Monday Update on The Promise Zee World Tv November 26th

The Promise Zee World Tv November 26th


Rano is angry that you guys kept everything from me.. Pia you didnt talk to me 17 yrs and spoke to Rashi. and you Banidi … you stayed with me all these months and saw me cry for you but didn’t once let me know that you are alive.. you are a good human being and that is your fault. pia says that you keep fighting … sometimes its me or Jigs or Meera.. nobody cares about you ..all Jigs wants and knows is to snatch from other people what they have… and she can do anything for that .. they ask for forgiveness. Rano says that first when you came as Durga and now as Pronita.. didn’t you feel like taking our help.. Bani says that God definitely answers our prayers.. you both know that I am your Bani. I got humiliated and Jai even hit me but a part of my family, people who mean a lot to me know my real identity ..

my two sides today .. two of you.. now no matter what comes, I shall fight… since we are together.. Pia says lets show Jai the papers and tell him everything .. but Pronita says that no Jigs is too clever. I was fortunate that you found the papers but she will twist everything. Now together we three sisters will fight them… for the justice.. let’s show Jigs that you cannot defeat the three sisters…. Jai is driving and remembering the sad moments..

He gets a call from Adi.. Jai tells him everything. Adi tells him to relax. Jai says I don’t want to hear Pronita’s name. He tells Jai firmly to come home. He says that we are leaving in two days so don’t do anything harsh. Adi says I have to deal with this Pronita. Jigs says to herself that I have taken care of her. Sorry Jia to trouble you but I have caused more trouble to Bani and am enjoying that more…

Ganga is trying to sleep and Rishi is trying to read a book with a flash light. Ganga scolds him.. he says I am trying to read the book about excuses for not going for honeymoon.. Ganga scolds him and says every time you open your mouth, there is trouble.. someone knocks .. its Krishna, Vicky and Varun. Krishna asks if he was sleeping.. he says I think people normally sleep at night… she says that you cannot even lie properly.. they say that papa gave you good punishment about going to Paris but since we are leaving in two days we want to spend some time with you but looks like Ganga di has a problem with that. Krishna makes Rishi sit next to Ganga and they all talk.. Ganga falls asleep on Rishi’s shoulder… the three of them leave. Ganga snuggles even closer… Rishi smiles.. Bani and three sisters are at the Kali mandir(again..) they pray .. Pia says that god answered my prayers and gave our Bani di back.. Rano says that it is our problem now. Pia says that lets go and tell Jigs that we are not with you anymore. But Pronita says that no, then she will create more problems. So stay with her and keep a watch on her actions, so we can defeat her at her game.