Sunday Update on The Promise Zee World Tv November 25th

The Promise Update

Pronita remembers what rano and pia said the night before and jigs says our own sisters want you out, all those kasamhs? jigs rubs it in her face that her own sisters have sided with her. Jigs says that she will kick her sisters out too and will fulfill pia’s promise that she asked for. rishi talks to Ganga and says you must be upset that your whole family is leaving.. he says he has no problems with something and ganga grabs his hand and he says its okay (i think) no thank u or no sorrys in friendship and their song plays. She goes to lie down and so does he.. he grabs his pillows and sleeps on the floor. ganga watches him and he closes his eyes.. she smiles a little

Pronita talks to herself and says she can’t believe how everyone has changed, she wonders how she will prove herself.. she looks over and sees jai sleeping she picks up a folder and read immigration visa papers. Behpana pyar plays she closes the door and leaves Aditya gets a call and it’s from the immigration dept. they say they haven’t sent the forms , Pronita says her plan is successful and turns her phone off Varun is having a blood test.. well all of them are. pronita says shes sorry for the random blood tests but she needs it for DNA. (Paternity story??

Jai sees pronita’s face and tells ramu to throw her things out.. Rishi makes a suprise visit and jai is happy. the girls take ganga to one side… Jai tells rishi to stay here…. as Ganga passes pronita to go up the stairs she barges her.

Rishis turn is next and asks why are u doing this/ pronita says for money but he doesn’t believe it at all.. he asks for the truth.. he says he can tell from her eyes that she is lying and says if she needs help with anything let him know.. pronita says she can’t give anything to her daughter but asks Rishi to do the honors for her… Pronita is at the hospital and she thanks her for everything, the doc says she’s going abroad tonight and Pronita goes to pray to Ganish ji, she asks for help and support!

Rishi and ganga’s room, rishi teases Ganga saying he thought it took her forever to get ready.. Ganga bursts and says 3 days time her family are leaving for the US forever but her family want her to stay with Rishi all the time, why did he agree to stay? Rishi says it was his mistake for staying… he walks to a door and says i will think of an excuse and leave he gives the gift that pronita gave and says he never knew she thought ill of him He leaves Ganga checks the bangles and smiles… Adita and crew are playing dandiya and the kids say he can’t play the game. Daadi and her friends arrive thinking its holi and Aditya has a hard time explaining what festival it is. Rano sees this and leaves saying she won’t interfere. Vicky and varun think aditya has gone mad when he says its holi too and think they’ve hit Aditya too hard.. but Adiya says it’s his way of expressing love .

Jai asks aditya why he is so covered in colour… rishi intervenes and says he has to go as his father has sent him a message, everyone is shocked but then his parents arrive and his dad says he took him to the Doctor yesterday… Then vidya says Rishi made this lie up so him and ganga can go and chill and have a date.. As punishment for lying jai is sending them to Paris. Rano jumps in and tells the in-laws to sit down.. everyone leaves and ganga asks what is going on? he says he was helping her but she wants everything cleared up… Everyone goes dandiya crazy and they go round in circles.. pronita and jigs play but Jigs hits pronitas hands and it seems jai felt it.. pronitas finger bleeds and jais says something to her.. Rano comes and taunts and says does it hurt? this is nothing the biggest pain is yet to come… A waiter tells vicky the reports have come and he tells him to give it to jai… pronita says the truth will be out..jai is shocked to read the report and pronita smiles from afar

Jai walks towards pronita and she smiles.. he isn’t amused he grabs her arm (shock horror!) and rano watches.. he drags her outside, pronita asks where they are going but he seats her in the car.. he takes her to AW and KWs graves.. Again he drags her… Jai says u know what i am going to say? she says yes and says so u want to sell the land that his kids are buried in… SLAP! people arrive and say they are glad to have caught pronita the want the land… pronita shouts she doesn’t know anything .jai says if u touch this land i will kill u… they leave jai says for the first time he is angry at her.. he will give her anything she wants but this is his land and bani’s… he leaves her at the spot and turns the car around.. Pronita is shocked and remembers the last 3 mins!

Jigs come there .. she starts taunting Pronita. She says that her plan flopped because youre  stupid. you have spent so much energy on making the plan that if you start thinking how it flopped you will faint… so let me tell you..you learnt a lot from me in these few days but I didn’t teach you something… just as teacher does not teach certain things to her student.. flashback … the fake phone call from the immigration officer.. I knew you were up to something.. so I followed you to the doc and heard everything. I changed the DNA reports and put these property sale papers.. and then made sure that Jai got the papers… Don’t you know how much Jai loves the kids.. but Bani knows… If Jai loves someone then it’s a lot and also his hate is a lot .. she says Bani needed 8 yrs to make Jai love her.. Bani is anyway dead for everyone now even Pronita will be dead for everyone..what a tragedy… so spend some time with the kids .. you will feel nice… Bani is devastated .. she trips over some tree roots and falls … but someone puts a hand forward to help her. Its Pia and Rano… she remembers the old times… Rano says that you thought you will do everything on your own .. Pia tells her that you were thrown out of the house but could you do what you wanted .. now are you happy ? she says you cannot be happy cause you are not Pronita but you are Bani.. Pia says she found the DNA papers that Jigs had changed.. she feels bad that they could not recognize her and she remembers how badly she had behaved with her.. the sisters hug .. read Monday Update