar and Ganga together. Janvi says I know they are best friends. I shouldn’t feel insecure but I cannot help it at times. Madhvi tells Janvi that Sagar considers Ganga to be her closest friend. This is why they talk very openly and easily with one another. But I think now the time has come to mark a Lakshman rekha (limit) in their friendship.

Sagar saying I m very happy today. Ganga asks when did he get such pose. He says when hero falls in love with heroine. She says which happened to you and smiles. He asks what. She says nothing. He asks her to come. She says you will not say I love you, but I will make you say it today.

Madhvi asks Jhanvi to tell Sagar and make him realize her feelings and expectations. She says make him realize the difference between love and friendship, are you understanding, just you can do this work. Jhanvi nods. Sagar and Ganga come home. She falls and he holds her. They laugh. Madhvi and Jhanvi look on. Madhvi asks Jhanvi not to worry, as I m with you, we both want one thing, you want Sagar and I want my son, are you ready. Jhanvi says yes, I m ready. This is my promise, I will get my Sagar and you will get your son.

Its night, Amma ji sees the shagun items kept in the mehendi function and asks about chadava plate. Prabha comes and says halwai made great sweets. Amma ji asks her to talk in low tone. Prabha asks why all this, for Pulkit’s wife. Amma ji says yes. Prabha says you did a lot, I have to see does girls’ family give you respect or not. Madhvi asks her to stop it, she is doing this relation by thinking well, girl’s family will respect us, see it today.