Thursday Update on Gangaa 31th January 2019

The car leaves. Later, Ganga asks Pulkit about the matter but he says nothing. She is sure something is there. He looked upset.

Ganga comes to her room. She notices Janvi standing near the cupboard. Ganga asks her what she is doing here. Janvi says I was just checking. Ganga says I don’t doubt on anyone without any reason. I feel it is your habit to steal. I wont be surprised if you have done something here. I am not scared of you. Janvi smiles. Ganga takes out her clothes. She sends Janvi outside as she needs to change. Janvi thinks Ganga will be indeed scared once she finds out about her plan!

Ganga is all set to leave for the college. Niru tells her to be on time. It is the last day to submit the form for LLB. All the Best! Ganga thanks him and leaves. Janvi peeks at her from upstairs. Ganga leaves on her bicycle. Madhvi thinks it is good if Ganga concentrates at her studies. Janvi thinks Ganga will become a lawyer only when the form will be submitted. Your countdown begins now!

Ganga comes to college. The counter will close in 10 minutes. Ganga hopes to submit her form on time. I have to take admission this year. She feels itchy. She requests the peon to ask sir to hurry up. He tells her to stand in the queue. One should come early for getting their work done. Ganga’s hands and skin is all red. She feels dizzy too.

Janvi looks at JP who is happily sleeping. She smiles and checks if anyone is around. She sits down next to him, telling him about the problem on Ganga. She must be feeling dizzy. She can even die! She shows him some packet. She recalls sprinkling it on Ganga’s saree. Ganga only wanted a solid revert! Face it now. I will ruin you now. She tells JP Ganga would be in real trouble / pain right now. Poor girl, her game is over now!

Ganga is sweating profusely and not able to stand properly. Peon calls out for her as it is Ganga’s turn. Ganga seeks Kanha ji’s help. I have to submit the form. She cannot walk forward though. She passes out just then. Everyone rushes to her side.

Sagar comes to college to give an important document to Ganga that she forgot at home. People wonder what happened to this girl (Ganga). Sagar comes there. He is shocked to see Ganga lying on the floor. He makes her sit. She speaks about form. He keeps patting at her face, asking her to open her eyes. She cannot see anything clearly. Sagar helps her stand and then makes her sit on a nearby bench. What happened to you? How did all these rashes happen? She mutters she is fine. I have to submit form. He offers to do it but she insists upon doing it. He has to act stern with her to make her sit. He goes to submit the form. We will visit a doc then. Meanwhile, Ganga is having trouble staying awake. He calls doc, asking him to reach home. Ganga is unwell. We will reach soon.

Janvi wonders how Ganga will be. Sagar enters just then. He is holding Ganga in his arms. He shares that she became unconscious before the counter. Janvi is irked. Madhvi and Amma ji notice her skin turning red. Ganga opens her eyes and looks at Janvi.

Amma ji and Madhvi talk about Ganga’s condition. Amma ji is about to leave for KUldevi’s puja when JP steps in her way. Amma ji asks Madhvi to take JP aside. I am going for a puja. Janvi observes it all.

Amma ji meets a Guru Ma outside the temple. She gives something to Amma ji. This is for your son and grandsons. Make sure it isn’t disrespected. Amma ji assures her of the same. She goes to do darshan.

Sagar sits by Ganga’s side all the time when she is unconscious. Madhvi and Amma ji notice him holding Ganga’s hand all along. Madhvi tells him to go to his room. You haven’t eaten anything. Doc said she will sleep for a while. Sagar refuses. I will go once Ganga gets well. Ganga would have done the same for me. She would have sat by my side and prayed to Kanha to make me well. Should I not do this much for my Ganga? Janvi stands outside irked. Sagar adds that Ganga is his childhood friend. Janvi thinks Sagar worries a lot for Ganga. Sagar rubs Ganga’s hands. Ganga takes his name in her unconscious state. Sagar tells Ganga he is with her only. She opens her eyes after a long while. Ganga takes her hand away. She sits up, quietly refusing to take his help for the same. Madhvi asks her if she is alright. Do you need something? Amma ji asks her how it all happened. Janvi too joins them. I got worried when I saw you. Ganga replies she does not have to worry for her. Such small things wont harm me in any way. I can take care of myself. Sagar advises her to put medicine and sleep. You have so many rashes. Madhvi says Ganga will do it on her own. He insists upon doing it. I got a chance after much difficulty to repay her. He begins to put ointment at her rashes when Ganga moves her hand back. I will put it myself. She notices his sad face.

Sagar cannot sleep. He thinks of Ganga’s behaviour. Ganga can avoid me as much as she wants to. I should be with her. I know she is upset with me but! He opens the door and finds Janvi standing there. She suggests watching their favourite movie together. He politely declines. Also, don’t come in my room at this late. What will the family members think? I am going to be with Ganga. Janvi asks him if it is ok if he goes in Ganga’s room at night. He reasons that she is his friend. She points out that his friend insults him all the time. I observed everything today. He nods. She might not think of me as her friend but no one can actually understand how much she means to me. no one can be as close to me as her. Janvi tries to follow him but in vain. Janvi notices Ganga standing outside. You were eavesdropping. Ganga says don’t think of me to be like you. I was coming from bahu ji’s room when I heard Sagar’s voice. heard what place I have in Sagar’s heart. You only don’t understand. Janvi makes it clear to her that Sagar thinks of her as his friend only. Ganga says you are his girlfriend. Why he does not behave with you that ways? Be thankful to me that I did not tell him anything. Think what he will do if he finds out what you did today! He will throw you out of his life! You tried your best to hurt me but see what good it brought to me. Sagar actually came close to me instead of going away. He took care of me. He was so concerned for me. You saw it all, right? Janvi holds her hand. They both stare – glare at each other.

Janvi challenges Ganga. You are very proud of yourself, your relation with Sagar and how much this family trusts you. Being an outsider, everyone loves you so much! I will snatch everything from you in the next 7 days. Love, trust, Sagar’s support, everything! You think you can take throw me out of the house! I will throw you out in 7 days. Ganga says we will see who stays inside and who leaves the house.

Amma ji sits next to Niru. She asks him to wear the ring first. I brought it from Kuldevi Temple after doing a special puja. He reasons that he does not believe in all this. She shushes him. You know how much it means to me. He calls it a superstition. She asks him if he wont listen to what she says. He wears it. He is having trouble writing, so he removes it. It falls in the dustbin by mistake. Amma ji comes out to tell him something. She is shocked to notice the ring lying in dustbin. She looks at NIru. You could have told me if you did not want to wear it. You threw it in dustbin. He denies. It fell by mistake.

Everyone comes out hearing the commotion. Amma ji tells them what just happened. She calls it inauspicious. Niru could have told me directly if he did not want to wear it. Madhvi tries to explain her but in vain. Amma ji says I am mad to do all puja’s and everything. I should leave the house. Madhvi politely says it will not happen. Amma ji is tensed thinking what Kuldevi will do now. Guide me Lord. Niru apologizes to his mother. I did not mean to disrespect anyone. She says it cannot be undone now. I will do penance. I will keep Nirjala fast for 7 days. I will neither eat nor drink anything.

Madhvi tells Niru to better Amma ji’s mood. You know how much she believes in Kuldevi. Niru remarks people say rightly, kids and elders are alike.

Everyone is gathered in Amma ji’s room. She still talks about doing penance. Niru sits down beside her. I agree I don’t believe in religion but I do believe in you. You are my mother. I can never hurt you. Tell me what is to be done. I don’t want you to be punished for my mistake. Justice holds a similar meaning. Why will you do Nirjala fast for 7 days? She asks him if it is a son talking to her right now or a lawyer. He says I am talking as your son.

She suggests an idea. We will have to do a Bhoj for 4 Brahmins. You only will on the stove and do everything. You will have to wear ethnic clothing for it. He agrees to do it for her sake. Amma ji is relieved. She gives the rings for her grandsons to Madhvi. Madhvi gives it to Sagar and Pulkit. They both also don’t believe in it but have to do it for Dadi. Amma ji asks Pulkit to bring Supriya tomorrow. It is important that she is at home during the Bhoj. She gives the responsibility of Bhoj to Ganga. I will ask Sudha to help you. I will keep Nirjala Fast for 7 days if you do anything wrong. Ganga nods. Janvi thinks to use this chance to her benefit.

Next morning, Amma ji knocks at NIru’s door. He comes out wearing typical Indian clothes. Madhvi smiles seeing him thus. They all go to make food together.

Pulkit tries Supriya’s number but she is not picking it up. He is worried about everyone’s reaction. He thinks of her last words before leaving for her home. It means she will not come back for sure? What will I tell others? Sagar notices him tensed. What happened? Pulkit replies Supriya does not want to come back here. Sagar is taken aback. Why? Pulkit takes Saloni’s name. Sagar asks him if he told her everything about Saloni. Pulkit nods. I had to tell her. I cannot understand what to do now. Everyone will blame me for her absence today.