The heir Friday Update 20 September 2019


The heir Friday Update 20 September 2019

Amba says this will remind you always that mehendi has no place in your life. Mannu goes. Raj hides and looks on. Raj sees Mannu worriedly. Mannu goes to the shade and sees her hand. She sits crying. She recalls Amba. Raj comes there. He says I knew you will be here. Mannu corrects Raj. She asks Raj to leave her alone and go. Raj stops her. She gets hurt. He sees her wound. He says what do you think, I won’t know, I have seen it Preet. She says this had to happen, I did not agree to Amba, I would get punishment, she did right. He says I m shocked hearing this, after all this, you are saying this, your mummy has become selfish, she is thinking just for herself, her status and pride, can’t you see this.

Raj says look at yourself Preet, take care of yourself, come with me. He makes her sit and does aid to her hand. Chal diya teri baat maankar…..plays…….. Raj cries seeing her.

Harjeet seeing Rohan drunk and slapping him. He scolds him. Mohini says I was waiting for this day. Nihaal argues with Rohan. Harjeet says Nihaal is my son, he will become Bajwas Shah. Mohini and Nihaal smile. Rohan says great, I have drunk wine and Harjeet looks drunk, you came from jail four days back and Harjeet wants to make you Shah. He says I m Harjeet’s son. He asks Harjeet how can he do this getting in their words. Harjeet asks men to throw Rohan out of home. Rohan says you are doing big mistake. Men take Rohan. Harjeet goes. Mohini smiles.

Nihaal asks Rohan to come home. Rohan says leave me. Raj and Mannu pass by and stop seeing them. Rohan says its my home. Nihaal says wait for 2 days, let me become Sahh, then I will see you. He raises hand on Rohan. Raj stops
Nihaal. Nihaal asks him to leave. He says Rohan is m brother, even when he is not my own brother, we have a relation, many times, own blood relations are not together, who is Rohan to you, is he your brother that you are interfering. Mannu asks does Nihaal know Raj’s truth. Raj pushes him away.

Nihaal takes a stick to beat. Raj stops him and takes the stick. Nihaal gets away. Raj talks to Rohan. Nihaal says he started walking and flying now. Raj takes care of Rohan. Nihaal goes. Mannu goes to Raj and asks did you hear what Nihaal said, he knows you are Raj Bajwa, I had doubt before, but now I m sure, he said Harjeet will make him Shah in 2 days, go and tell everything to Harjeet. Raj says you think of yourself, like you want to fight your own war.

Mannu says its your house, your dad, your rights, enmity will increase if Mohini and Nihaal get everything. Raj says you go and tell Amba your truth, then I will tell Harjeet my truth. He asks Rohan to come.

Mannu writes a letter to Harjeet that Raj is your son, he is not handicapped, just look around, you will find him. Postman comes home. He says I came to bless Gunjan and handsover some posts. Mannu gives the wedding cards and asks him to come in marriage. Amba goes. Mannu keeps letter in between cards. Amba asks Mannu to sit. She says don’t forget why you got punished. She reads the well wisher’s letter, that Mannu’s truth that she is a girl is known to me, are you worried that secret will come out, you can’t hide this truth, Mannu will tell truth to the world herself. Amba recalls Mannu and gets shocked.

Mannu seeing Raj. She thinks to tell Raj about letter, maybe Harjeet understands after reading the letter. She goes to Raj and says I need to talk. Gunjan asks Raj to go fast. Amba asks someone to come. Everyone get shocked seeing some people. Amba asks them to come inside. She says this is Sharma ji, his wife and daughter. She introduces her family. Jagan asks who are they, whose Samdhi are they becoming.

Amba asks him not to murder, they are our would be Samdhi, I decided to fix their daughter’s relation with Mannu. They get shocked. Jagan says come for a second. Amba goes with him. Jagan says they look poor, Mannu is Shah, he will get any relation. She says trust me, I m doing this for good, come. Amba says Mannu does not even talk in front of me, will you get such guy
anywhere. She says I called pandit to get mahurat. Mannu and Raj get worried. Raj goes.

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