Fire and Ice Friday Update 20 September 2019


Fire and Ice Friday Update 20 September 2019

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Its morning, Twinkle wakes up and moves her hand hitting Kunj’s face, Kunj wakes up too, they both get awkward. Manager comes there and wishes them good morning, he says i know you both must have enjoyed in my hotel, after my special milk, i have brought my special coffee, it will kill your tiredness after yesterday night, Twinkle feels like laughing, Kunj says keep it and leave else i will beat you, he leaves, Kunj says it became way too much special, our special honeymoon, that special milk and all, Twinkle says you ate that milk too, Kunj says you wanted to try something special, you slept instead of enjoying last night, Twinkle says dont fight with me, Kunj says you just keep talking, thats all, he leaves, Twinkle says Kunj seems angry with me, i will hug him tightly and will say sorry, i will do something special for him.
Kunj gives money to hotel manager, manager says i hope you had good time here, Kunj says you fool people. Kunj thinks my honeymoon got destroyed, what should i do set Twinkle’s mood? Kunj gets call from Rohit(his friend), Rohit tells him that their project got approved and there will be showcase in London global meet, Kunj gets happy and thinks to tell Twinkle.
Twinkle gets call from doctor, who tells her that Kunj has anemia, Twinkle is stunned, doctor says we will do more tests, Twinkke says i will come to meet you.
Kunj and Twinkle comes out of hotel, Kunj tells Twinkle that his project got approved and they are going to London, now they will have real honeymoon, Twinkle gets happy, Kunj says i always wanted to earn myself and give my earning to my wife, Twinkle is happy and hugs Kunj, Twinkle thinks i cant tell Kunj about doctor’s call, i should meet doctor first and ask him if its serious illness, Twinkle asks Kunj to drop her at doctor’s clinic, he says why? Twinkle says i want to buy sandals, there is shop near clinic.
Twinkle meets doctor, he says Kunj has problem in blood, he should not get injured at any cost, if he gets injured then his blood spilling will not stop, his blood will be lost and the thing is that Kunj has rare blood group that is called Bombay blood so it will be difficult to give him blood, you have to take care that he should not get injured, you should inform Kunj too that he should be careful about his health. Twinkle calls Kunj but he doesnt pick up, Twinkle says i will go in college and talk to Kunj there only. Kunj is in college, his friends say that there is only one book of that subject in library and it is needed for new assignment, they see library’s door closed, friends says there is way to go in library from top floor, lets have race and whoever will get book will be winner, one friend says Kunj is nice boy, he cant do any race, Kunj says dont challenge me, i am ready for race. Twinkle comes there and says Kunj will not do any race, Kunj says i am doing it, its just a race.

All get ready for race, host says racers have to reach top floor of building to get into library, Twinkle says to Kunj that dont do this race, it can be dangerous for your life, Kunj says this is just a race, dont worry you are my lady luck so nothing will happen to me, Twinkle is tensed. Kunj starts race, he is running and climbing stairs. Twinkle is running behind him, Twinkle says Kunj is not ready to listen to me, he doesnt know that this is dangerous for his life, how to tell him. Twinkle sees Kunj running and asks him to run slowly, be careful, she iws worried but Kunj doesnt listen. Kunj is jumping from stairs, Twinkle is tensed seeing this and says he can get hurt, why he is not listening to me? what are you doing Kunj, please run slowly. Kunj strikes with grill, Twinkle is stunned but gets relieved seeing Kunj not hurt, Twinkle says he is not listening to me, i have to do something to stop him. She screams Kunj’s name and faints, Kunj listens her voice, he comes to her and sees her unconscious, he hugs her, he asks Twinkle to calm down, Twinkle says thank God we are alone now. Twinkle says to Kunj that i was acting to be unconscious because i wanted to talk to you, Kunj says are you mad? you have any idea, i was so tensed seeing you unconscious, i lost bet too, Twinkle says i had to talk something really important, please listen to me, Kunj says you made me lose bet, there is limit of childishness, i dont want to talk to you, he leaves. Twinkle gets call from doctor, he asks her to come to his clinic with Kunj, she says okay. Twinkle calls Kunj but he has switched off his phone, Twinkle says why did doctor call us?
Doctor calls in police station and says if you have donor of this blood group then do tell me. jailer says we will inform you if we have any donor of that blood group in our jail, Yuvi comes out of jail and smirks listening this.

Leela comes to Twinkle and says i couldnt talk to you from the time you have come from Mumbai, she asks Twinkle why she seems tensed? did you fight with Kunj? husband and wife do have fights, talk to him and pacify him, Twinkle hugs her and cries, Leela gets worried and asks what happened? Twinkle says Kunj is ill, he has blood illness, if he gets injured then it will be dangerous for his health, Leela says dont worry, God will make everything fine, even if he gets injured, i will make sure that we arrange blood for him, Twinkle says Kunj’s blood group is also rare, i have asked doctor Baseem to collect it from all blood banks so that we can have bank for emergency, Leela says dont worry, nothing will happen to Kunj, did you tell this to Kunj? Twinkle says i tried but couldnt get chance, Leela says you should tell him so that he can take care of himself, also you should tell this to family Usha and Babee have gone to Guradvarah, when they comeback, do tell them. Kunj comes there and asks Leela how is she? Leela says i am fine, how are you? he says i am fine, he stares Twinkle and leaves, Leela asks Twinkle to go, she leaves.
Twinkle comes to Kunj, he looks away and is miffed with her, Twinkle says i need to talk to you, Kunj says dont disturb me, Twinkle shows him gift, he says what is it? Twinkle says this is book which you wanted, you lost race because of me, your wish is my wish, Kunj is surprised and pulls her beside him to sit, he says my sweet wife, sometimes you do things which touch my heart directly, tell me your health is fine? she says yes why? Kunj says why so serious, did someone die? Twinkle stops him and says why are talking about death? Kunj says i have to say these dialogues for my fans, Twinkle says i need to talk to you something really important, Kunj gets call and says i have to attend this, he leaves. Twinkle gets call from doctor Baseem, he says to Twinkle that you should go to city hospital, you may find Kunj’s blood group there, Twinkle says okay.
Twinkle comes to Leela and tells her that she is going to blood bank to find Kunj’s blood group, if Kunj asks anything about me then say something, i will comeback soon.
Yuvi is in jail, he recalls how Twinkle said that she has answered him in his language only. Yuvi says to a Anita that why are you silent? i used to wear designer’s clothes and now i am wearing these cheap jail clothes, Anita says i am.. Yuvi says i am not even getting food here, i told you that bring some food for me but you didnt bring it, Anita says they are strict, they take everything from me, Yuvi says you are crying to me? you keep enjoying your kitty parties and here i eat pulse and rice, he looks at her and says just look at your designer clothes, you have come here as you will go to party after here, you should get award for best modern mom without emotions, Yuvi is frustrated, Anita tries to pacify him, she says i love you so much, i can do anything to bring you out of here, she says you remember when you used to be ill in childhood, i used to take you to hospital, go and eat rice given to you, act like you are choking, all should feel that you are not able to breath, do it and then i will do my work, Yuvi smirks at her.
Kunj is with his friends, friend says i am sorry to call you here, Kunj says blood donation is very nice work, we dont know who will need blood and when, they go in blood donation camp for donation.
Twinkle comes to city hospital and asks about Bombay blood group, receptionist asks her to wait till she checks it. Anita brings Yuvi to hospital with police, Yuvi is acting like choking, Anita acts too. Yuvi is brought to city hospital, police asks nurse to take him for treatment, Yuvi is taken. Anita says finally my Yuvi came out of that jail, he will live here easily, will get good food, clothes, AC and TV. Kunj and Twinkle can enjoy these small moments as my yuvi will return soon to poison their lives, i promise. Twinkle is waiting in reception area, Yuvi is taken from there, they dont see each other.
Kunj comes to give his blood, he says to doctor that i am punjabi, you can take my blood as much as you want. Doctor says first we have to do your test, only then we will know how much blood you can donate, Kunj says sure.
Yuvi is acting like choking, doctor checks him and says i have to call doctor Baseem. Receptionist says to Twinkle that we dont have Bombay blood group, we will inform you if we get it, Twinkle gets sad. Doctor calls Doctor baseem and says we have admitted a patient whose blood group is bombay, he can donate blood, Baseem thanks him. Baseem thinks to tell this to Twinkle.
Kunj’s test is done, doctor is tensed, he says to Kunj that did any doctor tell you about your immune system or your blood condition? Kunj says no, is there any issue? he says yes.
Baseem calls Twinkle and tells her there is patient in city hospital, he can donate blood to Kunj, Twinkle says i am really happy, who is that patient? Baseem says he is in room 209, you can meet him, Twinkle thanks him.

Twinkle is finding room 209, Yuvi is in that room. She searches for it. Yuvi is playing with apple in room. Twinkle finds room, she is about to go in when she gets call from Kunj, she picks it up and leaves. Twinkle asks Kunj what happened? are you fine? did you get hurt? you fine? Kunj says i am not fine, Twinkle gets worried and says where are you? i wanna meet you right now.

Twinkle comes to blood donation camp, she sees Kunj fine, he looks at her, Twinkle runs and hugs him tightly, Kunj caresses her face and says i am an idiot, you kept trying to tell me about this illness but i didnt listen to it, Twinkle says idiot is this illness, i feel like shooting and killing this illness, Kunj says i gave so much stress, you kept getting worried that i should not get hurt and i was racing in college, i came here to donate blood when i have to be careful, i am sorry Twinkle, its good to feel that someone is there who cares about me so much. Twinkle says our relation is not just namesake, your breaths are mine, if you get hurt then i feel pain, i am with you and will remain with you, i wont leave you in this difficult situation, Kunj says your love will give me strength to fight with all this, Twinkle gets emotional and hugs him, Sajna ve plays, Kunj hugs her back, both are tensed.

Leela calls her Reena, Reena tells her that after Mrityunjay chants, her husband became fine, Twinkle and Kunj comes there so Leela ends call. Leela asks Kunj how is he? Kunj says dont be emotional like your daughter, i am fine, Leela says i pray for you, Kunj holds Twinkle’s hand and says till Twinkle is with me, no illness can touch me, we are team, we have fought with all problems and we will fight with this too, Leela says thats good to listen, did you guys tell Babee and Usha about this illness, they need to know it, Twinkle says we will tell them before they get to know it from someone else, Kunj says till we dont find donor, i dont want to tell them as they will take tension, Leela says we cant hide it, Kunj says you trust me? she nods, he says then this is Prince’s decision, she nods. Twinkle asks about chants, Leela says Reena’s husband became fine, Twinkle says then i will do this chant too, Kunj says no need for fasting and all, Twinkle says you said we will fight with this together and this is Princess’s decision, i can do this fast daily for Kunj, they share eyelock, Twinkle asks Leela what she has to do, i will distribute food in poor too, Leela blesses her, Kunj is surprised to see concern.
Yuvi is in hospital, nurse comes there with dinner, he says i dont eat food like this, nurse says patients get this only, she leaves. Yuvi says i am in bad condition, dont know mom did right by sending me here or not, only these cuffs were missing, he have tied handcuffs too. Anita comes there and says i know you are bored seeing hospital food, she shows him food she brought, he eats it and says you are best, this is great food, Anita says when doctor comes tomorrow, act like you are ill, like you used to act in jail, till you act like ill, you will remain away from jail.
Twinkle is in her room, Kunj comes there and says no need to do this fast, i am not dying, Twinkle stops him and says promise me to not talk about death, he says okay i wont, but this fast is not needed, Twinkle says think that i am dieting, i have become fat, Kunj says i like you chubby, i can pull your cheeks, she says you are calling me fat? he says yes, Kunj tickles her, they fall on bed together, Twinkle says please let me do this fast for my peace, we will meet donor too tomorrow, Kunj touches his head with hers and says okay, Twinkle hugs him and gets happy, Sajna ve sad version plays.
Twinkle comes in mandir and meets Pundit, she tells her husband’s name. Pundit says you will have to chant Mrityunjay for 108times without stopping in middle. Twinkle starts chanting.
Babee and Manohar are in car, Manohar says you made good plan of going to Guradvarah, it was good idea, Babee says our dirver is nice, he drives nicely, we will reach home too, she asks driver to take them to Mandir, if we can go to Guradvarah then we can go to mandir too, Manohar says you are right.
Twinkle completes one chant, Pundit says before next chant, you have to take oath infront of God, pray for person for whom you are doing this, Twinkle prays to Lord and says i am doing this for Kunj’s long life, please listen to my prayers. Babee and Manohar arrives at Mandir. Manohar listens Mrityunjay chants, he says to Babee that seems like someone’s life is in danger, his family must be tension, i hope he gets fine. Twinkle is praying to Lord. Babee and Manohar comes in mandir to find pundit only, Babee says there is no one here, Manohar says all must have gone, they pray to lord.

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