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JUNE 23 Episode

Jai misguides the nurse and changes the hospital records. Bani finds out that some person named Anupam Kapadia who lives in Dubai is the father of Pia’s child. Jai feels relieved and thanks Pia for her decision to go away from his and Bani’s life. Bani tells Jai that she wants to go to Dubai for their anniversary. Jai agrees and they leave for Dubai. Pia tells Rano that she is going away from Jai and Bani’s life forever. Meanwhile, Pushkar’s mother Sarla comes and asks Pia to come back home. Pushkar gets shocked on seeing Pia in his house.

Pushkar gets furious and berates Pia. Ranvir tells Nachiket to marry Rashi as he thinks that he is not the right person in Rashi’s life. Rashi overhears their conversation and slaps Ranvir for thinking this way. Jai and Bani reach Dubai and Jai proposes Bani. Pia apologizes to Pushkar for everything but he tells her that he does not trust her anymore and wants to do a DNA test to find out who is the father of this child. Pushkar takes Pia the hospital for the test and Pia is extremely tense. Ranvir gets shocked as he finds out that Rashi has left the house.

Rohit is furious and refuses to send Rashi back home with Ranvir. But Rashi decides to go back. Pushkar has to wait for two more days for the reports. Jai and Bani spend quality time with each other and celebrate a sangeet party before their wedding anniversary. Bani goes to Anupam Kapadia’s house in Dubai but comes to know that he does not stay there and only visits there sometimes. Bani and Jai come back home and preparations are going on in full swing to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Bani feels disheartened as she is unable to trace Anupam Kapadia.