Sunday Update on The Promise Zee World June 24

Sunday Update on The Promise Zee World

June 24 Episode

Bani and everyone get ready for Jai and Bani’s Anniversary Party. Bani wonders how she could find out about Anupam Kapadia with the party going on?! Bani and Pia dance on the number ‘Dola Re Dola’ from the movie, `Devdas’. Jai gifts a diamond set to Bani. Bani suspects some Anupam Kapadia to be Pia’s child’s father. She pretends to talk to Anupam on the phone, in front of Bani, and asks him to leave from the party. Bani decides to search for him. A guest couple (Hiten and Gauri) performs upon ‘Baahon Ke Darmiyaan’. Aditya tells Bani that the couple (Hiten and Gauri) are his friends Mr. and Mrs. Anupam Kapadia, and they are settled in the U.S. Ranvir apologises to Rashi and she hugs him. Jai introduces another guest couple (Ejaz and Anita) to Bani saying that they are his friends Mr. and Mrs. Anupam Kapadia. Hiten and Gauri performs upon ‘Baahon Ke Darmiyaan’. Anita Hassanandani dances upon “Bepanaah Pyaar Hai Aajaa…” Ejaz Khan performs over `Pyar Karke Pachtaaya

Saahil, Nachiket and Rohit perform a dance on ‘Rock and Roll Soniye’. Bani gets a call that another man named Anupam Kapadia has come to the party. But he is without an invitation. When Bani inquires with the couple, the lady says that their names are Sagar and Vidya. Bani then begins to feel that the second couple that was introduced to her by Jai, must be the real Anupam Kapadia. They even perform a dance number for the second time, at the end of which Pia begins to argue with them. Mrs. Kapadia i.e Anita, allegates Anupam of having a relation with Pia. Pia tells him that she is carrying his child. Anupam gets furious at her, for spoiling his life and shoots Pia in her stomach. Jai is shocked and holds Pia. Jai reveals that Pia is carrying his (Jai’s) child and not Anupam’s. Bani appears there and overhears them. Sharad Malhotra and Divyanka Tripathi perform upon `Gustakh Dil Tere Liye…” Anita Hassanandani perfoms upon `Aaj Ki Raat”

Bani is shocked to hear Jai’s confession about he being the father of Pia’s unborn child. Pia reveals to Bani that she enacted this drama so that Jai Walia speaks the truth. Jai tries his best to persuade Bani, but she walks away. Jai reprimands Pia for her behaviour and even slaps her. Pia says that she did it for her child. Jai drives Pia out of the house. Maasi overhears their fight. She slaps Jai and asks him to bring Bani back. Aditya and Jigyasa argue over Jai and Pia. Rano is heartbroken with Pia’s attitude. And Sahil is disappointed because his only trump card against Jai Walia is gone. Rano is shocked at his attitude and says that she will divorce him. A tearful Maasi wonders why such a thing should have happened!