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Friday Update on Twist of Fate Zee World Tv 8th Feb 2019

Pragya holds the tree branches or something and shouts for help. Abhi comes there. Pragya asks him to go. He says if I don’t save you then you will di [...]

Friday Update on This is Fate 8th February 2019

Preeta comes to Karan and tells her to keep his attention over Sherlin. She sends him at the outer door to keep an eye over the guests. Karan thinks t [...]

Friday Update on Gangaa 1st January 2019

Sagar asks him what he wants. I can bring Bhabhi if you are feeling awkward. She will come. Pulkit thanks him. Sagar leaves right away. Sudha and G [...]

Friday Update on This is Fate 1st February 2019

Karan asks to look into the washroom which girl he is with. They were shocked as he opens the door, it was Preeta. Preeta asks what happened. Prithvi [...]

Friday Update on Twist Of Fate Zee World Tv 1st Feb 2019

Sangram asks Disha to sit in mandap. Disha cries and sits in mandap. Pragya thinks I can’t let Sangram marry Disha. She sees glass piece and pushes it [...]

Friday Update on Gangaa 25th January 2019

Prabha says Madhvi changed since she started managing home, I will see what girls’ family gets today. Amma ji says I have to see that too. Ganga hears [...]

Friday Update on This is Fate 25 January 2019

Shrishti walks across the corridor deciding to ignore Sameer. She is unable to recognize her own feelings. She turns around to look if he is coming be [...]

Friday Update on Twist Of Fate Zee World Tv 25th Jan 2019

Simonika comes and asks what happened? Pragya says Abhi is inside and snake is also there. Simonika says if snake has bitten him. Pragya says no, and [...]

Friday Update on Twist Of Fate Zee World Tv 18th Jan 2019

RECAP: Tanu says we have to clear our doubt. Aaliya says if she is Pragya then I will find out her true identity. She asks her to come. Purab tries [...]

Friday Update on Gangaa Zee Tv dramas 11th Jan 2019

Ganga denies. He will forget you the moment he finds another animal. He forgets old friends when he meets new friends. Sagar denies. Ganga asks him ho [...]
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